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Carole Baskin’s Paso – Dancing with the Stars
Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars

Published on 2 weeks ago

Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov dance the Paso to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!

Comments :

Mitch Thomas

Mitch Thomas . 1 hour ago

Carole is absolutely terrible. Why would you even have this lunatic on?

Julia Vater

Julia Vater . 4 hours ago

This woman is going to jail


Bri . 5 hours ago

skai was bottom of the board and her stiff old murdering self didnt- okay :/ skai fumbled once.

Tyrel Snowden

Tyrel Snowden . 7 hours ago

The worst part of this video is that it’s not even in 1080. 720? DWTS - “maybe, if we don’t give them full resolution, they won’t be able to see the guilt on her face for KILLING HER HUSBAND.”

Kaylin Freeman

Kaylin Freeman . 8 hours ago

I mean this is interesting seeing her dance even though she isn’t doing anything but who and I mean WHO felt like she should be on this show?!

YoUrMoMsAbItCh 1

YoUrMoMsAbItCh 1 . 9 hours ago


{Sugar booger}

{Sugar booger} . 10 hours ago

Me: Carol BASKIN

Mcr is Back

Mcr is Back . 11 hours ago

Notice the tiger them.

Mr Gentlemen

Mr Gentlemen . 12 hours ago

I need jesus

lamareya Collier-johnson

lamareya Collier-johnson . 14 hours ago

Chill you fed yo husband to tigers is that why you chose this song?💀


lil_frenchbulldog . 14 hours ago

Ok i am soooo glad this got more dislikes that likes!!

Angela Fuentes

Angela Fuentes . 15 hours ago

DWTS is gross having this thing on the show famous for possibly killing her husband and feeding him to the tigers . Anything for attention. This is how gross DWTS is . 🤢.

Ayanna Sanders

Ayanna Sanders . 15 hours ago

Dancing with the stars is a joke now😅. They got random celebs and people like Carole and 80 year olds that can barely move

Harlee McGee

Harlee McGee . 15 hours ago

what she gonna do? feed him to tigers?


SimplyKayaa . 15 hours ago

this is so stiff


Courtney . 16 hours ago

this was the funniest thing i've seen in a long time

Fanny Brown B.

Fanny Brown B. . 18 hours ago

I still can’t believe it dancing with the stars have this lady in the show She’s not a star she’s a psycho crazy make me scared 😱

Don Dons

Don Dons . 20 hours ago


Richy J The-Gamer-Guy

Richy J The-Gamer-Guy . 20 hours ago



PuppyPlootes . 20 hours ago

She’s dancing just like my uncle when he drinks too much beer

Cactus Smoothie

Cactus Smoothie . 21 hours ago

i love how humanity has reached the point where this exists

Chloe McClung

Chloe McClung . 22 hours ago

I don’t know why everyone’s like she was so bad. It was okay. I mean she’s not a dancer but she’s still good

Nay Morales

Nay Morales . 24 hours ago

What in the name of gods world

Constance Daye

Constance Daye . 24 hours ago

She should be the first To Go!😂🤣😂🤣

Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood . 1 day ago

Murder on the dancefloor!

Ethan Albert

Ethan Albert . 1 day ago

Carol baskin killed her husband wacked him.

Val May

Val May . 1 day ago

How is this a thing?

Chef Lindquist

Chef Lindquist . 1 day ago



capsman09 . 1 day ago

Oh Florida, That place produces characters.


Omah50 . 1 day ago

OMG! This has got to be some inside JOKE. She is HORRIBLE!

S Shutt

S Shutt . 1 day ago

She can’t dance for shit. Stiff as a board.

Guinevere Bolger

Guinevere Bolger . 2 days ago


Lainie P

Lainie P . 2 days ago

You can definitely tell she isn’t a dancer. The way she dances says that and the skill level is very low.


CrazyKT . 2 days ago

This was just..... Um- exactly what I expected it would be lmao

Yaya Dee

Yaya Dee . 2 days ago

Lmao 😂

Emily Raber

Emily Raber . 2 days ago

2020 is taking all types of L's


J.Bo.E . 2 days ago

Poor Pasha looks like he is trying to push a load of bricks around the stage in a wheelbarrow.

Bub Boop Bitch

Bub Boop Bitch . 2 days ago

yall i thought we were joking about her dancing to this song on the show... I CAN'T

A Real Sportsman

A Real Sportsman . 2 days ago

Wtf she killed her husband becomes rich an famous

Miiracle !

Miiracle ! . 2 days ago

I'm confused....correct me if I'm wrong but...she's technically a murderer..right?

Tori Neilson

Tori Neilson . 2 days ago

That poor man

qopoy dnon

qopoy dnon . 2 days ago

They must pay these people OUTRAGEOUS money to degrade themselves like this.

Sarah Rutan

Sarah Rutan . 2 days ago

She dances too graceful for Paso... and she ruined the song for me -.-

chewy berries

chewy berries . 2 days ago

can we get #canceldancingwiththestars on twitter going?

Jewel Officer

Jewel Officer . 2 days ago

Is this a JOKE.lmao

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger . 2 days ago

she has now killed three things... her husband, my right eye, and my left eye


Cornchipgirl . 2 days ago

She’s so stiff lol

Diane E

Diane E . 2 days ago

This show has gotten desperate over the years. Too bad because it’s fun watch .

Nickolai Spartacus Sheriff

Nickolai Spartacus Sheriff . 2 days ago

So all I have to do is kill my husband and feed him to tigers and I get a spot on dancing with the stars?

Curshika Trumble

Curshika Trumble . 2 days ago

So we’re just gonna act like she didn’t get away with murder and to then dance in a tiger fit, okay cool

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