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Yelawolf - Let's Roll ft. Kid Rock (Official Music Video)


Published on 9 years ago

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Music video by Yelawolf performing Let's Roll. © 2012 Interscope
Best of Yelawolf: https://goo.gl/vy7NZQ
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Comments :

Russell Edmunds

Russell Edmunds . 21 hours ago

Never been to America, but Bama seems like my kind of place #slumworld.

Amber Collins

Amber Collins . 4 days ago

Some town bro from Al and I jus wanna say ✨🌟✨ Congrats on the sweet planetary alignment at birth ✨🌸 For name fame and all ✨🪐✨🌙🌸🌟

josh rich

josh rich . 4 days ago

Kid Rock?WTF?

Abra Cadabra!**

Abra Cadabra!** . 4 days ago

How loyal are my true friends and family? I guess I am about to see. I already had one try to frame me, who else? I think she is on my side for real. But I could be completely off. God bless everyone! We are living in tumultuous times, where people are fake for dollars. Live for God no matter what, Jesus will guide and protect you until its your time.

vijay stan

vijay stan . 5 days ago

So underrated


A C . 6 days ago

yeah im bringing a case GUILTY!!!!!!!

Sam G

Sam G . 6 days ago

2020 😂😂


ItsMrDeathWish . 1 week ago

Still bunpin in 2020

vijay stan

vijay stan . 1 week ago

Yell a G

Tridib Baruah

Tridib Baruah . 1 week ago

Hit song only USA lovers.

Tucker Crew

Tucker Crew . 1 week ago

Anyone else notice Yelp wolf roll up on a 2 stoke automatic quad probably “250cc” and the music starts right before he whips it like a rooky that didn’t know at the time how to even ride a quad and throw it around??? I find that funny.😂

Stefan Chaplin

Stefan Chaplin . 2 weeks ago

1 up for BAMA yelawolfs my brother from a diff mother

Cynthia Munoz

Cynthia Munoz . 2 weeks ago

Love it

I like to comment

I like to comment . 2 weeks ago

Did he say anyway Trumps great? 😂

Izzy Lamz

Izzy Lamz . 2 weeks ago

Anyone here listening 10/17/2020 ????

Izzy Lamz

Izzy Lamz . 2 weeks ago

No Life Shaq has more subscribers than Yela

Fatal Exception

Fatal Exception . 2 weeks ago

Yela, my homeboy Alan met you some years back when yall was locked up together, he put me on to your shit after, man I done missed out on some HEAT. Keep this shit goin cuzzo, I know I'm late AF to this but bru you got some real shit here.

Team Playerz

Team Playerz . 2 weeks ago

Bruh best in 2020

Smoked Robot Pâté

Smoked Robot Pâté . 2 weeks ago


ahmed mohamed

ahmed mohamed . 2 weeks ago

owen benjamin

Ritha Jean

Ritha Jean . 2 weeks ago

Roll Tide baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

andy minor

andy minor . 2 weeks ago

Crimson tide standing tall !!!!!!!!

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur . 3 weeks ago

If you are white and you hate this but like rap you have a long way to go blacks dont really like us,be yourself

Slime Hunchoo

Slime Hunchoo . 3 weeks ago

This lowkey gives me alot of confidence👌💯

Jason Melville

Jason Melville . 3 weeks ago

Still a banger in 2020!!!

Alice Howard

Alice Howard . 3 weeks ago

Beautiful..talent 💯💋❤️💜💙🖤💚📡👀🕹️🏓👉

Ben Melton

Ben Melton . 3 weeks ago

Always listen to this song alabama gameday Roll tide 🏈🐘

Do1La_Boy_J.r 44

Do1La_Boy_J.r 44 . 3 weeks ago

Hell yeah!!!! In my Mississippi voice

Alice Howard

Alice Howard . 3 weeks ago


Alice Howard

Alice Howard . 3 weeks ago

Talent ...jackhammer ...like a cannaball⌛🕹️

Kristy Kutscher

Kristy Kutscher . 3 weeks ago

Roll Tide!! Bama proud 😘

sarah lynne

sarah lynne . 3 weeks ago

still one of my favorite morning songs

Justin Goforth

Justin Goforth . 3 weeks ago

This song has a bun b feeling to it... especially the intro

Andrea Whitman

Andrea Whitman . 3 weeks ago

I'm going home... Not Detroit. But...MI HOME.

Fisherman Joe

Fisherman Joe . 3 weeks ago

Good grief Mr. Joke waggon lmao

Sky Night

Sky Night . 3 weeks ago

Classic!!!!! All my skins that were born before Y2K, find #Yella and #Lets Roll! Compare to @RyanUpchurch and see how your brain comprehends that positivity. He really did dissect hip hop out in the tool shed. Stop the #Hate and find the American You! Roll Tide Y’all \m/ #RHEC

Stephanie D

Stephanie D . 4 weeks ago


b de jong

b de jong . 4 weeks ago

rooots rock worldwide!!! bless from da norf

Shane Roscoe

Shane Roscoe . 4 weeks ago

Kid rock michigan😄💯💯 Yellow wolf 😁🎈🎈

AJ Newton

AJ Newton . 4 weeks ago

Sicker than jack the MF RIPPER !!

AJ Newton

AJ Newton . 4 weeks ago

Sick tune , love to roll in dat mud bro , heheeeeee !!!!

Taryn Pulley

Taryn Pulley . 4 weeks ago

Ahhhh hell yeah!

Young Alex

Young Alex . 4 weeks ago

Brazilian here 2020


muchadoaboutninjas . 4 weeks ago

Getting some serious J-Roc from trailer park boys vibes

Ashton Johnson

Ashton Johnson . 1 month ago

Let's roll

Hotrods & Hunting w/ Jonathan Henninger

Hotrods & Hunting w/ Jonathan Henninger . 1 month ago

LETS ROLL ..... 2020 still bangin

Ryan Schwartz

Ryan Schwartz . 1 month ago

Been down since day 1 n still bump his shit. Gotta fuck with rittz too! They both 🔥


Bama . 1 month ago

Hartford Al, in here. Crimson Tide standing tall!!! I now live in Denver CO, but you better know I still rep this.

Jojo Perkins

Jojo Perkins . 1 month ago

Two greats! Kidrock is golden. Yelawolf is great! Together awesome!

Brookley Wigley

Brookley Wigley . 1 month ago

This is my favorite song

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