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Dana White speaks to Oscar Willis of ahead of Conor McGregor's return to the Octagon.


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Stephen Monash

Stephen Monash . 4 days ago

I always wonder about people's breath when they stand close like this.

John Leach

John Leach . 6 days ago

"Sadistic White" GETS HIS PADDLE OUT

Royden Lara

Royden Lara . 6 days ago

9.33 that's fucking illegal

Kaur Beauty

Kaur Beauty . 7 days ago

Can't wait for the fight! Team conor 🤍💚🧡

Khalid Ali

Khalid Ali . 1 week ago

I mean New Zealand is your best bet rn! Maybe take Adesanya vs Błachowicz there?

bilinas mini

bilinas mini . 1 week ago

Wow Courage nice job

Dan Inbox

Dan Inbox . 1 week ago

Great interviewer.

yuoop noke

yuoop noke . 1 week ago

Honestly amazing

Juggling Taxi Famous

Juggling Taxi Famous . 1 week ago

Juggling Taxi Podcast 🚖 🚖 🚖 🚖 🚖 Conor McGregor it will be a First round knockout, Dustin Poirier is a much better fighter, but the real Conor back.


McTrumpマックトランプです! . 1 week ago

The thing I love about Oscar interviews is the intelligence of his questions. Probing yet polite, I’d say the best interviewer right now.

Chuck Dick

Chuck Dick . 1 week ago

This just shows you how out of touch Dana and most people are about the Internet. He’s going to make someone cry? I don’t and haven’t illegally streamed things because that’s taking money away from someone down the line, but until someone figures out how to find a way to get an exclusive streaming platform or channel across the world than someone will illegally stream it and I doubt that stops everyone. Dana is talking about two different things here, the people who are caught and crying are bars who purchased the PPV without disclosing the correct information to stream them, but illegally streamed fights will go on without a problem.

vbddfy euuyt

vbddfy euuyt . 2 weeks ago

Imagine being in jail for illegally streaming a UFC.

Diesel Power

Diesel Power . 2 weeks ago

Why this fight again??? Conner dissected this crab eater in the first round last time and never broke a sweat!!! UFC is Unreal!!!!

Augie Xxx

Augie Xxx . 2 weeks ago

Conor's gathered more sexual assault charges in the last few years than UFC wins.


Christian . 2 weeks ago

Top interviewer!

Paul Brady

Paul Brady . 2 weeks ago

Perth in Western Australia you can have a full audience / stadium packed. Covid free with no community transmission since April.

Nazir Azizi

Nazir Azizi . 2 weeks ago

Bruce Lee’s pic and philosophy in the background, love it .

Kirby Kirbs

Kirby Kirbs . 2 weeks ago

Just finished legally watching the fights this afternoon. I would never try to get around paying for 500 subscriptions from the vultures trying to milk their customers dry. It gave me a very warm feeling inside knowing I was doing my part as a responsible citizen to combat piracy.


RagnarHoff . 2 weeks ago

2:04 Holy shit look at Dana's forearms. He's been working out for sure.

Conor Fields

Conor Fields . 2 weeks ago

The roids r working dana u hulk


Gysepy . 2 weeks ago

This guy is a great interviewer man, always gets the people he interviews talking about what they love first the fight game.... And they seem to respond to him and open up a little,,,, as for that Helwani fella, o thought Nick was gonna choke him out :P

Joshua Fox

Joshua Fox . 2 weeks ago


Mateusz eR

Mateusz eR . 2 weeks ago

Israel Adesanya will win if you will bet all your money on Janek

PeaceBeUnto You

PeaceBeUnto You . 2 weeks ago

Khabib fan here, rooting for the diamond.

Self-evident proposition

Self-evident proposition . 2 weeks ago

I love how the interviewer purposely tries to get Dana all fired up 😤 on piracy 🏴‍☠️ just to get a laugh 😂 out of him and then uses his illegal quote on him haaaa this Mac life journalist deserves a raise 💰


D M . 2 weeks ago

You'll do fookin nootin

Luis Reyes

Luis Reyes . 2 weeks ago

you'll do fookin nothing

wade wilson

wade wilson . 2 weeks ago

War Dustin!!!

seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 2 weeks ago

9:46 Diaz part

eddie santini

eddie santini . 2 weeks ago

Another fixed fight there’s no way. Mcgrogor loses

Alaska Young

Alaska Young . 2 weeks ago

So where you guys streaming the fight at?


lucasino8 . 2 weeks ago

Dana the guy who makes people fight in cages Interviewer on piracy incriminating: You're a sadistic man, Dana Me: well yeah, we already knew that


MMA WANNABE . 2 weeks ago

Bro your dumb if you are buying the ufc fight off of a guy off the internet just pay the 60-80 to watch it or watch the fight the next day on MMACORE

Roberto Ramos Hernandez

Roberto Ramos Hernandez . 2 weeks ago

Dana been hitting the juice and gym BiG O armS .


alexbk44 . 2 weeks ago

Dana with a smirk when mentioning Askren

Revolt Ter

Revolt Ter . 2 weeks ago

He looks like an old perv.


Manicminer . 2 weeks ago

Connor will beat the shit out of Dustin. He’s got that left hand .


Hempking2424 . 2 weeks ago

I'm from Indiana and when you can it would he great to have a big megafight in our capitol Indianapolis !! We've hosted the superbowl so why not the a mega ufc fight !!! Us Hoosiers get lonely fighting with corn all the time


Manicminer . 2 weeks ago

Dana number one fight promoter bar none. The boxing fans wish they had a promoter like him.

Alfie Hiller

Alfie Hiller . 2 weeks ago

I love how Dana White makes out as if he’s the terminator and is personally out hunting down pirates 😂

Jay Luvchild

Jay Luvchild . 2 weeks ago

Dana: Dudes acting like, "I'll fight anybody, no its not accurate, and I don't wanna come out and say ..Masvidal is afraid of Colby

Jakob Baker

Jakob Baker . 2 weeks ago

Me waiting for the Conor masvidal question

thomas burns

thomas burns . 2 weeks ago

Dana the only thing criminal is the prices you charge for a ppv hahaha looking forward to stream this bro

Daniel Hape

Daniel Hape . 2 weeks ago

Dana looks."JACKED'... 😂

Green Planet

Green Planet . 2 weeks ago

I got the feeling they paid Dustin to lose. So mc gregor will have rematch with khabib.


drewie123 . 2 weeks ago

It’s fucking illegal!


drewie123 . 2 weeks ago

This interviewer is a game.

Marcello Firenze

Marcello Firenze . 2 weeks ago

Dana is right . Pirates are criminals. Thank you Dana for making this all happen and all you did. Pirates are criminals and deserve the worst punishment. It’s takes so much to build and the pirates are thief’s that pray on taking someone else’s hard work. Pirates should not be encouraged . They should be reported. Thank you Dana.


Rainman . 2 weeks ago

Dana "100%" white

The Unknown Projects

The Unknown Projects . 2 weeks ago

The dark side has emerged from Dana! The anti piracy cry maker 🤣

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