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RMR - "Rascal" - Digital FADER FORT


Published on 8 months ago

For the first time in its history, FADER FORT is going digital. The FADER is bringing together over 50 acts for a day-long broadcast and an opportunity to raise money for charities helping those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for surprises from some of the biggest names in music and sets from rising musicians we love, all day on March 31 at thefader.com/fort.

#RMR #Rascal


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Comments :

faglepuss69 faglepuss69

faglepuss69 faglepuss69 . 3 months ago

Kirk jay has the “no auto tune necessary” voice


RealJCoop . 5 months ago

Trap gods needed this tune from this angel 🙏💯🔥😎💵

Jason Bachman

Jason Bachman . 5 months ago

Yo, this is some weak sauce. The performance is great but the video is terrible. The sync is off on the piano shots and vocals the whole time! Every shot is a close up. Also, where’s the mic? Anyone actually see a microphone? How did they get such a pristine vocal take on a rooftop with a lapel mic or boom? I smell a fake. Sounds like they recorded the vocal afterwards in a studio it i has to guess.


YUNG MATURE . 5 months ago

What a voice, what a personality.. One of a kind! Genius 💙

KG Money

KG Money . 5 months ago

Voice of a Trap Angel !!! Type of dude who will kill you then cry at your funeral !!!

Goat Sock

Goat Sock . 6 months ago

makes me emotional that RMR can sing "fuck the boys in blue" and "fuck 12" so beautifully. He deserves all the success in the world.


JesseTheJewel . 6 months ago

I’ve been pronouncing it “ARE EM ARE” this whole time.... 🤦‍♂️

Justin Yodice

Justin Yodice . 6 months ago

this is the best shit ever

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 6 months ago

rascal flatts is SHOOK

sim ami

sim ami . 6 months ago

Ohhhhhhhh! The became o’s that HE scammed. Makes sense now.

Malcom Shaw

Malcom Shaw . 6 months ago


Dillon Duplessis

Dillon Duplessis . 6 months ago

I hope my nigga doesn't die young like all the other legends before him


JafRich . 7 months ago

I thought his name was pronounced "R" "M" "R". I had no idea it was pronounced "RUMOR"?


M.G . 7 months ago

Ay homie slaps fr. Speaks truth, keeps it listenable, has a sense of humor, and seems dedicated. Good shit. AND FUCK THE BOYS IN BLUE.

menace to society

menace to society . 7 months ago

Dre would say Nigga this shit is dope.

Domingo's Skate co.

Domingo's Skate co. . 7 months ago


Social Distancing

Social Distancing . 7 months ago

I'm addicted


REMROD FILMS . 7 months ago

Dude cold he next up

Kyle Schneider

Kyle Schneider . 7 months ago

He should love the boys in blue fr 💙 I mean, they keep his community as safe as they can without getting themselves shot... This shits ridiculous bro, you can look up all the studies that was done recently and you can SEE that the popo dont discriminate against Black people anymore than any other race. In fact, a lot of the studies showed the police are actually MORE careful with Black suspects because they DONT want the race card to be pulled on em


RealJCoop . 7 months ago

I wanna collab with dude. Dead ass we would make a classic tune.


S B . 7 months ago

Bro this guy can belt it out

Trucking with Al

Trucking with Al . 7 months ago

Amazing 👌🙌🙌🙌🙌


FRED THE BASS PRO . 7 months ago

Fuck 12 fuck 12


. 8 months ago

this needs more views

tari six

tari six . 8 months ago


Jake Alano

Jake Alano . 8 months ago

Need to see this in person.

Josiah Ali

Josiah Ali . 8 months ago

He lip singing

Jdollas24ign 256

Jdollas24ign 256 . 8 months ago

This was tight!!

Ashen One

Ashen One . 8 months ago

Fuck 12.

Feli Dávalos

Feli Dávalos . 8 months ago

Lo mejor que le ha pasado a un año horrible.


mizdrealee . 8 months ago



Jxnathan . 8 months ago

He snapped

Diego Moss

Diego Moss . 8 months ago

He's going to do great things. This is beautiful.

Maurio Brooks

Maurio Brooks . 8 months ago

We( Melanated People) are brilliant!!! We turn nothing into something.

Agent Washingtub

Agent Washingtub . 8 months ago

What does his mask say above his left eye? Is it “Impervious”? I think it has too many letters for that

Davis Bridges

Davis Bridges . 8 months ago

Homie can sing IGHT

Michael Cox

Michael Cox . 8 months ago

These boys ain't ready😈🔥💪.

Kamall Hall

Kamall Hall . 8 months ago

When the song doesn't fit the music video

Jordan Edward

Jordan Edward . 8 months ago

Hope he and his friends make it big

Chris Chambers

Chris Chambers . 8 months ago

I was wondering if dude could actually sing or it was just the autotune, he killed this. Can't wait to hear more from him.


yungjoemighty . 8 months ago

*this man deserves to be the next big thing*

Meech Icewood

Meech Icewood . 8 months ago

QC needs to sign him


D3NN15 FR0GM4N . 8 months ago

🔥 yo this remix slaps!

Mo ten

Mo ten . 8 months ago

hope is real fam


XENA GOJI . 8 months ago

This version is better.


ILoveElectroAndHouse . 8 months ago

on some vanessa carlton shit, ifwi


XENA GOJI . 8 months ago

Love this.


Turnips . 8 months ago


fellow kutii

fellow kutii . 8 months ago


zaycanplay . 8 months ago

My fav song of 2020

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