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How To Make A Great Spider-Man Villain


Published on 7 months ago

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Spider-Man has some of the best villains in comic book history. In this video, I dig into what makes them so great.
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captainmidnight . 7 months ago

Get 2 FREE months of classes here: https://skl.sh/captainmidnight3 Who is your favorite Spider-Man villain?

Drag shan

Drag shan . 2 weeks ago

It seems all you care about is spiderman So do i

I am the Walrus

I am the Walrus . 3 weeks ago

We lost Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in the same year. RIP to these comic book legends


pmanattack . 2 months ago

So in other words, make sure the villain is a character foil for the protagonist


alphacino . 3 months ago

stan lee passed away recently too

Dirty Fighters

Dirty Fighters . 3 months ago

Why the heck don't you just write a Spider-Man movie? You could make a movie that is Spider-Man 2, Homecoming, and Spider-Man 1 combined!


Nate . 3 months ago

Great video! I really liked your analysis of the Spider-Man rogues gallery and the way that they're all intertwined with Peter and his morals, reflecting him in one way or another. Although one complaint I have is that you didn't touch on Kraven in this video, a Spider-Man villain who has practically the opposite of all the traits you listed as being good traits for Spider-Man villains, and is still one of the best in my opinion. He isn't motivated by insecurity, he's instead driven by his own ego. He isn't a dorky scientist, he's a fit, muscular athlete. He doesn't start out having a bone to pick with Peter because he's bitter, he's simply looking for a challenge just for the thrill of it. I don't know, would have been interesting to see that mentioned in there. I enjoyed it nonetheless though, keep up the good work.

Juan Daniel Cervantes

Juan Daniel Cervantes . 5 months ago

In other words, a good supervillain should be relatable because we're all evil af on the inside 😃😃😃

Lindsey Mackenzie

Lindsey Mackenzie . 5 months ago

Theres also colour contrast spider man is mostly red and his best villains are green the direct contrast of red as a metaphore of their personalities lizard doc oc mysterio lizard goblin sand man all have green colours

Aquatic Pancakes

Aquatic Pancakes . 5 months ago

Well, I'd say cursed, because he has to be virgin to protect every life he possibly can.

Griffin King

Griffin King . 5 months ago

Big wheel is the best villain

Rishi Jagtap

Rishi Jagtap . 5 months ago

Spider-Man PS4 did a great job with characters and story.

Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini . 5 months ago

Aw right, new profile. Looks cool

Maximus Keene

Maximus Keene . 5 months ago

want a good spider man villain, make him green. green goblin, vulture, scorpion, mysterio, sandman, etc. all had a green costume. even doc ock wears green in some of his portrayals


theoneandonlybosable . 5 months ago

Man all of your videos are so dope

stonie Cad

stonie Cad . 5 months ago

Wow just wow I think this is one of your best videos .

stonie Cad

stonie Cad . 5 months ago

That one evil alternate dimension Peter Parker that killed all the heroes and absorbed other peter parkers would be a cool villain.

PD Zombie

PD Zombie . 5 months ago

Oh, Captain, my captain, you always nail it with such a great analysis. Thanx!!!


LemmingsGoPOP! . 5 months ago

So you're saying the ideal Spiderman villian is an internet troll.


Sightseeing . 6 months ago

Wow, I was literally about to comment on how Venom is so similar to a Ditko villain when you brought it up.


Sightseeing . 6 months ago

The Goblin used to be a literal goblin, riding around on a rocket-broomstick, from an alternate universe or something. Glad they fixed that pretty shortly.

Nasty Clan mauricioswag98

Nasty Clan mauricioswag98 . 6 months ago

This video is the worst thing on the internet spider man faught a effing wheel Lol u all are loosers

Flarph Kaizer

Flarph Kaizer . 6 months ago

I like the idea of a spiderman villain that tried to be a hero, genuinely tried, but couldn't handle the pressure and the responsibility, turning to villainy instead

Old Man Hogan

Old Man Hogan . 6 months ago

Kraven for a Kravens last hunt movie or mysterio

Lux Bellator

Lux Bellator . 6 months ago

This video is fantastic! You completely nailed why the Spidey and Ditko Villain angle works so well. You even brought up points I hadn't necessarily considered before. Spider-Man has always been my favourite superhero, so thank you for this excellent essay.

Dumb Ass

Dumb Ass . 6 months ago

green goblin fucked spiderman's girlfriend


Arachni-Notion . 6 months ago

A hero is only as good as their villain

Whatever I feel Like

Whatever I feel Like . 6 months ago

I think one thing nobody ever says about a great Spider-Man villain is duality. Green goblin has a kinda split personality, doc ock has his arms fused to him, venom is literally 2 beings bonded together. You could probably think of any good Spider-Man villain and think how they link to duality. This is because it contrasts with Spider-Man. He is a man with the powers of a spider and the great villains are similar


IfUSub2MeI’llSub2U . 6 months ago

Me:Whats your favorite Spidey villain Other:Venom!!! Me:Hehe noob

Keith Hunt

Keith Hunt . 7 months ago

Honestly, I don't know that artists and writers have failed to make great new villains and heroes. I think its the readers who have kept the industry going back to the same characters again and again.

