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NBA Most Difficult Shots of All Time ᴴᴰ


Published on 1 year ago

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Intro: Horses - PNB Rock, A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Kodak Black
Outro: Outlet (Instrumental) - Desiigner
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The Shittiest Of Shitpost

The Shittiest Of Shitpost . 11 hours ago

No MJ?? Probably because he’s not the GOAT


Lilbittyninja . 2 days ago


Liam Taggart

Liam Taggart . 2 days ago

Song at start?

Ge Capariño

Ge Capariño . 3 days ago


different breed

different breed . 5 days ago

Difficult shots on Hall of fame

Antonio Torres

Antonio Torres . 6 days ago

I am so happy lebron plays for the lakers I just hoped Kobe could've still play

Calvin Johnson 2016

Calvin Johnson 2016 . 6 days ago

What a shot from J.R Smith. My favorite shot he's made.

Marine Matt

Marine Matt . 6 days ago

Basically all Kobe shots lmao 🤣

THS Dvid

THS Dvid . 7 days ago

What about wilt Chamberlain hook shot 3s?

Official#omatu 87

Official#omatu 87 . 1 week ago

Stop it right there. I literally just started the video and I already like it . 10 thumbs up. Why you may ask. Because the song in the beginning is my favorite song of ALL time. So is the fate of the furious sound track.

hey its jeniah

hey its jeniah . 1 week ago

What's intro song


XSNTalentz . 1 week ago

Kobe is a different breed

Maryam Malacad

Maryam Malacad . 1 week ago

Thumb nail 13+9=22

jonas benoit

jonas benoit . 1 week ago

5:03 wow moment

Claire Ann Ungson

Claire Ann Ungson . 2 weeks ago

Good song

serg da purge

serg da purge . 2 weeks ago

6:01 Kobe doesn't high five kid


Harry CHEUNG . 2 weeks ago

i hate how people silence the crowd because it sounds awkward

1,000 subs With no vids

1,000 subs With no vids . 3 weeks ago

Anyone else realize that jr smith sat on the guy after

Laurentz Joseph

Laurentz Joseph . 3 weeks ago

What about Isaiah rider

Cyril Downey

Cyril Downey . 3 weeks ago

Reggie Jackson traveled

Fake Thumbnail

Fake Thumbnail . 3 weeks ago

I wanna stick my 🍆 that girls mouth at 1:55

alistair biggins

alistair biggins . 4 weeks ago

What is the song that is playin. When he is on twitter

Chris Park

Chris Park . 4 weeks ago

Need to sdd Tracy mcgrady

Maximilian Stoliar

Maximilian Stoliar . 4 weeks ago

do com science homework

Maximilian Stoliar

Maximilian Stoliar . 4 weeks ago

wagfh[truiy o[ltruihyeifghwe76t8ergywe78igty

MrDude321 o

MrDude321 o . 1 month ago

Honestly this could have just Been a Kobe highlight reel

Mert Alkas

Mert Alkas . 1 month ago

JR Looks so clueless

Denise Johnson

Denise Johnson . 1 month ago


Saber is love, Saber is life

Saber is love, Saber is life . 1 month ago

2:41 That's a travel. Moved his pivot foot before ball even left his hand. Still a nice shot though.

Krissy Kenny

Krissy Kenny . 1 month ago

Why these videos like it's stupid

Joshua T

Joshua T . 1 month ago

Well we know this guy’s a Lebron fan...

Tyeson Schneader

Tyeson Schneader . 2 months ago

Should have put in Drummond making a free throw


SpookyGamer . 2 months ago

Why jr Smith dis not Make that shot to win the finals against curry like if I'm right

Rainbow Dahs

Rainbow Dahs . 2 months ago


Kadomatsu Joestar

Kadomatsu Joestar . 2 months ago

Only bryant can make 2 buzzer beater 3s to win the game

Yosia Kehat Driesa

Yosia Kehat Driesa . 2 months ago

what is the name of the song in intro

tbone Gamerboy

tbone Gamerboy . 2 months ago

Jr is the heavy god

Explosive raps

Explosive raps . 2 months ago

Not one Steph Curry shot 😠😡

Jerry Dizon

Jerry Dizon . 2 months ago

Kobe❤ 8 and 24

Emmanuel Enyinwa

Emmanuel Enyinwa . 2 months ago

@4:55. The King had Royalty sitting courtside, so he was trying to do impress his peers.

Heaven Wa-Mwamba

Heaven Wa-Mwamba . 2 months ago

Whats the song on 0:28

Endri Oktori

Endri Oktori . 2 months ago

Fans boy

George Powell

George Powell . 2 months ago

How is there's Jordan


Mr.E . 2 months ago

1:02 JR Smith before the memes

ツ Jelly Panda

ツ Jelly Panda . 2 months ago

JR Smith isn’t as bad a people make him sound. He doesn’t deserve the title *worst NBA player* like come on give him some credit

Reuben Jeremiah

Reuben Jeremiah . 2 months ago


Jomar Montajes Omiping

Jomar Montajes Omiping . 2 months ago

mga bala!


beanheadmir . 2 months ago

1:54 when it's alot bigger than she expected

Lo_ Renoi

Lo_ Renoi . 2 months ago

What is the outro son

Calvin Luciano

Calvin Luciano . 2 months ago

its obvious you’re a bronsexual

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