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Maroon 5 - Memories


Published on 2 weeks ago

“Memories” is out now:

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)


Comments :

steven universe

steven universe . 31 seconds ago

how much did they spend to make this mv?

Lionbat Lionbat

Lionbat Lionbat . 1 minute ago

I was here before this song bacome a hit

Mê office Niềm Đam

Mê office Niềm Đam . 2 minutes ago

this song is so lovely sweet and easy to hear

Jim Skra

Jim Skra . 2 minutes ago

Who's watching in 2130458

Dika Pandu

Dika Pandu . 2 minutes ago

Syahdu syekali.....

zzZzz Official

zzZzz Official . 3 minutes ago

Miss my old friends 😔you too?? then drop a like 👇

Brian Obiye

Brian Obiye . 3 minutes ago

Who listens to this song and feels like he or she is in Pluto 😪😪click like button from Kenya please

Puckering Pickletoe

Puckering Pickletoe . 5 minutes ago

Discount Vsauce singing

Macky Caduyac

Macky Caduyac . 5 minutes ago

i like this song <3

Gago kaba

Gago kaba . 7 minutes ago

here before 43 million views

steve jobss

steve jobss . 7 minutes ago

really good ! song bring back my memories back . thanks

Best Man Never Rest

Best Man Never Rest . 8 minutes ago

Wow, Maroon 5 still boom...

what's next

what's next . 10 minutes ago

Now this is what I was waiting for...❤️

wan wan

wan wan . 10 minutes ago

Joseph Seed ?? Is that you ???

Coco Brown

Coco Brown . 10 minutes ago

Maron 5


electros20 . 11 minutes ago


Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma . 14 minutes ago

2009: Adam lavine 2019: Baldur 😅 Damn people change with time

irsan AXD

irsan AXD . 16 minutes ago

Who is better Maroon 5 or Adam levine


Hearthfire . 20 minutes ago


johnry rafael daffon

johnry rafael daffon . 20 minutes ago

yow maroon 5

Manas Srivastava

Manas Srivastava . 20 minutes ago

Just bueatyful

L i s a

L i s a . 21 minutes ago



MUSASHI GAMER . 21 minutes ago

COD Ruin!?

Suri The Dorky

Suri The Dorky . 21 minutes ago

He looks like he belongs in Vikings


Gabriele . 22 minutes ago

“ ‘Cause I can't reach out to call you, but I know I will one day, yeah” Lucky you, that you really believe it...

Raymond Maglonzo

Raymond Maglonzo . 23 minutes ago

Song dedicated to #thevoice

Aiman Haziq

Aiman Haziq . 24 minutes ago

Baldur is that you?


ItsEJPlays-MCPE . 25 minutes ago

Get this video to 1B views for their passed away Manager?!


SWVG . 26 minutes ago

Drinks bring back all the memories and memories bring back memories bring back you💖

Wasika Wahab Rafa

Wasika Wahab Rafa . 27 minutes ago

Am I the only person who thinks that the beginning part sounds kinda like Canon by Johann Pachelbel? Not the same.. But similar

Don Duran

Don Duran . 27 minutes ago

kratos is singing

Jemar Menesis

Jemar Menesis . 27 minutes ago

I didn't know that Conor McGregor can sing and he's a member of maroon 5 hahahaha

Faizan Siddiqui

Faizan Siddiqui . 28 minutes ago

3B + views for sure hit like if you believe the same.


S C . 28 minutes ago


Вяокеи НзагтеD

Вяокеи НзагтеD . 29 minutes ago

Old is Gold Memorise from the past creates your future

Rohit man45

Rohit man45 . 29 minutes ago

This the most liked comment in YouTube if you want

tuan nguyen

tuan nguyen . 31 minutes ago


Uvie Vy

Uvie Vy . 32 minutes ago


Crimson Bird

Crimson Bird . 32 minutes ago

There's something about his voice that just pulls me into singing with him. Maybe it's just his highpitched voice, idk

205 Times

205 Times . 38 minutes ago

Memories bring back us here -everyone, in 2029

Zero Hmar

Zero Hmar . 42 minutes ago

I hope Im alive after 10 year listen this song an see my comment


정가은 . 47 minutes ago

did his lips get thinner....?

Nam Trần Xuân

Nam Trần Xuân . 48 minutes ago


Dasol UwU

Dasol UwU . 48 minutes ago

Goddamn viking

Bụt Ông

Bụt Ông . 49 minutes ago

Đạo " Ngày xuân long phụng sum vầy " :))

Paul Christopher Coyoca

Paul Christopher Coyoca . 49 minutes ago

I didn't know Conor McGregor can sing!? 😱


김건호 . 49 minutes ago

Lol why am I recalling Jesus Christ while seeing Adam's face

kristian olaivar

kristian olaivar . 51 minutes ago

the living legend god bless

Ayumi _chan

Ayumi _chan . 52 minutes ago

So beutiful,isnt it guys?😍

kawaii channel

kawaii channel . 53 minutes ago


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