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32 Secret Minecraft Things You Didn't Know Were Real


Published on 2 weeks ago

Minecraft is full of a bunch of secret and hidden easter eggs/ features that you probably never knew existed. This is a list of 32 of the weirdest and wackiest secret things in all of minecraft: 32 Secret Minecraft Things You Didn't Know Existed...

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➤➤ Music Used is Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

➤➤Credit: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Formatting_codes

This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but instead a skip the tutorial / block facts inspired list with 32 secret minecraft things you didn't know.

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Wifies . 2 weeks ago

If you didn't watch the last bit at 16:04 I pretty much just mentioned how I'm gonna be stopping weekly uploads temporarily and still uploading a tiny bit less (but more high quality yay). Mostly thanks to school. Either way I appreciate all the kindness up till this point and I look forward to getting 1 MILLION together :D

Levi Brown

Levi Brown . 56 minutes ago

pillagers can also see you through walls

STEVE Placeholder

STEVE Placeholder . 2 hours ago

Wifies didn't say it so i am saying it, Only 5% of my viewers are actually subscribed, so if you couldsubscribe it would mean a ton, Wifies 2021


satria . 5 hours ago

1 million!!! 💯


Crazy_Wizard . 7 hours ago

1:26 youyou LOL

Michael Oehler

Michael Oehler . 8 hours ago

5 1

Vanny ZS

Vanny ZS . 8 hours ago

I know 4

Asriel Dreemurr

Asriel Dreemurr . 11 hours ago

9:23 **wheeze**


Lori . 12 hours ago

i knew 23


TheFlashHawk . 14 hours ago

the reason hoglins fear portals is because they zombifie if they go through

GALAXYS Gaming Tips

GALAXYS Gaming Tips . 15 hours ago

The beacon isn't a secret. It's just a removed texture. And the "love mods" U can get a mod for them.

Lucianna Battista

Lucianna Battista . 17 hours ago

1:56 = mogaingg!!!!


Swoosh . 18 hours ago

I knew 16 and 20!!!

Likith ram's stream

Likith ram's stream . 20 hours ago

I know one! I knew you could bonemeal underwater sand (I sub to you too <3)

STEVE Placeholder

STEVE Placeholder . 1 day ago

Get this man to 1 million subscribers


Lol✿flower . 1 day ago

Congratulations on 900k :D

Isaac Duroy

Isaac Duroy . 1 day ago

41:32 why does it say though twice?

Lulu Sus

Lulu Sus . 1 day ago

I’m number 5, it works with just the hopper. You can click on the hopper and get it while it’s loading in

Luciano Pinheiro da Cruz

Luciano Pinheiro da Cruz . 1 day ago

hoglins are scared of the underwolrd because they know if they enter the underwolrd they will turn into zombies so they avoid all types of nether portal like scources

Alex Nita

Alex Nita . 1 day ago

thanks for this interaction, feels so personal!

Ethan Labor

Ethan Labor . 1 day ago

1M GG LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan Labor

Ethan Labor . 1 day ago


Mary Andrews

Mary Andrews . 1 day ago

I know 32

Thomas Cunningham

Thomas Cunningham . 1 day ago

Only got 100k more. I’m with you all the way.


Fytt . 1 day ago

I was actually surprised how few I knew (9) which is not a lot because I usually know all but one or two in similar videos

Cameron scott

Cameron scott . 1 day ago



XGA . 1 day ago

I knew none

Lam Diep

Lam Diep . 2 days ago

i knew it all

Jason U

Jason U . 2 days ago

Wifies: The hidden feature §§§ Micnecrraft Devs: Am I a joke to you?

Vladimir Baui

Vladimir Baui . 2 days ago

I actually now 9

ATOM 2000

ATOM 2000 . 2 days ago

I knew everything that isn't about music and textures so dislike


§Sea-Of-The-Kollasos§ . 2 days ago

Another fun fact you can use fire aspect books to light tnt and I think campfires and maybe some other things but I don’t remember


Erikez0 . 2 days ago

eveyone knows that the beacon beam travels trough bedrock


Sweaty_Matty . 2 days ago

7:58 burger King foot lettuce


gian . 2 days ago

until you make video


gian . 2 days ago

I dare you to play Roblox


gian . 2 days ago

I dare you to play Roblox


gian . 2 days ago

Play Roblox

Iwan Rowe-Jones

Iwan Rowe-Jones . 2 days ago

Yoo 900k

Longest name in history

Longest name in history . 2 days ago


Hizkia Febrian

Hizkia Febrian . 2 days ago

Road to 900k

Cat Guy

Cat Guy . 2 days ago

I know 7

Erin Mao

Erin Mao . 2 days ago

I know 20

France Routhier

France Routhier . 2 days ago

i nok two

France Routhier

France Routhier . 2 days ago

i nok one

leho eleking

leho eleking . 2 days ago

Hey please make a cactus and Alex in a nether


Isabelle . 3 days ago

Great video!! I also love the vsauce font hahah


G DB . 3 days ago

I new 9 of these facts


G DB . 3 days ago

I have a cool mc topic that I would like you to talk about, comment on this comment if u wanna know it

Jack Hornsby

Jack Hornsby . 3 days ago


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