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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review
Android Authority

Android Authority

Published on 6 years ago

It's the phone that needs no introduction - but it does need a thorough review. Josh is here with one of the most anticipated releases of the year - the Samsung Galaxy S4
Article: http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s4-review-194534/

Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Unlocked
- http://amzn.to/11HrjCh (Black)
- http://amzn.to/18EeCbR (White)

Samsung Galaxy S4 4G (Sprint)
- http://amzn.to/143ey4e (Black)
- http://amzn.to/10Ez7TM (White)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon)
- http://amzn.to/18D52bJ (Black)
- http://amzn.to/143f5mB (White)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T)
- http://amzn.to/17EwjL7 (Black)
- http://amzn.to/ZiYWrq (White)

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ressed/dep . 2 weeks ago

I have this but from sk telecom. They have shit tons of apps that i cant use and i have to disable them

Pawan Yadav

Pawan Yadav . 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the "old" episode of - *Why is this in my recommendation"*


ღKatyღ . 2 weeks ago

Who else is watching this now when we have S10?

John Balladear

John Balladear . 2 weeks ago

I have an S4, it cost me £30 preowned in 2018. A new glaze and battery, £50, brought it up to nearly new condition. Believe me, this model is excellent, super camera, great screen resolution 1080p, fast response and great battery life. My wife bought a new J6 around the same time which looks similar and is also very good for £120.

Troll Tommy

Troll Tommy . 3 weeks ago

Those swipes in the home screen has smoother animation than today's note 9! Those both products from the same manufacturer!

Mattie Elswick

Mattie Elswick . 3 weeks ago

Why are you watching this in 2019?

Ryan Jack

Ryan Jack . 3 weeks ago

Ah, 2013. Back when android phone manufacturers weren't trying too hard to look like iPhones with ridiculous notches. I don't mind the hole punch displays that are on the *horizon* ... I really hope the S10 won't come with a notch.

Mithun paul

Mithun paul . 3 weeks ago

Watching in 2019😀😀😁😁😂😂


LegendColgo . 4 weeks ago

Still with the S4, 2019!

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali . 1 month ago

watching from s9plus😅😅

Kyle Wagenaar

Kyle Wagenaar . 1 month ago

I still have my s4 and it's in mint condition and works great even after all these years of abuse.

breaking boy

breaking boy . 1 month ago

Im getting one tomorrow

Timmy Parker

Timmy Parker . 1 month ago

Why is this in my recommendation in 2019?


alma . 1 month ago

my first phone!! Ö

Mozzi Xahab

Mozzi Xahab . 1 month ago

Yuk 🤢🤣

Edmond Dantes

Edmond Dantes . 2 months ago

Joshua Vergara? pinoy?

Anjelou Official YT

Anjelou Official YT . 2 months ago

Who's watching this because of sumsung j4plus

Da Wat?

Da Wat? . 2 months ago

Watching this on my galaxy s4

EPIC Studios

EPIC Studios . 2 months ago

Watching this on my s9+

The Reverse Master

The Reverse Master . 2 months ago


Luka Zizak

Luka Zizak . 2 months ago

best phone ever made


Argon . 2 months ago

Damn motion sensors are gone i really miss that.

Gechel Estrada

Gechel Estrada . 3 months ago

Is there's a YouTuber's who's watching now this video. He doesn't give the price so,is there someone know the price is? 😃

Deepak Puri

Deepak Puri . 3 months ago

iam watching it november 2018

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade . 3 months ago

I still use this phone. I'm never going to upgrade.

Banana Ok

Banana Ok . 3 months ago


Rafa timiey

Rafa timiey . 3 months ago

first of generation galaxy s series have air view and last generation galaxy s series have air view...I really2 don't understand why galaxy s9plus don't have it


JCA . 3 months ago

Watching this on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. ,my cousin still owns my previous Galaxy S4 and it is working properly.

pankaj sachdev

pankaj sachdev . 3 months ago

Watching it on iPhone X

Roynaldo Janwar

Roynaldo Janwar . 4 months ago

I still miss this phone even I'm using Note 8 now.

Sherry Zee

Sherry Zee . 4 months ago

I have been using my S4 since May 2014. Still a great phone 4 years later.


ღKatyღ . 4 months ago

My 5 years old white Samsung Galaxy S4 is still... ...white.

Ahmed Al Wakeel

Ahmed Al Wakeel . 4 months ago

Watching on S9+.... OH THE NOSTALGIA!

Carrie Kishel

Carrie Kishel . 4 months ago

I have galaxy S4:))))))

vagish kora

vagish kora . 4 months ago

Watching on Samsung galaxy s4 💯💯💯💯

Marco Lopes

Marco Lopes . 4 months ago

Here I am watching this in 2018 the way phones are way improved like the displays have improved so much it's just unbelievable

Pepe The frog

Pepe The frog . 4 months ago

I feel old watching this in 2018

Ali Asadullah

Ali Asadullah . 4 months ago

This was & is my first smartphone! But now in 2018 I feel sick having still.

Amal Gohary

Amal Gohary . 4 months ago

I want to buy a mobile with a camera that the same quality of Samsung galaxy s 4 camera


atogaming . 4 months ago

Who else is watching this now we have the note 9

Jaden Blizzard

Jaden Blizzard . 4 months ago

It is such a good car. Still have my s4. I'm 18 yrs old and full time student and it works for me so well.

Humble one

Humble one . 4 months ago

I wouldn't trade my s4 for any other phone . I love this phone , only problem over the years is the charge port.

The Crazy Channel

The Crazy Channel . 5 months ago

Who is whatching on a s4


MTran0708 . 5 months ago

This was legit the best phone I had ever used, shame that I bought into the hype and sold it for an iphone 6....immediately regretted it. Ended up getting a note 5 which I used until it was stolen and now happy with an S8+


AntiHydra . 5 months ago

2018 anyone!?


Prithvi . 5 months ago

Seeing this on 2018 to see how far we've come!

hex_E1it311 Psn

hex_E1it311 Psn . 5 months ago

Lol I had the s8 now I have the note 9

Mlg Killer- Ghosty_MC

Mlg Killer- Ghosty_MC . 5 months ago

i ahve this phone right now in 2018 and it is trash it lags on almost every game and it is so slow also i formatted it .

Gaming channel

Gaming channel . 5 months ago

I am watching this when s9 is out

Gaming channel

Gaming channel . 5 months ago


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