Published on 9 months ago

Celine released a new track for Deadpool, and I can’t help but think of Infinity War. I edit the extended trailer and the short trailer together to make this.

Enjoy, or cry.

- Ashes by Celine Dion

- Infinity War Trailers

- iMovie

Valerie Vazquez

Valerie Vazquez . 3 months ago

No, not again! 😭

Tyler Renfroe

Tyler Renfroe . 8 months ago

that was awesome. It worked the best during the first half before the studio logo

Lt. Dax

Lt. Dax . 8 months ago

As wonderful as the video is, and as fitting as the song is, if they'd actually used it in a trailer it would have made the plot more obvious.


FSG . 9 months ago

it actually good

Ange Crz

Ange Crz . 9 months ago

This looks legit and is literally epic

Snow Storm

Snow Storm . 9 months ago

Honestly feels better

Ian Worley

Ian Worley . 9 months ago

Ah man 😢 were going to be crying until avengers 4 comes out

Smash Shane

Smash Shane . 9 months ago

Even though I think this could've worked for Infinity War as well, I think this is one of Celine's amazing songs in a landslide. I think this song has potential of making it into next year's Oscars for best original song somehow.


Moses . 9 months ago

Good Job on the video! Very well put!


Matanel89 . 9 months ago

That ready should have been the Movie to feature this song! Amazing!

teofilusSW - My Video Publishing

teofilusSW - My Video Publishing . 9 months ago

Yeah this song has more right way than to be Deadpool 2 Original Song

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