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The "Cash Only" artist and star of her reality show "The Real Blac Chyna" uses her "inside voice" to give you the ultimate brain tingles, while experimenting with Orbeez, champagne bottles, wigs and much more!
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Comments :


Fuse . 2 weeks ago



zalandın . 1 hour ago

dude why did you guys put two mics if you're gonna upload the video in mono sound smh


zalandın . 2 hours ago

she's really good dude


FaZeBamBinO . 2 hours ago

3:47 “She sat on my lap, I instantly got excited” 👀😏

Martin Székely

Martin Székely . 3 hours ago

the ASMR is pretty nice, but the editing in the intro is a new level!

Onepiki Piece

Onepiki Piece . 5 hours ago

If you want to do more money plz open an asmr channel

Noah K.

Noah K. . 11 hours ago

Never heard of her

Alexandra P

Alexandra P . 13 hours ago

She did so good! She seems actually sweet😊

Val Richie

Val Richie . 16 hours ago

Irrelevant : How does she survive with those nails?!

Flash ’

Flash ’ . 17 hours ago

Her holding all of that cash is the most satisfying thing I’ve seen in my life


2and1us . 20 hours ago

I love this video; very soothing for the mind. I can go to sleep to this.

daniel bueno

daniel bueno . 22 hours ago

this one is GUD

Keisha Be

Keisha Be . 1 day ago

She should really do this I enjoyed her voice

allysa nicecool

allysa nicecool . 1 day ago

She did amazing. Yes queen. Make a channel 😩🥺✨

Kristina's Life

Kristina's Life . 1 day ago

when the ad played i woke up so fast it lowkey scared me

Gwen Ig

Gwen Ig . 1 day ago

Kardashain wanna be

Diana Morales

Diana Morales . 1 day ago

Is it just me or did they not set up the audio right.


Lol . 1 day ago

chyna so pretty 🥺❤️❤️


naomilaboo . 1 day ago

Ok you did that!

Raielle ingram

Raielle ingram . 1 day ago

Fuse, if you can get cardi on here or Kylie, it will go down in history books.

Coco Banana

Coco Banana . 1 day ago

She did a great job 👍🏾


Anotheruser . 1 day ago



K.D.G . 1 day ago


Sammy Sam

Sammy Sam . 1 day ago

She seems so sweet!!


Esme211 . 1 day ago

Wait... is this her setup? I noticed that everyone else who did ASMR for fuse was doing it at home with a blue yeti. If this is her setup, she’s so incredible for going all out. Regardless, this was so gooood!!

Mariann Lact

Mariann Lact . 1 day ago

her smile is sO cute

Al'christie Etienne

Al'christie Etienne . 1 day ago

I was sooo mad when it was the end😭

Astrid Silva

Astrid Silva . 1 day ago

This Mics are my favorite for ASMR quality! Loved it!


hanane . 1 day ago

She looks so much like Nicki Minaj

Gigi W

Gigi W . 2 days ago


Damo Trent

Damo Trent . 2 days ago

I enjoyed this

Subbing to everyone who subs to me

Subbing to everyone who subs to me . 2 days ago

ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS: You're beautiful and amazing stay safe and have a wonderful rest of the day!! 💋 (LOOK AT MY NAME BTW)😇😘

Sequoia Miller

Sequoia Miller . 2 days ago

That’s nice ooo that’s really nice lmfao

Khaleelah Perkins

Khaleelah Perkins . 2 days ago

She is just beautiful inside and out love blac chyna ❤️


D J . 2 days ago

what’s the point of having two mics if the sound isn’t binaural

gem boi

gem boi . 2 days ago

When headspace adds are louder then this

Camilly Vitória Prado

Camilly Vitória Prado . 2 days ago

I'm here just waiting Eric ask about Afrojack

Bloody Shoes

Bloody Shoes . 2 days ago

My future bm 😍😍

Brajah Nichole

Brajah Nichole . 2 days ago

I didnt know i needed this😭

Jennifer Perez

Jennifer Perez . 2 days ago

I fell asleep

Angelika Rodriguez

Angelika Rodriguez . 2 days ago

Pls make asmr !!!

Myriam Yaaqoubi

Myriam Yaaqoubi . 2 days ago

Dom Dom 🤑🧿🤑🤑🧿

Myriam Yaaqoubi

Myriam Yaaqoubi . 2 days ago

4The🤑and the Nails WTF

Taylor Watson

Taylor Watson . 2 days ago

I need another one from her please


gotdamnimin . 3 days ago

How do you wipe your butt with those nails?


Mathias . 3 days ago

Nina shoulda been blac chyna.

King Dela cruz

King Dela cruz . 3 days ago

1:24 that’s a wet and gushy.

Subbing to everyone who subs to me

Subbing to everyone who subs to me . 3 days ago

ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS: You're beautiful and special stay safe and have a wonderful rest of the day!!!! 💋 (LOOK AT MY NAME BTW)😇😘


ThatNewYorkGuy . 3 days ago

Y’all should have 2 chainz play with Mardi Gras beads 🥵. He’d definitely take this beyond serious too!

Evidence Eriamiatoe

Evidence Eriamiatoe . 3 days ago

300 personality. Is that normal?

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