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UNO RUINS FRIENDSHIP | Uno w/Mark,Bob & Wade


Published on 2 years ago

Who knew Uno could be such an exhilarating and hilarious game!

Rick and Morty VR ► https://yt.mba/watch/ugwwFmp4bIA

Uno ► https://www.youtube.com/user/muyskerm
Dos ► https://www.youtube.com/user/LordMinion777
Tres ► https://www.youtube.com/user/markiplierGAME

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Raccoon Gaming

Raccoon Gaming . 2 hours ago

1. Are you guys fucking drunk?! XD 2. I'm watching this past midnight so I'm trying not wake up the whole state of Missouri. 3. Back to the first thing, can you make one where everytime someone draws a card, they take a shot of something.

SupYall KyKatzClub

SupYall KyKatzClub . 1 day ago

13:50 When Bob says "Danm Boi" the 2nd time, it sounds ALOT like my brother (he sounds like that because my brothers gay, DO NOT judge my brother plz.)


JAYGLADEEE . 2 days ago

"I wanna play 10 rounds!" "When will this be finished?"Jacksepticeye 2017


xXMr0LinkXx . 3 days ago


Taylor Graff

Taylor Graff . 4 days ago


OrangeCrush Fizzy

OrangeCrush Fizzy . 7 days ago

Where do you get this game

Fireball Xxya792

Fireball Xxya792 . 1 week ago

Bob at 5:09 is kinda funny the way that he says it.

mikhail dahdouh

mikhail dahdouh . 1 week ago

“CUZ THAT’S ALL I CAN PLAY” my fav moment in the vid😂😂😂😂

Caden Coates

Caden Coates . 1 week ago

Call it hi Caden

Caden Coates

Caden Coates . 1 week ago


Hello My Name Is T.J.B

Hello My Name Is T.J.B . 2 weeks ago

It was so funny when they all had the same cards like when they all had 7s and when they all had reverses 😂

Christian Sampson

Christian Sampson . 2 weeks ago

Where's the "ENTER LOBBY" part? Did Jack cut that out and it's only on Mark's channel?

Cole and sav Subcriber

Cole and sav Subcriber . 2 weeks ago

Wade make everything funny

Junie Junebug

Junie Junebug . 2 weeks ago

why did bob and jack have to do it to 'em

Eden Tubb

Eden Tubb . 2 weeks ago

I love marks laugh at 3:20

Aki Shine 628

Aki Shine 628 . 2 weeks ago

Jesus Christ! I always play the card game and this online Uno is cool shiatsu! Jack is me, confused at the start. WHY DOES THE NUMBER DO THAT?! WHY DOES SEVEN DO THAT?! I THOUGHT THE NUMBER CARDS ARE NORMAL??


ProjectDoesGames . 2 weeks ago

Wade: *OOH, I CAN JUMP IN! I'll make it.. STILL THAT COLOR!*

Sean Nodland

Sean Nodland . 2 weeks ago

Moto of the story FUCK YOU

penetrating gazelle

penetrating gazelle . 2 weeks ago

Dont take a shot every time they say "fuck you" hahahah

sexy cheese ball x

sexy cheese ball x . 3 weeks ago

Can you guys please play more together

Mr Bossman26

Mr Bossman26 . 3 weeks ago

I accidentally poked myself in the eye while watching this. My friend walked past, saw me crying and watching a gameplay of UNO and just said " You cry watching the weirdest shit." *PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY*

sahara thompson

sahara thompson . 3 weeks ago

The first part where one of them was like “guys I’m hungry can we stop talking about food?” And then everyone said the name of a random food and jack said “hoot pocket hoot pocket” it made me laugh 😂

Alexius Richardson

Alexius Richardson . 3 weeks ago

Hot Pockets! *smiles awkwardly*

King Trigger

King Trigger . 3 weeks ago


Bear Peters

Bear Peters . 3 weeks ago

it's names Daniel and he lives in Ireland

Meet The God Kenchuwa

Meet The God Kenchuwa . 3 weeks ago

Hell yeah

Purpl3 P0ny

Purpl3 P0ny . 3 weeks ago

You guys should play Exploding Kittens, it's very exciting.


YOLO_dude21 . 3 weeks ago

Nice jack you suck


ProVision . 3 weeks ago

16:25 "But I dewww!" "Nuuuu!" Me: Sacrebleu!


bbh . 3 weeks ago

3:22 9:30


LegoEngineer003 . 3 weeks ago

Everyone should watch Mark’s Wade Rage video, for 1. Wade and 2. New soundboard playback

Chris Cozart

Chris Cozart . 3 weeks ago

man the audio is really bad... is it their mics. this video looks like it would be funny but the audio really is hurting my ears and making me squirm.

David Tucker

David Tucker . 3 weeks ago

I laughed to tears watching this!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆

Noah Bowen

Noah Bowen . 3 weeks ago

jack at 8:36 you shoulda put a 0 because you coulda stole his uno and winned

Joseph Waters

Joseph Waters . 3 weeks ago

I was kinda surprised that your video and Mark’s were recorded and published on the same day or at the same time.

Raven Wolf

Raven Wolf . 3 weeks ago

Who knew Uno could be so fun! I had to bite my hand and take several deep breaths because I'm not supposed to be watching this

Star Guardian

Star Guardian . 4 weeks ago

I think this would happen between me and a group of friends I have, but we would be playing face-to-face.

steve peve

steve peve . 4 weeks ago

chek out my youtube channle its damian taylor its the one with the big blue D

Emma Frazer

Emma Frazer . 4 weeks ago

hot pockets forever

Tori mariej2

Tori mariej2 . 4 weeks ago

At 7:25 he literally had a 0 he could play😂

The life of Ivy

The life of Ivy . 4 weeks ago

Omg I have not played Uno in forever

The life of Ivy

The life of Ivy . 4 weeks ago

Hottttttttttttttttttt pockets

That one fangirl

That one fangirl . 4 weeks ago

"Ahhhhhh bloop"

Tea Siboni

Tea Siboni . 1 month ago

i want septiplire XD

Jen Allwr

Jen Allwr . 1 month ago

The new 5 1

screaming child

screaming child . 1 month ago

*everyone-who-says-uno-at-some-point-in-the-video:* uno! *me:* dos!


Eletrickid100 . 1 month ago

*WARNING* cussing galore

Prismatic Polygons

Prismatic Polygons . 1 month ago

There should be a take out cards card that makes you put -2 or -3 cards back to the drawing pile.

Hailey Bug's Channel

Hailey Bug's Channel . 1 month ago

jacky how many trophies and wins do you have?I've gotten 48 trophies so far but don't know about the wins though... XD +my avatar's name is BlissWolfGamer

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