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Tate McRae - greedy (Official Video)


Published on 2 weeks ago

“greedy” out now: https://tatemcrae.lnk.to/greedy

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He said, are you serious
I’ve tried but i can’t figure out
I’ve been next to you all night and still don’t know what you’re about
You keep talking
But not much coming out your mouth
Can’t you tell that i want you ?”
I say, yeah

I would want myself
Baby please believe me
I’ll put you through hell just to know me (ya ya)
So sure of yourself
Baby don’t get greedy
That shit won’t end well
No it won’t end well

I see you eyeing me down
But you’ll never know much past my name
Or how i’m running this room around
And that i’m still half your age
Yeah you’re l-l-looking at me like i’m some sweet escape
Obvious that you want me but i said

I would want myself
Baby please believe me
I’ll put you through hell just to know me yeah yeah
So sure of yourself
Baby don’t get greedy
That shit won’t end well
No it won’t end well

He said, “i’m just curious
Is this for real or just an act
Can’t tell if you love or hate me
Never met someone like that
Drive me so so so crazy
Did you know you got that effect?”
I said, “lemme check”

I would want myself
Baby please believe me
I’ll put you through hell
Just to know me yeah yeah
So sure of yourself
Baby don’t get greedy
That shit won’t end well (end well)
No it won’t end well

I would want myself
I would want myself
I would want myself
I would want myself
I would want myself

Production Company - freenjoy
Director - Aerin Moreno
Creative Director - Bradley J. Calder
Executive Producers - Nathan Scherrer
Executive Producer - Tara Sheree
Head of Production - Ben Piety
Producer - Aiden Magarian
Production Supervisor - Paul Young Lee
Production Coordinator - Tommy Gleason
1st AD - Joe Suarez
2nd - AD Danny Jones
DP - Cory Burmester
1st AC - Brad Wilder
2nd AC - Milana Burdette
Loader - Matthew Borek
VTR - Evan Johnson
Steadicam - Chris Loh
Gaffer - Tristan Moffatt
Best Boy Electric - Travis Moffatt
SLT - Ethan Waddell
SLT - Liam Webner
SLT - Eric Gilbert
Board Operator - Zane Blanchard
Key Grip Brendan Riel
Best Boy Grip - Connor Colby
Grip - Logan Alesso
Grip - Kyle Sorvig
Grip - Eric Fowler
Production Designer - Wesley Goodrich
Set Dresser - Cleo Camp
Set Dresser - Carter McNeill
Art Assist - Nico Greyer
Choreographer - Sean Bankhead
Wardrobe Stylist - Joanie Del Santo
Wardrobe Assist - Hannah Murphy
#1 Makeup Artist - Lilly Keys
#1 Hair Stylist - Chad Wood
HMU Dancers - Morgan Andersen
HMU Dancers Assist - Sophia Erickson
AD PA - Beau Bielski
Truck PA - Hank Hartnell
Key PA - Aspen Miller
Set PA - Quincy Cowherd
Set PA - Omer Laval
Set PA - Kaziah Thornton-Tello
Set PA - Anne-Sophie Bine
Editor - Aerin Moreno
Colorist - Matt Osborne @ CO3
Graphics - Eddie Mandell
Photography - Beth Sarah
Short Form - Cynthia Parkhurst
Dancer - Bailey Holt
Dancer - Bernard Bell
Dancer - Alex Mateo
Dancer - Amari Smith
Dancer - Natalie Bebko
Dancer - Tayler Reeff
Commissioner - Sam Houston
Special Thanks - Tanja Rosner

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Tate McRae

Tate McRae . 2 weeks ago

greedy out now 🎱🔪 https://tatemcrae.lnk.to/greedy
Latata Moondragon

Latata Moondragon . 5 minutes ago

L.O.V.E greedy
「Its Aparna_gaming 」

「Its Aparna_gaming 」 . 59 minutes ago

Epic wtf ✨️
Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper . 59 minutes ago

