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I Built a Completely Customized Standing Desk (and it’s epic!)
Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cooks

Published on 2 years ago

It was time to up the production on Pro Home Cooks, so I’ve busted out of my apartment and got myself an official kitchen studio. The only issue is, I first have to build the entire thing myself! Well, I wouldn’t call it much of an issue, since building was my first passion before I found the wonderful world of cooking.

Since I’ve got some incredible projects planned for the studio space, I wanted to bring you in on the process over the next few weeks of how I transform this big white box into something special. My first project isn’t kitchen related, but it’s extremely important to the foundation of this channel! Without an efficient work station I won’t be getting much editing done for these videos, so I’ve teamed up with @fully to create a completely custom standing desk. All of the products featured on this desk are listed below! Check out fully.com to take your work space to the next level! #standingdesk #KitchenStudio #fullypartner

Jarvis Frame Only -https://bit.ly/33kOQfP
Capisco Chair- https://bit.ly/2ZvyG2l
Jarvis Monitor Arm - https://bit.ly/2ZvyG2l
Beam LED Desk Lamp - https://bit.ly/2ZvyG2l
Wire Management Kit - https://bit.ly/2ZvyG2l
Jarvis Bamboo Desk Drawer - https://bit.ly/2ZvyG2l

Audio Engine Speakers - https://amzn.to/2JNooSx
LG 34 inch Curved Monitor - https://amzn.to/2XOoqU7

Want a cutting board like mine? Check out @handcraftedbybruce

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Comments :

Zagara Gaming PH

Zagara Gaming PH . 1 day ago

I was looking for a customizing standing desk !!! WTF happened to the cooking show???? THE F*******

PJ Duffy

PJ Duffy . 2 days ago

The product links are all broken!

Mrv Trgt

Mrv Trgt . 2 days ago

Jarvis frame link doesn't work

Sanjeev Kumar Gadamsetti

Sanjeev Kumar Gadamsetti . 1 week ago

links not working, except the amazon and cutting board ones

Fraz Ajmal

Fraz Ajmal . 2 weeks ago

Hey, you didn’t really build the complete table. You just ordered all the parts and built the TOP. Good project but misleading title

Luís Fernandes

Luís Fernandes . 3 weeks ago

the desk torned out great! Wish I had the same table top!!!


SB53 . 4 weeks ago

Great desktop. Need to copy you;)

810 Liga

810 Liga . 4 weeks ago

Nice desk, I like the counter top. I have a question about the wheels on the legs. Are the legs designed to use wheel or you use wheel instead of leveling pad under the legs? Most standing desk have leveling pad under legs, so I wonder can I use the drilling hole designed for leveling pad to install wheels under legs?

Marie Loiseau

Marie Loiseau . 1 month ago

6:30 Press F to doubt.

Rifat Sultana

Rifat Sultana . 1 month ago

he does his works so perfectly

barry venditti

barry venditti . 2 months ago

You’re right the desk top build is epic and beautiful beyond words. Wow!

Kanin Rod

Kanin Rod . 2 months ago

What is the brand name of that kneeling chair you're using and where might I find one like that?

Paul Weston

Paul Weston . 2 months ago

Well, we saw your dad build you the table in his professional shop without any real instruction. Afterward, you proceeded to "stain" the table with polyurethane with a foam brush. At this point I would say again "without any real instruction," but then again you think polyurethane is a stain and you are using a foam brush with your starting point being where you spilled. I don't think you could show me anything I couldn't do better. I finish by saying, I came here to see a DIY standing desk. I didn't know you were just going to buy the standing desk hardware and slap your own top to it. The icing on the cake is that your link to the elevating hardware is broken so even if I wanted to follow your idea and check it out I can't. I could've just skipped this and googled elevating table hardware.

Jordy Lakiere

Jordy Lakiere . 2 months ago

All your links are broken.

Sean Omight

Sean Omight . 2 months ago

make sure to keep those cables tidy. good cable management and all. but great desk. when i move into a place, i def plan on doing a diy custom rising desk, and i think this really helped. But i want to be able to do a custom rgb thing on the sides of the desk as well.


