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Stray Kids "Back Door" M/V
JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment

Published on 2 weeks ago

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Back Door" M/V

Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "IN生"
iTunes & Apple Music: https://apple.co/2Fz8NaM
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Frc0cG

Stray Kids Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StrayKids
Stray Kids Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JYPEStrayKids/
Stray Kids Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realstraykids/
Stray Kids Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stray_Kids
Stray Kids Official Fan's: https://fans.jype.com/StrayKids

#StrayKids #IN生
#BackDoor #백도어
#스트레이키즈 #INLIFE

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Comments :

Stray Kids

Stray Kids . 6 days ago

오아오아 이거 진짜 역대급 아닌강 ㅜㅜ 벌써 4000만 뷰라니 스테이가 또 이걸 만들어 냅니다!! 이번 백도어 뮤비도 많이 사랑해 주셔서 고마워요 매 무대마다 페스티벌로 만들테니 우리 스테이도 함께 즐겨줘요!! 요즘 날씨가 쌀쌀한데 감기 조심하기!!

SKZ Minho

SKZ Minho . 3 seconds ago

Let's get 49 M

yenni__G GIGI

yenni__G GIGI . 11 seconds ago

No pudimos darle el win, esta vez quedamos en 8 puesto en music core. Sin embargo Hyunjin mencionó con emoción a su grupo como el puesto 1 en mubeat y todo es gracias a su Esfuerzo Stay las que de verdad estuvieron en comienzo.... AHORA SABES LA IMPORTANCIA DE HACER [email protected] verdad? Todavía tenemos más oportunidad de darles los dos win que FALTA asi que sigamos escuchando, sigamos votando. Esos premios no vendrán Sólo

dream club

dream club . 15 seconds ago



ッcloudii . 15 seconds ago

Idk why but I think I'm having a small headache but imma stay here

Bang Chan skz

Bang Chan skz . 17 seconds ago

We can do this

Cristoper Bang Chan

Cristoper Bang Chan . 19 seconds ago

Saya kembali, di sela sela jeda ngerjain tugasss

dream club

dream club . 22 seconds ago


Bang Chan skz

Bang Chan skz . 23 seconds ago

Stay fighting

seung mo

seung mo . 28 seconds ago

halo apa kalian udh makan?

The Behaviour Of The Stray Kids Is So UgH!

The Behaviour Of The Stray Kids Is So UgH! . 29 seconds ago

stray kids saying 'stays' is the most beautiful sound in this world.

Bang Chan skz

Bang Chan skz . 30 seconds ago

200k more

dream club

dream club . 31 seconds ago



channie . 31 seconds ago

i dont know why stays arents str3aming this more...i literally watch it 20 times per day and im still not over it


Yuko . 32 seconds ago


Hi Hello 2

Hi Hello 2 . 36 seconds ago

Okay so dont get addicted to that live chat guysss XD

STAY,MY DAY,HiddenKard forlifee

STAY,MY DAY,HiddenKard forlifee . 43 seconds ago

anyway keep str3aming, and vote for SKZ stayyy go go

Marshmallows n Nutella

Marshmallows n Nutella . 43 seconds ago

dont forget to vote on idol champ and whos fan!

Sarten Kpopera

Sarten Kpopera . 45 seconds ago


drama queen

drama queen . 46 seconds ago

aaron it's ur bday?


staywithu . 48 seconds ago

i have a reason to believe that stays would never give up so easily. PROVE ME RIGHT FELLOW STAYS. keep str34ming for the boys.

I'm a proud STAY

I'm a proud STAY . 50 seconds ago

stay lets get 100M no matter whattt okayyyy


현진사랑해 . 57 seconds ago

49M ayoooo

Sonder* Evolet

Sonder* Evolet . 59 seconds ago


Nicolle Jimenez

Nicolle Jimenez . 1 minute ago

Vamos!!! Hagamos los 50M antes de que sean las 12:00Kst Si podemos lograrlo!! No se rindan!!!

Hinata Chan

Hinata Chan . 1 minute ago


Rox Meov

Rox Meov . 1 minute ago


Hanster 14

Hanster 14 . 2 minutes ago

Karakter lirik lagu anak anak Lagu anak yang berbentuk nyanyian dapat mendukung pertumbuhan karakter anak, terutama melalui syair yang dimiliki oleh lagu tersebut. Secara langsung setiap lagu dapat menyampaikan pesan yang bergam, misalnya menyanyangi ayah, ibu, dan keluarga; mencintai kebersihan, lingkungan, guru, dan seterusnya. Nyanyian juga dapat mengajarkan pengetahuan, keuletan, kejujuran. Semua ini dapat disampaikan secara verbal.

Lost Child 9

Lost Child 9 . 2 minutes ago

Noerr i'm nnot flirting... Im still a kid

STAY,MY DAY,HiddenKard forlifee

STAY,MY DAY,HiddenKard forlifee . 2 minutes ago

you guys dont know how active ven, haha, corey, etc when gods menu era. even after one month released more....

im a certified clown beatches

im a certified clown beatches . 2 minutes ago

where's fiona?is she still on the live chat?

itssyhrh pwi

itssyhrh pwi . 2 minutes ago

Or ignored?

Seo Hyerin

Seo Hyerin . 2 minutes ago


Park Mina

Park Mina . 2 minutes ago


tasya zin

tasya zin . 2 minutes ago

i don't understand even a single thing that's written in the comments

Martha Angelina

Martha Angelina . 2 minutes ago

Rindu komenan stay Indo:(

jiwoo's luv

jiwoo's luv . 2 minutes ago

canım sıkıldı ya

itssyhrh pwi

itssyhrh pwi . 2 minutes ago


drama queen

drama queen . 2 minutes ago

but u know what, being annoying / annoying someone is fun. especially when u see him/her getting irritated. HAHAHAHAHAH might be the best u could ever do

Panda Demon

Panda Demon . 2 minutes ago

Come on Stays!!.m let’s do it for the boysssssss

jiwoo's luv

jiwoo's luv . 2 minutes ago

don't be lazy

ᨦ mingibun 凘 2

ᨦ mingibun 凘 2 . 3 minutes ago

Ok mv finished here hehet

Park Mina

Park Mina . 3 minutes ago

Я ем роллтон :)

Hi Hello 2

Hi Hello 2 . 3 minutes ago

Wait guysss hahahahah dont . Im still laughing


ッcloudii . 3 minutes ago

I miss Zoe T^T #Cayzoe

squishi sushi han

squishi sushi han . 3 minutes ago

what did i miss

laksmi suryandini

laksmi suryandini . 3 minutes ago

Felix want to play Among or not with me? if you want come on .

Hannah Nuylan

Hannah Nuylan . 3 minutes ago

Filo stays mag 2weeks na but still #24t rending pa ren sya dito keep it up stays!!

Felix's Beautiful Mullet

Felix's Beautiful Mullet . 3 minutes ago

lets give them more wins guyss

The Behaviour Of The Stray Kids Is So UgH!

The Behaviour Of The Stray Kids Is So UgH! . 4 minutes ago

I open tiktok and the first video appeared on my fyp is "after 10 years..." video of stray kids (the video tells about what'll on skz happened in 10 years ), i'm crying now cause after 10 years they'll have their own family and after 10 years... I'll still stay..

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