Juan Castillo

Juan Castillo . 1 hour ago


angllips . 1 hour ago

Que achado essa música!!! viciante kk

kirti . 1 hour ago

I was searching for this song from a week.
Zhen Li

Zhen Li . 2 hours ago

Definitely into this song and love the choreography!!❤

slytherin. . 2 hours ago

girl you need to release a video of this choreography, i beg you
Anjo Nathaniel Comaling

Anjo Nathaniel Comaling . 2 hours ago

Greedy Tate McRae
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Chaotic Tate McRae
What You Would Do Tate McRae
She's All I Wanna Be Tate McRae
Friends Don't Look At Friends Tate McRae
Feel Like Shit Tate McRae
Working Tate McRae
That Way Tate McRae
Tate McRae Songs
Chelsea V

Chelsea V . 3 hours ago

Camille Leisy

Camille Leisy . 3 hours ago

This is exactly what I want in a pop music video ✨
Laryssa Assis

Laryssa Assis . 3 hours ago

essa música ja tem cara de que vai tocar na Riachuelo e C&A
Artur Sedrakyan

Artur Sedrakyan . 3 hours ago

She owes a lot to the tube girl!!

VanessaG . 4 hours ago

Did tik tok bring y’all here ?

Miku . 4 hours ago

Ashley Edwards

Ashley Edwards . 4 hours ago

This song is 2009-2012 vibesssss af! Taking me back to the good times of music 😩
Jenziel Faye Babao

Jenziel Faye Babao . 4 hours ago

Super LOVE this @TateMcRae

Trāpstār . 4 hours ago

Came from Instagram 🥰

ellieee💀 . 4 hours ago


Horace . 5 hours ago

i can smell the smelly smell of the honkey rink
MJ Cuaderno Rosales

MJ Cuaderno Rosales . 5 hours ago

tiktok send me here 😂
George Oliver

George Oliver . 5 hours ago

I love how Canadian this is 🇨🇦
Fellipe Maga

Fellipe Maga . 6 hours ago

Jú c547

Jú c547 . 6 hours ago


Sothic2 . 6 hours ago

Gabriel Heringer

Gabriel Heringer . 7 hours ago

She’s remember Britney in baby one more time and oops i did it again, I’m feel very nostalgic 😱❤️

JAY C . 7 hours ago

heard this song today for the first time and I played it NONE stop over 100 times 😩🤫

JAY C . 7 hours ago

I’m fxxxxxxxxcking OBSESSED straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

S T . 7 hours ago

Morning after dark
damien cuevas

damien cuevas . 7 hours ago

Yeah she bad 🔥🔥🔥

bLUe . 7 hours ago

Hussien Alsafi

Hussien Alsafi . 8 hours ago


Crissy . 8 hours ago

I'm here because of the tube girl 🌬️👩 & the song slaps ♡
Fatima Zahid

Fatima Zahid . 8 hours ago

This is so good
Von Kun

Von Kun . 8 hours ago

She reminds me of a young kesha in this mv.
Bergen Leigh

Bergen Leigh . 8 hours ago

I saw an interview where she said she got inspiration from Britney Spears and Timbaland circa 2000 and I love it!!
Kids club

Kids club . 8 hours ago

I saw you in concert at jingle ball. Unfortunately, this song was not out

user111 . 8 hours ago

a hit
LifePro Tips.

LifePro Tips. . 8 hours ago

Nice to see iHeart Radio playing it already.
Luciana dos Santos Barbosa

Luciana dos Santos Barbosa . 8 hours ago

Carlos G

Carlos G . 9 hours ago

This song has all that you need
Vadim Gruzdev

Vadim Gruzdev . 9 hours ago

Riquelmi Castro

Riquelmi Castro . 9 hours ago

Tô amando essa música ❤❤
parkceizy 💕

parkceizy 💕 . 9 hours ago

She's so iconic , just wow i like the way she danceee
Suppeerrr girl <<<333

Amisye . 9 hours ago


ana . 9 hours ago

she feels like melanie martinez from an alternate universe
Emma Dupont

Emma Dupont . 9 hours ago

This song deserves more views
Kristen Adams

Kristen Adams . 10 hours ago

Uhhh ohhh the next Britney spears! The vibes are the same and immaculate love tate!!!

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