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Lighted Pine Cone Box
The Pohl Barn Productions

The Pohl Barn Productions

Published on 9 months ago

Just a small lighted box using resin and pine cones. An Idea I got from a couple different youtubers only I mixed them together, I have to give credit to Nick at NZ woodturning and also to Zac over at NV woodwerks for this creation.

Zac Higgins https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaiEQvv5CgXjk1qN7qevQUQ

Nick Zammetti https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-0S7vXfwYY2jj5EkMpymA

my fb page https://www.facebook.com/Pohl-Barn-Productions-212157042680083/?ref=bookmarks

music I've selected for this video

LED lights

resin I use

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BHO Master

BHO Master . 12 hours ago

So much waste of material Noah

Shahzad new hacks

Shahzad new hacks . 23 hours ago

Love you brother nice

stephen hensley

stephen hensley . 1 day ago

How much?

Benjiman Franklin

Benjiman Franklin . 2 days ago

Like how he shaved it down or is that just me ??

Estruendo Murcia

Estruendo Murcia . 2 days ago

Cool for kids

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt . 3 days ago

Sorry you get a thumbs down the video is too high speed and no commentary


涅冥阳 . 3 days ago


Colton Corbett

Colton Corbett . 3 days ago

I just started watching some of your videos and they are so satisfying. Nice work man

Isaiah Blankinship

Isaiah Blankinship . 4 days ago

no offense but you should cut your fingernails lol this was last year wonder if he has yet

Chuck Pankevitch

Chuck Pankevitch . 4 days ago

You do really nice work I love this thing. 👍

Hey I'm a Maker

Hey I'm a Maker . 6 days ago

Very nice! Reminds me of an underwater luminescent creature.


bee1978 . 6 days ago

fucking annoying music. why do dumb ass uploaders add this shit to their videos?

Mariah Francois

Mariah Francois . 7 days ago

Wow that amazing

Tom ray

Tom ray . 1 week ago

Really turned out awesome, great idea!

Константин Рыбалко

Константин Рыбалко . 1 week ago


Александр Прытков

Александр Прытков . 1 week ago


The Beard x16

The Beard x16 . 1 week ago

Ah is this the one you where telling me about ? 2.8 M man thats mad! Brilliant though !! i love it


312saxon . 1 week ago

Very cool nice work


mistrix22 . 1 week ago

Вот это когти!!! Смотреть расхотелось.

Aleksandr Rakhimov

Aleksandr Rakhimov . 1 week ago


M. Rizwan Rizvi

M. Rizwan Rizvi . 1 week ago

I love you man WOW you are such a amazing person Oh my God speeklesa work

Алексей Белецкий

Алексей Белецкий . 1 week ago

Бля мастер, ты хороший, но твои ногти это пиздец 🤦🏻‍♂️💅💅💅

Karma-n Own it

Karma-n Own it . 2 weeks ago

Sweeeet. 👍🏻 and I like the music. Couldn’t hear ya at the end though.

Штуша Кутуша

Штуша Кутуша . 2 weeks ago

9 inch nails

Michael C

Michael C . 2 weeks ago

Man these things are bad ass beautiful! I’d love to be able to make one for a stash jar. One of my favorite projects on YouTube!

Jean Thomasson

Jean Thomasson . 2 weeks ago

Simply beautiful. Awesome mix of mediums. Stay curious! I loved the music. Don't change anything, stay true to the artist within you.

Christine Brown

Christine Brown . 2 weeks ago

So gorgeous!! I love it, a lot! 💙


TheRiverkayaker . 2 weeks ago

really nice. well done.


moviemakerwannabe . 2 weeks ago

Doy you ever sell your creations?

Cat B

Cat B . 2 weeks ago


Baha Albeiruti

Baha Albeiruti . 2 weeks ago


Ashes ash

Ashes ash . 2 weeks ago

Wouldn't it be more beautiful if the epoxy resin was transparent rather with those colors

Michael Gross

Michael Gross . 2 weeks ago

That is stunning! Fantastic idea!

Larry Read

Larry Read . 2 weeks ago

theres more on the floor

John Ballantyne

John Ballantyne . 2 weeks ago

Fabulous, it’s like the resin has a life of it’s own as it moves and grows against the tools. Your skill amazes me. 👍🏼

Lucy Norman

Lucy Norman . 2 weeks ago

Wow!!! How lovely.....👍👍👍


Splash111 . 2 weeks ago

Great results. Great tutorial. new subscriber. Thank you.

Craig Kirkland

Craig Kirkland . 2 weeks ago

11 OUT OF 10

متع عقلك

متع عقلك . 3 weeks ago

واو رائع جدا 👍👍👍👍👍

Vicky joshi Rajeshbhai

Vicky joshi Rajeshbhai . 3 weeks ago

How to buy??

Константин Смирнов

Константин Смирнов . 3 weeks ago


Carol Riley

Carol Riley . 3 weeks ago

Very beautiful...love it with the light inside!

Sprite Cola

Sprite Cola . 3 weeks ago

How long did you finish doing this art??

Neil Davies

Neil Davies . 3 weeks ago

Try making a Lighted Nail Clipping Box

James Bourgeois

James Bourgeois . 3 weeks ago


Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera . 3 weeks ago

Should have made the pine cones line up in the middle

Чёрный Слесарь

Чёрный Слесарь . 3 weeks ago

Очень красиво!!!!!!

Simone Senarega

Simone Senarega . 3 weeks ago

Lindo trabalho! Perfeito


AYKIRISER . 3 weeks ago

Do you want to trade a nail clipper?

Kid Malphisto

Kid Malphisto . 3 weeks ago

damn those nails look nasty

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