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among us


Published on 2 weeks ago

who do u think did it?
it wasnt me.
i swear it wasnt me it was probably you
i swear dude

red guy that was thrown into the garbage lovingly voiced by ordinarysausage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJLKwTg0IaSMoq6hLHT3CAA

buy my shirts or maybe a muggy: https://www.bonfire.com/store/berd/
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Comments :

Flying Note

Flying Note . 2 hours ago

more like: a berd us

Jiroshi Monis

Jiroshi Monis . 2 hours ago

There is 1 BERD AMONG US

Liam Henderson

Liam Henderson . 2 hours ago

Green did it/green was the one who died/red did it/AAH


evamp . 4 hours ago

Green is pretty sus ngl

XxMia_ gachaxX

XxMia_ gachaxX . 5 hours ago

The pink one look like a flamingo-


Superbbros . 5 hours ago

I think purple did it


FBI . 7 hours ago

Among berd

OogaBooga 6000

OogaBooga 6000 . 7 hours ago

I love the “what happen”

The real Chris Collins

The real Chris Collins . 8 hours ago


El Fresno

El Fresno . 9 hours ago

green and red were the only innocent ones


ieatbricksz . 10 hours ago

when you max out your charisma


glitchtrap-productions . 11 hours ago

Wh what happened

Dread Shock

Dread Shock . 11 hours ago

.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   ඞ ඞ ඞ .   。  ඞ    ඞ 。 .    •     • ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ   ゚Eyeryone was not an Impostor .  。    '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

Green / Among Us

Green / Among Us . 11 hours ago

Blue is pure evil.. how dare he kill me

The World 「Shadow」

The World 「Shadow」 . 13 hours ago

brown sus

Cosas Chatarra

Cosas Chatarra . 14 hours ago

Me when I'm an Impostor: Crewmates: 500 IQ Vs Me when I'm a crewmate: Crewmates: **This**

Jodi Renee

Jodi Renee . 15 hours ago

Green did it.


ThatPaperGuy . 15 hours ago

Hold up... It say ____ was not AN imposter... Who was the other one...


Cyan . 16 hours ago



Ultsreplacement . 17 hours ago

It was green


JayDub4321 . 17 hours ago

Its really insane the caliber of content it takes to get recognition on this website... I'm still gonna subscribe though cuz this shit funny

Nicolas Boden

Nicolas Boden . 18 hours ago

Every FLIPPEN time

Landon Phillips

Landon Phillips . 19 hours ago

there is an imposting berd among us

Easter the Chick

Easter the Chick . 19 hours ago

so good

damianlild 2010

damianlild 2010 . 20 hours ago

This happens to me all the time

Алина tAp

Алина tAp . 21 hours ago

И на что я потратила 41 секунду своей жизни? 😂

Razi Ramadhan

Razi Ramadhan . 21 hours ago

That how mobile player play among us...

Doctor Sobek

Doctor Sobek . 21 hours ago

The first time I played (legitimately the first ever round) I was immediately thrown into space because someone was killed within under ten seconds, and somehow I was just the one that got voted, I was just waddling my ass over to the electrical room to fix wires man

Maximo The Wolf

Maximo The Wolf . 21 hours ago

This never happens if im crewmate for some reason but always happens if i'm imposter (Idk why my crewmates are smart if i'm crewmate)


H C . 21 hours ago

I’m addicted to this video

72 i think

72 i think . 21 hours ago


Blue_wølfy 2000

Blue_wølfy 2000 . 21 hours ago

Berd among us

X_Hellspawn _X

X_Hellspawn _X . 21 hours ago

Every game ever Ur not kidding

PVP Chicker

PVP Chicker . 21 hours ago

Among berd

ameliaunicornabc !

ameliaunicornabc ! . 22 hours ago



5up . 22 hours ago

Dude I was on medbay


Apocalyptapig . 24 hours ago

0:10 what? AAAAAAAAAAA

Obama Prism

Obama Prism . 1 day ago

HoW dO i Go iNtO gRoUnD LiKe bLuE

xTøasterx ( Jyria ( ShyCly ) )

xTøasterx ( Jyria ( ShyCly ) ) . 1 day ago

The most word used: *W h e r e*

Aiden Page

Aiden Page . 1 day ago

This video was so bad made me sick how green just got away with it like that.

Despacito Spider Object Show

Despacito Spider Object Show . 1 day ago

This like a new series name " Berdg us "

hải trần đức

hải trần đức . 1 day ago

Human logic:Need proof to prove you're innocent Among us crewmates's logic:It's Blue because he look kind da sus

Andrej Pregelj

Andrej Pregelj . 1 day ago

Among them

toasty bready

toasty bready . 1 day ago

among us but its fat version

Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo . 1 day ago

This is sadly too true! Apparently, the average intelligence is not as descent as I previously thought. 😭

Ken Pico

Ken Pico . 1 day ago

。  •  •   ゚  。 .  ° .  • •   .     。 .  。° . .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Everyone Was Not An Imposter

Purple Impostor

Purple Impostor . 1 day ago

Thanks blue, you killed me

Angus Szych

Angus Szych . 1 day ago

There is a berd among us

drawn smug hat kid

drawn smug hat kid . 1 day ago

Among berd.

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