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You're watching the official live video for Eric Clapton - "Badge" from Crossroads 2019. Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019 collection captures nearly four hours of highlights recorded live last year at the acclaimed charity music festival founded by the legendary guitarist. Get your copy here: https://rhino.lnk.to/Crossroads2019

Eric Clapton, one of the world’s pre-eminent blues/rock guitarists, once again summoned an all-star team of six-string heroes for his fifth Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2019. Held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the two-day concert event raised funds for the Crossroads Centre in Antigua, the chemical dependency treatment and education facility that Clapton founded in 1998.

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Comments :

Facundo Moreno

Facundo Moreno . 14 hours ago

the bass doesn´t get old


2312slowhand . 2 days ago

Just look at that latest Crash guitar......Beautiful!!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson . 3 days ago

OMG, Classic Song...Fresh Clapton, Fresh Band..."Badge" has never been performed as exhilarating as this...Of course missing Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, but this new band has such a fresh approach...drums are so awesome, and bass guitar kicks ass!!!!


Jugizet . 3 days ago

Clapton never gets enough credit for his vocal work

clark Wall

clark Wall . 4 days ago

Stay out of politics E.C.and wear a mask.

Timothy Ottman

Timothy Ottman . 4 days ago

Slowhand just Kills it. Best Version - Ever.

Neil Emerson

Neil Emerson . 4 days ago

Why would they not release a digital dvd so I can buy the freakin thing. There are significant delays getting it out here to Australia! so annoying!

Bernie Clifton

Bernie Clifton . 5 days ago

Shout out to Nathan East, who seems to show up everywhere.

Karl Moltrecht

Karl Moltrecht . 5 days ago

wonderful, we need to get back to live shows asap....be healthy, take carew1 we will survive!

Eric faley

Eric faley . 6 days ago

Look at everyone smiling and having a good time. Love it when the band is getting into and happy. Yes Clapton is aging but who cares. Solid performance.


Veronica . 1 week ago


Tim Joseph

Tim Joseph . 1 week ago

Why 2 guitarists and 2 drummers Eric?? Come on...

Marie Laure MARTIN

Marie Laure MARTIN . 1 week ago

MERCI....C'est TROP BON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grant Brad Gerver YouTube Songwriter

Grant Brad Gerver YouTube Songwriter . 1 week ago

EC! Found you in the 60's with CREAM. Thank you, man, thank you.

Paul Blakey

Paul Blakey . 1 week ago

Fantastic Fabulous

Abdesslam Salam

Abdesslam Salam . 2 weeks ago

Merci Mr Eric Clapton A touts Jeff Beck, Stevie winwood

Peter Sawiski

Peter Sawiski . 2 weeks ago


fuji wahking

fuji wahking . 2 weeks ago

次に日本で観れるのはいつの日か。 きっと、観れますように。

Neil MacRitchie

Neil MacRitchie . 2 weeks ago

Beatles influences courtesy of George Harrison.

Scott Pickford

Scott Pickford . 2 weeks ago

This song and the Goodbye album are my earliest memories of Cream. When it was released I was only 9 years old so I new nothing about Clapton/Baker/Bruce and the 1960's blues explosion in the UK. I guess it was a couple of years later that my older brother got a copy of the album and I heard it for the first time. I've been listening to Clapton since those times, seen him twice in Sydney. Loved this version of Badge and all of the band, especially the double drummers.


pyannaguy . 2 weeks ago

I saw Cream at The Baltimore Civic Center in, I believe it was '69. Still remember they opened with "White Room" as huge airport-style spotlights scanned the heights of the room. Later, Clapton's ringing 6h chords on "Politician" STILL ring in my ears with Jack Bruce strolling the stage with a candy-apple red bass & a blue velvet suit when he wasn't singing. Ginger swigged from brown 40 oz. bottles between songs! 3 men in their 20s! It was magical!

Hector Hernandez

Hector Hernandez . 2 weeks ago

The only and the one.slow hand good.

Victor Novaes

Victor Novaes . 2 weeks ago

Isso é que é bom.

Antonio Washington

Antonio Washington . 2 weeks ago

Clapton "Guitar Legend."


CBDM777 . 2 weeks ago

His fingers aren't so slow


Toby . 3 weeks ago

Eddie Murphy killing it on the drums...


MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt . 3 weeks ago

His voice is still AMAZING... wow..

Hesham Akasha

Hesham Akasha . 3 weeks ago

4:45 brahamell what lovely joy that’s mr Clapton gave it to you legend meet master legend

Christopher Wynn

Christopher Wynn . 3 weeks ago

He might not be able to sing well anymore, but he still has not lost his touch with the guitar

Pedro Romero

Pedro Romero . 3 weeks ago

It can't ger better than this. Amazing Band, song, playing and singing

Raynard Warfield

Raynard Warfield . 3 weeks ago

In my opinion his number 2 or 3 guitarists of all time 🙌

Pamela Knowles

Pamela Knowles . 3 weeks ago

Best of the best..


JDTX . 3 weeks ago

People don’t clap at first since Eric went multi-ethnic and the intro isn’t recognizable, but it makes him feel better as an English white male! He’s a sweet kid.

Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon . 3 weeks ago

Still sounding good in his mid 70s. Can't wait to see him at the Albert Hall in may 21'.

Alan Fernando Cash

Alan Fernando Cash . 3 weeks ago



ARCHDEACON MUSIC . 4 weeks ago

All of the Crossroads festivals are AMAZING! Gathering the very BEST musicians from around the world and all for a great cause! Eric Clapton is the most influential and respected musician in the world! I always describe my original music as a mix btw Dave Matthews meets Clapton & Hendrix. One of the very BEST shows I've ever been to was Clapton at MSG! :)

AJ Harvey

AJ Harvey . 4 weeks ago

I’m pleased I can finally say footage of Eric and say I was there. If you’re like me, you definitely soaked in all of seeing the master on stage.

Mara Marx x

Mara Marx x . 4 weeks ago

Loved always the chorus Girls

Francois Froge

Francois Froge . 4 weeks ago



francoisft . 4 weeks ago

That 90 degrees change in that song 1:33 is so overwhelming to me!!!

Linda Norris

Linda Norris . 4 weeks ago


Linda Norris

Linda Norris . 4 weeks ago


rick n

rick n . 1 month ago

The tempo doesn’t work. Much better performance he recorded on “One More Car, One More Rider”.

Scott Cummings

Scott Cummings . 1 month ago

Great lineup...

Lieber Instruments

Lieber Instruments . 1 month ago

funny it takes two drummers and a conga player to come somewhat close to Ginger Bakers playing! The other guitarist is playing the guitar upside down...high e string up top with the low e on the bottom...WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Daniel Melo

Daniel Melo . 1 month ago


Takayuki Ishiguro

Takayuki Ishiguro . 1 month ago

I really like his relaxed tailoring style.

Marta Villada

Marta Villada . 1 month ago

Qué bien Clapton

Marta Villada

Marta Villada . 1 month ago

Excelente felicitaciones

Jussi Puranen

Jussi Puranen . 1 month ago

Coe cocker

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