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Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Audio)


Published on 7 years ago

Music video by Elvis Presley performing Jailhouse Rock (Audio). (C) 1957 Lightyear Entertainment L.P. licensed to BMG Music

Comments :

Sammy VC

Sammy VC . 6 hours ago

This song makes me think of one thing "Get That Greaser"

Koko Avila

Koko Avila . 8 hours ago

Whenever i make a comment it never gets any likes

The Golden Gryffindor

The Golden Gryffindor . 11 hours ago

I was born in the wrong century...

Lily Ann Williamson

Lily Ann Williamson . 17 hours ago

if you listen to this song you have good taste in music. just sayin

Ana Rita Nogueira de Almeida Domingues

Ana Rita Nogueira de Almeida Domingues . 22 hours ago

Te amo Elvis Presley!!!

Emilio Rafael Zaragoza Zaragoza

Emilio Rafael Zaragoza Zaragoza . 2 days ago

king of the rock n roll Elvis Presley my favorite

jam the mouse

jam the mouse . 3 days ago

my fav part is when he goes *ROCKRARARA*

Jake leanders

Jake leanders . 3 days ago

Im only 11 and I love this song

Eloiza Santos

Eloiza Santos . 3 days ago

I'm in love with this Song😍💖

Luke Goldsmith

Luke Goldsmith . 3 days ago

This song proves I was born in the wrong generation, a nobody born in 2006

Julia 0106

Julia 0106 . 4 days ago


vivolixopano 98

vivolixopano 98 . 4 days ago


Sunny Anet

Sunny Anet . 4 days ago

There are only three things I remember about this thing: 1. The beat and the melody 2. That its called Jailhouse rock 3. Its from Elvis Presley

yeetus feetus

yeetus feetus . 4 days ago

I was vibing so hard I fell

Adriane Azteca

Adriane Azteca . 5 days ago

Me first time listening at the begining:This song sucks. Later on that song:I love it,what is it called Song at 2020:This is the best song ever

Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar . 5 days ago

Friendly reminder that at some point, anime-only watchers will get here too


McClendon . 5 days ago

The man never had a music lesson...and here we are...still. ❤️❤️

Merry Beheiri

Merry Beheiri . 6 days ago

2020 ✌️

Creker Laz

Creker Laz . 7 days ago

ONLY 3 THING ... You can do ... What going here ... I forgot something ...

Lee J. Green

Lee J. Green . 7 days ago

That guitar during his verses are 🔥🔥🔥

Kasper Ellerman

Kasper Ellerman . 7 days ago


Bri Aesthetics

Bri Aesthetics . 1 week ago

i was born 2008 but I love oldies cuz of my mom 😊😊😊❤


TheCerealSlayer . 1 week ago

This song makes me want to start a prison band.

A Dog

A Dog . 1 week ago

This song is pretty similar to Long Tall Sally by Little Richard, but somehow a lot gayer

Michelle McReynolds

Michelle McReynolds . 1 week ago

#3 here...hey cuz!

Luca Stever

Luca Stever . 1 week ago

“Mister, can we have our ball back?”

Aryana Picarello

Aryana Picarello . 1 week ago

I love this song


Cacutor . 1 week ago

forget lady

Lee Laird

Lee Laird . 1 week ago

My dad elvis mad no why now

The Feedback

The Feedback . 1 week ago

The Father!

Kevin 012

Kevin 012 . 1 week ago

Alguien en epsañol xd


SlowpokeDaniel . 1 week ago

People who say they were born in the wrong generation are the people who fit in with everyone.

Achilles Zecil Macayan

Achilles Zecil Macayan . 1 week ago

im sad jojo fans havent taken over the comment section

Melanie Knorr

Melanie Knorr . 1 week ago

Wo bist du?

Álvaro Miguel

Álvaro Miguel . 2 weeks ago


Jay Shiels

Jay Shiels . 2 weeks ago

Me and the boys going to prison after we snook in our Bose


Júlia . 2 weeks ago

Como eu amo essa música

D Doeser

D Doeser . 2 weeks ago

Mijn grootste idool Elvis Presley ❤Onvergetelijk ! Rust in Vrede ❤


Cringe . 2 weeks ago

my favourite 20th century song most 21th century songs are so depressing but I love 20th century songs they are so jazzy

Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung . 2 weeks ago

Me born in 2009 I think my dad made me listen to Elvis and other old songs

_ TyragR _

_ TyragR _ . 2 weeks ago

I was born in 2004... Yes I'm crying right now

Alejandro Palma Pastrana

Alejandro Palma Pastrana . 2 weeks ago



Rio . 2 weeks ago

Shittttt I forgot about what I was gonna say.

Lil Gurn

Lil Gurn . 2 weeks ago

Man I was born in 2008 how do I know elvis Presley.


jeungshii . 2 weeks ago

why do i see a lot of anime pfp in the comments

Who’s This

Who’s This . 2 weeks ago

I came here to say something but I can't remember...

No Narration

No Narration . 2 weeks ago


Random useless music guy

Random useless music guy . 2 weeks ago


Tits & Ass

Tits & Ass . 2 weeks ago

40 Million grandmas listened to this.

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