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The 1,000 Gender Drinking Game


Published on 7 months ago


♥ source♥
the original source has been taken down after this video came out:

big thanks to Lizzy Patterson for finding a copies of the list (WITH BONUS FLAGS):

Genders, A-K: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mOa9PLfGrCfA_nqyAuq6w453cw8CW9ucWnLkMHQ0CMA/edit?usp=sharing

Genders, L-Z: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N0WdGeUHu30bhIceqk6BjVVe8-otBOXz0P_gFRCzBy8/edit?usp=sharing

also special thanks to the cis het male in the video:

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Armoured Skeptic

Armoured Skeptic . 7 months ago

We got burgers

Esca Nightshade

Esca Nightshade . 3 hours ago

Why do these genders seem like those stupid like I'm not sure what you'd call them but almost like a virus or like disease you'd find on like plague inc. or some shit. Or like the personalities of like some kind of like I don't even know what you'd compare it to...... like a pokémon because like they all have like individual traits that define them like Glaceon makes the world around them feel cold and hard and some shit like that I don't know. Anyone else kinda understand what I'm trying to say?


MrOnyxHD . 21 hours ago

Replace gender by pokemon It makes more sense now

jan Grube

jan Grube . 1 day ago

Causticgender : Highlander it can only be one.

nova starling.

nova starling. . 1 day ago

yo this video reminds me incredibly of like ready to glare's 2017 video abt the gender list?? exact same concept.


Maximum . 2 days ago

Five minutes into it, and it's still the letter A... It's like the people that come up with them are competing to stay on top of any gender list, like you would change your name to Aaron to be the first guy in the phone book.

Joeri Van Aalzum

Joeri Van Aalzum . 2 days ago

In the entire list i didnt even see male or female

Glamorous cutlefish

Glamorous cutlefish . 2 days ago

I now must ask for pronouns. People now must wear pronoun wrist bands. Now i'm going to have a pronoun ristband that says "Only 2 genders lmao"

cupcakegirl Sprinkles

cupcakegirl Sprinkles . 2 days ago

This is like a pokedex for genders

A Dentist

A Dentist . 2 days ago

I’m defiantly a memegender person

2nd Airborne Productions

2nd Airborne Productions . 3 days ago

Are they called truscum because what they're saying is tru?


Kitsuro . 3 days ago

That shit reads like a retarded pokedex.


Slenderwoman . 3 days ago

I think some people want to be a Pokémon, so they made this list

Russ 2969

Russ 2969 . 3 days ago

Haha shoe won’t find this nana nana boo boo

Merry Berry

Merry Berry . 3 days ago

Skeptic saying ice was weak to electric was the most crazy thing in the video.

beAns ?

beAns ? . 4 days ago

im autigender

Christopher Parham

Christopher Parham . 4 days ago

I love how they were so drunk at the end

coconut sharks in the water

coconut sharks in the water . 4 days ago

Two genders Three gender identities

athe lightz

athe lightz . 4 days ago

8:36 my digigender is the soon*-to-come 24 hour long documentary on the battle of Stalingrad by a channel I know *relative to what it usually means online

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon . 4 days ago


SinO'Slothful Despair

SinO'Slothful Despair . 5 days ago

Time for LIGMAgender

SinO'Slothful Despair

SinO'Slothful Despair . 5 days ago

At least we *A L L* know that there are only 2 here. And trans is not possible because you are born with what you get.

BCasted 147

BCasted 147 . 5 days ago

It’s official: I identify as memegender *EDIT:* The fact that google didn’t do the red underline thing worries me.

Fiona Brennan

Fiona Brennan . 5 days ago

7:53 Cat girls... confirmed? *Nekogender*


Drac . 6 days ago

i probably should not be watching this when im 6 months sober


B A G E L . 6 days ago

The only real gender? *_-MEMEGENDER-_*

andpeggy urie

andpeggy urie . 7 days ago

tag urself im fatugender


SpyengoEen . 1 week ago

Now the drinking game for the viewers: Drink every time someone in this video says "gender". Rest in piece in advance.

Felix Elfström

Felix Elfström . 1 week ago

Is this a Fucking Pokemon game. I swear It's a pokemon game

Dead Girl Talking

Dead Girl Talking . 1 week ago

I read this whole list. Please help me I can’t esca

austin blades

austin blades . 1 week ago

7:24 killed me

Brains McGee

Brains McGee . 1 week ago

I'm just here for the comments


Turb0Jew . 1 week ago

Kinself? More like kill me self

Alex Nico

Alex Nico . 1 week ago

gonna drop acid and go through this list, gonna understand the human identity entirely after i finish, getting ready for major revelations

Ceral Boi

Ceral Boi . 1 week ago

Didn't know my gender was a stand hope mine can time stop

Balkaran Singh

Balkaran Singh . 1 week ago

flatugender a gender that depends on whether your farts are silent or loud or "wet"


Phoenix27 . 1 week ago

you have a bisexual flag LIT

Steve man The cheese man

Steve man The cheese man . 2 weeks ago

Wait, I thought April was dating Andy


SOPA . 2 weeks ago

_The non- _*_bi_*_ nary gender is already saying that there are only two genders_

Joseph usoyan

Joseph usoyan . 2 weeks ago

Holy shit 1000 genders I'm officially confused and to make matters worse I find skeptic to be hotter than a ghost pepper when I thought I only found trans women attractive. This confusion started last night during the Superbowl as I found Adam Levin to be attractive now skeptic wtf am I bi or bi- skoliosexual?

Joseph Schultz

Joseph Schultz . 2 weeks ago

Haven't even gotten past the 30 second mark in the video. I'm just making an early assumption that you're both superhuman immortals, because this drinking game sounds deadly as fuck.

zoinks lmao

zoinks lmao . 2 weeks ago

Honestly, this would be such a cool video-game if you replaced the word "gender" with a cool animal or item...


luiii . 2 weeks ago

I smoke dope and drink Beer. I'm a Biogender for sure!


Maggatrix . 2 weeks ago

I identify as Alloftheabovegender which is a combination of all the genders obviously. Your mortal minds cannot comprehend me

Please Sin me

Please Sin me . 2 weeks ago

I’m cackling like a mad witch of the swamp

Please Sin me

Please Sin me . 2 weeks ago

These read like Pokédex entries

Thiago  Aguirre

Thiago Aguirre . 2 weeks ago

All the genders sound like special abilities of a RPG

Mr. Isaac

Mr. Isaac . 2 weeks ago

If the real genders were fingers, and the rest were my imagination... shit I dont even think that I would have ten fingers,

Karosław Jaczyński

Karosław Jaczyński . 2 weeks ago

2:05 sorry ma'am, i dont spek gender

Enderman Explosion

Enderman Explosion . 2 weeks ago

Died at the autism gender.

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