Udy Kumra

Udy Kumra . 7 months ago

What's the music at 4:06?

Dillon The Hacker

Dillon The Hacker . 7 months ago

Good stuff

Maritza Piccarillo

Maritza Piccarillo . 7 months ago

They all hate Spiderman....


Darth . 7 months ago

How about a villain thats had a lot of lost family and only has about one family member left (Like Peter) and Loses that last family member because of spidey like accidentally causing something to happen with a villain (Not that Peter killed them but that The villain killed them in collateral damage) and the person somehow becomes a villain and has a personal vendetta against Peter.


oberoth111 . 7 months ago

Is this a joke? It's like Stan Lee never existed. Lee never wrote full scripts but he gave his artists a description of what happens including a description of the villain. Then when the art was done Lee added the dialogue and thought bubbles. At most Ditko was responsible for the design of the characters and even then he was probably given a vague description. I remember a documentary I saw a few years ago that said Ditko wanted spider-man to be vastly different. (and this was from people who were there at the time). The example they gave was a panel where spidey was swinging over a group of protesters. Ditko wanted spidey to say something like "get a job you hippies". Does that sound like the spider-man we know and love? If Ditko was the sole creator of spider-man and his villains then the hero would have disappeared into obscurity decades ago because he would have been an awful and outdated character. Ditko never understood the age he was living in and Lee did. So the fact that you basically credit Ditko as the sole creator of spidey's rogue gallery god damn infuriates me. How dare you!?


pancake . 7 months ago

Captainnnnnn midnight

Drvsef yt

Drvsef yt . 7 months ago

I was a villain back in my day

SP/Goji Fan

SP/Goji Fan . 7 months ago

Spider-Man has great villains. It's sad to hear that Steve Ditko died, here are my top 5 favorite villains: 5. Carnage 4. Doc Ock 3. Green Goblin 2. Venom 1. Mysterio ALSO: If you have ever been to comic con this year? Those 3 awesome trailers (Aquaman, Shazam, and Godzilla 2), were something to get peoples attentions. What are your thoughts on those films?

ISingand DoOtherThings

ISingand DoOtherThings . 7 months ago

I would love New Spider-Man villains that would be cool man


JayPlays . 7 months ago

This Probably already exist but I want a villain that is connected to peter in one way or another whether it be a friend or employee becomes corrupted due to Spider-Man and have that corruption caused by Spider-Man failing to save that friends parents or something equally valuable that way Peter Parker is forced to watch his friend corrupt and turn evil due to Spider-Man’s failures

Warybubbles 3998

Warybubbles 3998 . 7 months ago

Your videos are fantastic, I always look forward to them

Gum Gum Senpai Uncensored

Gum Gum Senpai Uncensored . 7 months ago

Flash's Rogues are the most underrated in comics they have all the good stuff from Spidey's they just haven't had good stories as much historically. Good stuff in your vid too!!

Frank Allen

Frank Allen . 7 months ago

I want a villain that's just evil is that too much to ask. I don't want to have to spend the whole movie feeling sorry for them because of their dead/sick whoever. Im not talking about a 2 dimensional bad guy like Abomination but one I can empathize with and see their point of view rather than sympathize and have a little cry session with like all of Raimi's villains.

cheng kuok Lee

cheng kuok Lee . 7 months ago

Spider-man and Superman share something in common. They both raised by kind hearted and decent people. In some way I believe Spidey is emotionally stronger than Clerk because he faced more dilemmas and frustration as his power isn't always useful compared with Superman's. The best part, he doesn't allow himself to fall into dark side.

James Royce-Dawson

James Royce-Dawson . 7 months ago

Hey, don't shit talk my main man Big Wheel like that!


ComicBookWins . 7 months ago

Lol it's so easy to tell when the sponsorship is coming


ThanossGaming . 7 months ago

I'm gonna read some ditko.

Ms Eggy

Ms Eggy . 7 months ago

God your videos are good


Tskmaster . 7 months ago

The Sandman and Electro are better examples of "using power without responsibility" than the Green Goblin because he didn't officially have powers until Romita's origin issues; Before then, Gobbie was just some crook in a mask who wanted to be a gangster. Specifically, the Mask was his power and his lack of identity was how he compared to Spidey. I believe Ditko quit over those Goblin origin issues too but I don't know if it was the known story...he wanted it to be some random guy entirely, not some random guy who was just introduce the previous issue... or more what Lee wanted under the mask; All the Osborn stuff added to the story negates all five of the previous goblin stories from motives to powers. Lee's explanation for all of this? "He's insane!" Well, there goes the whole "responsibility" thing then, right? Good going ruining an entire character for a twist, Stan.

Preacher Custer

Preacher Custer . 7 months ago

God damn,the music thats playing when he talks about Jeffrey Davis sounds way to much like Under Your Spell by Desire

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