TheAstronomyDude . 2 months ago

Clickbait video. Report it.

Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy . 2 months ago

I watched 12 mins to realise you didn’t build it …. You bought the desk pre made and put a nice top on it. Gorgeous but not a build from scratch

doctor james

doctor james . 3 months ago

Starts doing the table 7:17


1252PFC . 3 months ago

Not everyone has these or access to these expensive tools or workshop. Plus your links to products do NOT work.

jeff wood

jeff wood . 3 months ago

too much fluff, try teaching the specifics of the title???


OptionsDegen . 3 months ago

The Kitchen Studio S1 E1 link above doesn't work. I'd love to see that buildout series! Is there a new valid link?

I am U

I am U . 3 months ago

lol thumbs down for the first half not being anything about the desk... Please title your video correctly to match the content.

Richard Knipe

Richard Knipe . 3 months ago

My new dream desk. Well done!


Satina . 4 months ago

Lol imagine you are in a webcam conference and suddenly someone just starts moving around with his desk

Shannan Schisler

Shannan Schisler . 4 months ago

If you want to do it yourself, just look for Stodoys. There is everything you need to do it :)

Charismatic Creations

Charismatic Creations . 4 months ago

In 30 Min convert sitting desk to Standing- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQa2oSynJgE


dgodd . 4 months ago

Man I watched this thinking you were going to teach us something. You had your dad cut wood and bought a standing desk online lol

Charismatic Creations

Charismatic Creations . 4 months ago

Super Strong Sturdy but Super Light and Removable Computer Desk under $ 70- Check this DIY out guys - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4JSM91Bf0

Shannan Schisler

Shannan Schisler . 4 months ago

I made it too few weeks ago. Want to know how ? just look for Stodoys.


Einxeld . 5 months ago

This is my first time watching cooking show and damn I am drooling like mad

Gilber Galleguillos

Gilber Galleguillos . 5 months ago

3:50 veggie pasta 3:51 so i have this piece of smoked pork....

Adam Mills

Adam Mills . 5 months ago

how do you find the desk now, almost 2 years later?

ali raza

ali raza . 5 months ago

beautiful man u have great taste. love from Pakistan.

Marty L

Marty L . 5 months ago

I also love to cook and do woodworking, but I really wasn't looking for a cooking video...

Miguel Rios

Miguel Rios . 6 months ago

What are the dimensions? I’m building a similar desk with a custom top.

Deegha galkissa

Deegha galkissa . 6 months ago

Can i have link to where you bought the desk

Sabby Ryan Amazon

Sabby Ryan Amazon . 6 months ago

Omg if u ever want to sell this, let me know! Sooo beautiful😍where are you based?


raba650 . 6 months ago

Can you share the final dimensions of your custom desk.


Andy FOXON . 7 months ago

Dad builds a completely customized standing desk. Which I sit down on a chair in front of!

David Sosnak

David Sosnak . 7 months ago

What kind of wood was it and how thick was your table at the end?

Fabio Boaretti

Fabio Boaretti . 7 months ago

He clearly don`t know the meaning of "Completely". Nice top but you mislead in the title !

Da Realman

Da Realman . 7 months ago

This is the most desirable desk I have ever seen. I hope one day I will be able to afford something like that.

sybil lindsey

sybil lindsey . 7 months ago

Super gorgeous 👍👍

Thanh Ly

Thanh Ly . 7 months ago

Does the desk wobble at all with the wheels?


iom3ga . 7 months ago

13:55 looks like there needs just another coat there

Ethical Search

Ethical Search . 7 months ago

A true meaning of "CUSTOMISATION"

neeha reddi

neeha reddi . 8 months ago

man,. i see a true expertise in here,. mainly in making a two toned desk top.. wow,. let me know if anyone is available in austin texas to do something similar,. looking for something similar with storage..


Dish . 8 months ago

love the combination of colors . Are you taking order ? would love to have same desk.

Billy Jackson

Billy Jackson . 8 months ago

Not stain. That is poly....

Eilvain Neha

Eilvain Neha . 8 months ago

Came in for the standing desk tutorial, ended up making pasta. 10/10 would recommend

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