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First RGB Gaming Desk Unboxing in India... This is MADNESS 🀯πŸ”₯
Vimal Chintapatla

Vimal Chintapatla

Published on 1 year ago

First RGB Gaming Desk Unboxing in India 2020 | Best RGB Gaming Table for Your desktop PC India 2020 | Best Gaming Furniture for Home Computer
#RGBgamingDesk #gaming #furniture

Links ( Buy here ) ~ https://elitehubs.com/product/gamdias-daedalus-m1-rgb-gaming-desk-black-red/
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Comments :

Vimal Chintapatla

Vimal Chintapatla . 1 year ago

RGB Furniture is also here! What's next? Any guesses guys πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‡πŸ»


Timeless . 21 hours ago

bro we want rgb vimal chintapla

Parveen Chettri

Parveen Chettri . 5 days ago

NIce cool table but can't afford right now. But still just watching dostoo😁.

POKÉ x Cross

POKÉ x Cross . 1 week ago

Bhai sab gya tel lene sirf ye bta aunty ne tujhe aur uncle ko ghar ke ander joote kaise pehen ne diyeπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Bhagyashree chavan

Bhagyashree chavan . 2 weeks ago

I had RGB shoes when I was kid

Akshay Achu

Akshay Achu . 2 weeks ago


Dipender Suthar

Dipender Suthar . 3 weeks ago

Kyo bhai kyo itni ads kyoπŸ™„

vijay ragavan

vijay ragavan . 1 month ago

Not worthy table

Sri 4 Future

Sri 4 Future . 1 month ago

Bhai please make a video on making that gaming CPU


Maroryx . 1 month ago

Even this desk sucks it's 3825 SMD led not RGB 5050 SMD, bad quality, childish looking, unboxing is stupid & this piece of **** should be in the trash

Raghava nand Pathak

Raghava nand Pathak . 1 month ago

RGB Shop app

shubham mourya

shubham mourya . 2 months ago

Bhai tumhara cabinet konsa h.... Or andar qa h ye bhi ho ske to


Bhallaldav . 2 months ago

Actually u assisted ur father

MP Gamers

MP Gamers . 2 months ago

Vimal Bolo zuba kesari❀️

Pratik Trivedi

Pratik Trivedi . 2 months ago



Aaradhya . 2 months ago

I inspired by this rgb effect in midd of deks and order my carpenter to make the same he made only in 2000 Rip your 20000 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Dheshik S

Dheshik S . 2 months ago

Table with LGBT lights... 😍nice. πŸ˜‚

Rajnil Das

Rajnil Das . 3 months ago

Is it 30 inch

Shreyash Bhagat Chemistry

Shreyash Bhagat Chemistry . 3 months ago

Yes mom please give me this table i need to STUDY on it....... You dont even need to buy a lamp because it has lighting built in!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

M.K. Bro

M.K. Bro . 3 months ago

Who wants to know it's price.

ankur Sharma

ankur Sharma . 3 months ago


Syed subhan. 7867

Syed subhan. 7867 . 3 months ago

Telugu lo adduvu ra

venom 247

venom 247 . 3 months ago

not bad

Gaming with evan121

Gaming with evan121 . 3 months ago

Bro you are so close to 1m keep growing


Santu_bh . 3 months ago

india ka hi he na ye

Angad Singh

Angad Singh . 3 months ago

You must shift to a big hall area and studio lights for such big size unboxings.

Dineth Nethmina

Dineth Nethmina . 3 months ago

Good review

Ankan Nama

Ankan Nama . 3 months ago

Zaada acha nehi laaga isse acha koi bhi table par eesehi light nehi lagalu faltu ki kharche

Chada Srivathsa

Chada Srivathsa . 3 months ago

How much is the price ????

schandra shekar

schandra shekar . 3 months ago

Nice table nice teach super video

mohammed osman

mohammed osman . 3 months ago

his father is like : wth u bought this for ?

Kapil Vaswani

Kapil Vaswani . 3 months ago

Table looks awesome except RGB lights...These looks like cheap bar types not classy

Noman Naeem

Noman Naeem . 3 months ago

We can rgb any table at home by only 300 rs.....πŸ˜‚

Priyom Hazarika

Priyom Hazarika . 4 months ago

Are you gay??

Badtameez Sunny

Badtameez Sunny . 4 months ago



RAJKUMAR SADU . 4 months ago

Too much cost

Aarush PlaysYT

Aarush PlaysYT . 4 months ago

Imagine if every thing was RGB like RGB toilet RGB water RGB watermelon and even RGB socksπŸ˜†

Priyanshu Prashar

Priyanshu Prashar . 4 months ago


Prakash Mali

Prakash Mali . 4 months ago

Nice video friend, Can We adjust the height and where can I buy this?

Lakhveer Singh

Lakhveer Singh . 4 months ago

Orionx2 8 pack

Lakhveer Singh

Lakhveer Singh . 4 months ago

Orionx2 8 pack cpu ke unboxing

Lakhveer Singh

Lakhveer Singh . 4 months ago

Orionx2 8 pack ke unboxing


dad . 4 months ago

Legend has it that you'll get a 13fps boost with this RGB table

Sameer Verma

Sameer Verma . 4 months ago

12:32 dream setup❀️

Shreyas S Kamble

Shreyas S Kamble . 4 months ago

can i use a monitor stand on this table?

Aaditya bhardwaj

Aaditya bhardwaj . 4 months ago

12:20 disco

Rock music station

Rock music station . 4 months ago

Supab ✌✌✌✌

Usama Ali

Usama Ali . 4 months ago


Akhtar Javed Hussain

Akhtar Javed Hussain . 4 months ago

Mere pass BA computer hai iska top model hai

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