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Indigo Girls "Fly Away"
Karen R

Karen R

Published on 13 years ago

from LA

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doreesky . 6 years ago

I truly believe that Emily S. and Amy R. were born to sing with each other and to share their gift of music with the world. I like just about everything they sing together or by themselves. I feel a bit sorry for Michael G. and Gomer S down below. First of all,if you don't like the music ,why did you come here? Second, it must be painful to be so full of rage and to put down others to try and build yourselves up. People who are insecure and immature lash out at others.I bet you can't even read or write music which makes the girls better than you straight away.I see that you can't spell either. Maybe you should get a life and invest your time in other things to better yourselves. Peace.

writer125 . 8 years ago

So Seven, what's intelligence? Do you know? Obviously not. Heavy metal sucks. Too much loud noise. Can give someone a headache in a matter of seconds. But this is great music. Amy & Emily are great singer/ songwriters. Compose great songs and beautiful music. I could listen to this forever.

primarybs . 9 years ago

Oh she is SO damn beautiful. She just makes me happy by looking at her.

cinamon20 . 9 years ago

Miller Mann

Miller Mann . 12 years ago

Emily has written so many awesome songs but to me this is one of her finest. the play on words, the inner alliteration, etc. It all comes together in such an awesome way. To Peacefuleagle, you play into Gomer's hands by even reacting to such an obvious waste of egg and sperm!!!!

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