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SuperM want their own 'Avengers'-style movie


Published on 10 months ago

When you’re in a band as large as seven-piece K-pop behemoth #SuperM, some arguments are bound to come up. So you can imagine the (supremely entertaining) disagreements that arose when we quizzed them for the latest episode of Would You Rather? We subjected Ten, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, and Mark with some classics (would you rather a SuperM video game or SuperM film, for example) as well as some weird ones, and definitely sparked enough conversation to carry them through to the end of their world tour in February.

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Comments :

Pya Ali

Pya Ali . 5 days ago

while Mark is explaining diligently Taeyong: "chop chop"

этот ноябрь

этот ноябрь . 2 weeks ago

i miss markyong so muuch :"( ((((( ㅜㅜ

Mallory B

Mallory B . 2 weeks ago

Mark: You were born as a baby, and you'll go away as a baby Taeyong: ..chop chop

Nyah CJ

Nyah CJ . 3 weeks ago

I would like to be friends with every single last one of them, thank you

rkrkkrkre fjfjdkdkd

rkrkkrkre fjfjdkdkd . 4 weeks ago

Lucas and Ten-love spicy Food Me-plz come to India 🙏


정다연 . 1 month ago


Liz Solahr

Liz Solahr . 1 month ago

Mark looks divine here

KeAsia W

KeAsia W . 1 month ago

Saranghae Ten ❤️

M Maw

M Maw . 1 month ago

Dating TEN should be very exciting... his speak-xy English is so TEN-dreamy... conversation with him should be in a wishlist... why r u so adorable...

Kristýna Stankova

Kristýna Stankova . 2 months ago

Their EYES! Such gorgeous dark brown eyes. All of them. Im in love

Tara Louise

Tara Louise . 2 months ago

Mark: You're born as a baby and you... Taeyong: Slice chop-chop

pema yedam

pema yedam . 2 months ago

Oh Mark mark why are you laughing, it's so funny 😂😂🤣

Tabassum IRa

Tabassum IRa . 2 months ago

Ten be like 'U can enjoy what?' I see you 🤣


WenLee莉莉 . 2 months ago

They way Lucas looking at Ten aiyerrr Meltinggggggggg

Ratu Syakirah Bayu

Ratu Syakirah Bayu . 2 months ago

Why they take this question so serious 😭


kingtaehyung . 2 months ago

christian boi: you’re born as a baby, and you go away as a baby, daz how i belive it🥰✨ anime boi: slice chop chop🖤😈

Chloe Haigh

Chloe Haigh . 2 months ago

Watching this now knowing SuperM have a game and I’m rubbish at it 👁👄👁

Marj Banz

Marj Banz . 2 months ago

4:52 taeyong being random and mark's laugh <3

Th1s Is An Ad

Th1s Is An Ad . 2 months ago

they got what they wanted-

Anna Atienza

Anna Atienza . 2 months ago

I can't even explain how much I love these boys, like they make me want to protect them all the time.


dandelion__ . 2 months ago

Mark's giggle always my favorite part, I swear he's the cutest human being ☺️ And taeyong being embarassing mom is cute too 😂

Love Buendia

Love Buendia . 2 months ago

Jongin: I would like someone who will take my pictures Me: I volunteer as the tribute 🤣

Jo An

Jo An . 2 months ago

4:58 BeakHyun's concern is the height, not the mind or body

JuveniaBlack OP

JuveniaBlack OP . 2 months ago

i dont know why but i really love to hear Lucas speaking ! Hes so uniqe when he talks also when hes express himself

Momo Kukululu

Momo Kukululu . 2 months ago

Ten like the best logical speaker among super M..

Olivia Camarillo

Olivia Camarillo . 2 months ago

When people ask what the M in Super M stand for... I will say either Super Meditation or Super Map. Thank you Taeyong


吳琳 . 2 months ago

怎樣 💔😠😠😠

Irawan Ariffin

Irawan Ariffin . 2 months ago

4:26 ten ur so cute 😍


Cruz . 2 months ago

this is the cutest interview

kriti deka

kriti deka . 2 months ago

Mark's an old soul!

Fernanda X

Fernanda X . 2 months ago

Taemin is so elegant and so beautiful

STL Kalimba

STL Kalimba . 3 months ago

The first video i watched of superM that lead to me being a huge NCTzen now and superM supporter

Katrina De Chavez

Katrina De Chavez . 3 months ago

Mark's laugh is highly contagious I swear he's such a giggly boy.


sandzrival . 3 months ago

Ten’s smile can end COVID-19.

Feliz por dentro Sexy por fuera

Feliz por dentro Sexy por fuera . 3 months ago

omg how can be taemin so precious!!

Cynthia Zain

Cynthia Zain . 3 months ago

Every time mark laughing thats make me laught too Youre so cuteee I cantt

Andrea CNoriega

Andrea CNoriega . 3 months ago

Lucas and Ten are so silly toghether😂 that's my kind of friends

Thazin Phoo

Thazin Phoo . 3 months ago


Army Bts

Army Bts . 3 months ago

7:36 More like super man!

Heather A. Turner

Heather A. Turner . 3 months ago

Um yes hello I am a photographer and I will gladly be Kai's personal photographer 😍


보리보리 . 3 months ago


Naman Batey

Naman Batey . 3 months ago


Whipped for NCity

Whipped for NCity . 3 months ago

Taeyong always making me feel like giving him a hug :(

S - H

S - H . 3 months ago

0:31 "ahhhhh" I don't know why but it made me laugh 😂😂😂

Alicia Dawn

Alicia Dawn . 3 months ago

Most of us are 9 mentally once we hit 70 anyway lol

Kristýna Stankova

Kristýna Stankova . 3 months ago

SM put together an awesome group. And all have such beautiful smiles, especially Lucas and Ten (my opinion of course)

Leyzell Laron

Leyzell Laron . 3 months ago

5:13 the difference in Lucas' and Ten's hand size omfg

Junmyeon's Forehead

Junmyeon's Forehead . 3 months ago

Baekhyun wanting a dj but the boy already got dj Loey


artsy.rt_ . 3 months ago

Ok but can we talk about the fact that Mark thinks 70 year olds are senile and have the mind of a child??? Haha wtf maybe add a few decades lol

Karunia Maulidia Permata Sugiarto

Karunia Maulidia Permata Sugiarto . 3 months ago

While maknae line have decides their choice whether it is first or second option, the hyung line still debated about being in young age but can't drink at all. lol

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