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Chaka Khan - Through the Fire (Official Music Video)


Published on 6 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Chaka Khan - "Through the Fire" from the album 'I Feel For You' (1984). "Through the Fire" was sampled in Kanye West's "Through the Wire."

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Comments :

Sean Richards

Sean Richards . 8 hours ago

She was very beautiful,, when she was young

Clxs DvGhxs

Clxs DvGhxs . 12 hours ago

The 363 dislikes are from those who hear this reminds them of their ex

Telma Fonseca

Telma Fonseca . 14 hours ago

Que mulher linda, que voz maravilhosa! Uma diva! 🥰💓

N 4L

N 4L . 15 hours ago

Thank you Kanye West

jean Rodriguez

jean Rodriguez . 21 hours ago

Quem veio pela diva mener ? ❤️

chinera Howard

chinera Howard . 22 hours ago


Margareth Batista.

Margareth Batista. . 1 day ago

Quanta Perfeição 👏👏👏👏

Pik Pok

Pik Pok . 1 day ago

Notice Nicki Minaj.. 😁❤

Toño M

Toño M . 1 day ago

I miss the smurf-ish voice from "Through the Wire". Thank you Mr. West for taking MUSIC to the next level.

Jessy Santos

Jessy Santos . 1 day ago

Great vocals

Alexandre Assis Da Silva

Alexandre Assis Da Silva . 2 days ago

Curtindo em 2020

Gary McEwan

Gary McEwan . 2 days ago

There's no-one else like Chaka, out on her own, what a tune, what a voice.


SuperAlias11 . 2 days ago

We need more voices like this 🧡

unai russell

unai russell . 3 days ago

I was about 11 years or 12 years old when the song was released. And I can now apply this song to my life today at age 41. Letting that special someone know that you will go through the file with them no matter what, there is no limits.❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘


Tina . 3 days ago

Such a beautiful song


thebeatnumber . 3 days ago

Should have fired her hair dresser after this video shoot. Should have kept the hairstyle she had in the 70s.

Allen Trice

Allen Trice . 3 days ago

Let's hear it for Chaka Khan, everybody! 🎵🎶

Joaquin Ulises Lopez

Joaquin Ulises Lopez . 3 days ago

My first love

Bayu's Channel

Bayu's Channel . 3 days ago

I listened to this when i was younger..perhaps [email protected] years ago but i never know the singer..and i just come for this after listen to chaka khan featured in Fourplay song "between the sheet".. And i was not regret yet i am really happy.

Laercio Ferreira

Laercio Ferreira . 5 days ago

Parabéns yvet Marie Stevens


terrahottie . 6 days ago

Such a powerful and amazing voice! This song will never grow old!

Robert Dieder

Robert Dieder . 6 days ago

A David Foster masterpiece


EAsfgman . 6 days ago

Whats the difference between fat Costco shoppers and Kanye West??? Kanye has to pay for samples, the fat costco shopper gets his samples for free.


EAsfgman . 6 days ago

Nicki Minaj looks like Chaka

Daniele Abilio

Daniele Abilio . 6 days ago

Simplesmente magnífica , sem palavras .Joia rara de ouvir.

Aho Greggor

Aho Greggor . 6 days ago

She looks like Niki Minaj!

Isaiah Morris

Isaiah Morris . 7 days ago

I got in a car accident a few years ago and my jaw was wired shut Chaka inspired to keep pushing and motivated me! thank you chaka😊


Castilho . 7 days ago

Vim pela Diva Menner

Grigor B. 2

Grigor B. 2 . 7 days ago

3:12 - The beginning of Through The Wire by Kanye West sample.

Simsim VEVO

Simsim VEVO . 7 days ago

They said true love can never dies but true songs play forever 🔥🔥💯💯💯💯🌛

Claudinei de oliveira Oliveira

Claudinei de oliveira Oliveira . 7 days ago

Repair essa mulher é um fenômeno da música mundial.

Lenny Volpicelli

Lenny Volpicelli . 7 days ago

Luv her beautiful

Stephen Mcilwraith

Stephen Mcilwraith . 7 days ago

Pantie remover... Trust 😉💋

Kenlorskire Villaienetrouienne

Kenlorskire Villaienetrouienne . 1 week ago

She really did it good

Febri n

Febri n . 1 week ago

Mirip weni

Uncle Tony

Uncle Tony . 1 week ago

I was just in that train station a few hours ago. I didn't know it would be in this video.

Elijah Nelson

Elijah Nelson . 1 week ago

Nigga I thought this was cardi b

Trina Dee

Trina Dee . 1 week ago

This music represents a amazing time in my life.

Merle Langlois

Merle Langlois . 1 week ago

Chaka Khan is really attractive in this video. Her mouth is so beautiful. Those wide lips.

Dan Nutting

Dan Nutting . 1 week ago

She is so bad ass and style is on point.

Mauro Silva

Mauro Silva . 1 week ago

Música linda...😍❤️❤️... Saudades...tempo inesquecível

DJ Mexicano de TX

DJ Mexicano de TX . 1 week ago

Classic song!

Pamela Pereira

Pamela Pereira . 1 week ago

Emociona ,qe época....

Christian Rey Sumatra

Christian Rey Sumatra . 1 week ago

They don't wear wigs before😯

Junior Peters

Junior Peters . 1 week ago

To the ppl who dislike this tune hope u ur mom and dad dance to this


Lucian . 1 week ago

I’m sorry your version is trash.. I love u thou

Chedy Te

Chedy Te . 1 week ago

Good morning Everyone

Nathanael Ferraz Vieira

Nathanael Ferraz Vieira . 1 week ago

damn,her is wonderful

W NightRock

W NightRock . 1 week ago

Glorious song I hear this song in yesterday and i liked to save.

Tyree Dangerfield

Tyree Dangerfield . 1 week ago

luv this song right here for real

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