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Cardi B - Bongos feat. Megan Thee Stallion (Official VMA Performance)
Cardi B

Cardi B

Published on 2 weeks ago

Cardi B - Bongos (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
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MyRook . 31 minutes ago

Evil is very happy with this.
Giselle Tolentino

Giselle Tolentino . 45 minutes ago

They both ate that shit up!!! ✨✨✨🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🔥🔥🔥
Kamela Ramsay

Kamela Ramsay . 1 hour ago

It's the husband support for me

Reesee . 2 hours ago

2:22 Meg is A1, top tier 🥹🫶🏾🤌🏾

5TOXICKAYLA . 3 hours ago

Y'all noticed she stepped on the strings in her dress

teddybearTheDancer . 3 hours ago

Lol lil Nas x vibing to this muisc 1:22
Stephanie Addo

Stephanie Addo . 3 hours ago

Who watched the music video after seeing this, yet still enjoyed this better than the actual video……

Megan is definitely a great performer. She made it look soo easy.
Mrs. Bubblegum

Mrs. Bubblegum . 3 hours ago

Rob P Z

Rob P Z . 4 hours ago

Fluffy Talguw

Fluffy Talguw . 4 hours ago

Yea, Dr. Tayyyy!
Kay Malcom

Kay Malcom . 5 hours ago

I showed my boyfriend this earlier today and he saw Megan and was like “DAMN! Who’s that Amazon!” I said hood tfu my friend fine at. He was like Awe nah I wasn’t saying she ugly or nothing. I’m like Ik cause you almost got dumped lol. Love me some Megan. Ah!
Not here yet lost

Not here yet lost . 5 hours ago

I just figured out why she calls herself the stallion. The thick ass and thighs 😮😮😮
Not here yet lost

Not here yet lost . 5 hours ago

The bestie vibe was the best ❤

💕Emori💕_lit4life . 6 hours ago

It’s like all the celebs here
Jakub Król

Jakub Król . 6 hours ago

I c o n i c

Natalya🐍 . 8 hours ago

They ate that on that stage. All the rappers can compete with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, but they really can’t cause they blew the whole industry up that shit right there is fire.

Amg . 8 hours ago

Cardi was a mess. No talent at all. And the way Ice Spice wasn’t feeling it says it all
Sean A singer

Sean A singer . 10 hours ago

What happened to I don’t gotta dance I make money moves
Karmen Ransey

Karmen Ransey . 11 hours ago

I'm not a Cardi fan but this song is her best but Megan stole the show!
Country Dingess

Country Dingess . 11 hours ago

OFFSET showing love & Supporting his wife❤️‍🔥😎 Offset is sure an amazing husband to Cardi B.
Erwin Valle

Erwin Valle . 12 hours ago

I love you cardi b❤
sope baby

sope baby . 13 hours ago

Two queens
Hudallah Ohenewaa Toppoh

Hudallah Ohenewaa Toppoh . 14 hours ago

Whi else saw beki 😍
Khya Batiste

Khya Batiste . 14 hours ago

No matter how many times I watch it, their performance gives me life. Whenever Cardi and Megan make a song together, we all know it’s gonna be a hit and give us all life

SweetPeach . 14 hours ago

Love this performance, they ate! Their energy together is amazing and I love how Offset is cheering for his wife, too cute ❤❤

노무노무펀치 . 15 hours ago

메간 무대 폼 미쳤네 쩐다
Isabel Reyes

Isabel Reyes . 15 hours ago

Megan’s body is ridiculous- she is an Amazonian 😍

JoelPlays . 15 hours ago

Offset so cute lol ! He is so proud
neo peace777

neo peace777 . 16 hours ago

BLACK FEMALE DIGNITY (and self pride)..What has happened to it? Where has it disappeared to? Who stole it? When did it get destroyed? How was it devalued?
Ask these performers who are setting a bar for the future black females who hope to be respected, accepted and not be rejected by those who tend to think "they"
(and we) are all alike.
SinxLady B.

SinxLady B. . 17 hours ago

Why Ice Spice look like orphan Annie?
ricky arroyo

ricky arroyo . 17 hours ago

Fucking killed it
Nicky gold Best

Nicky gold Best . 18 hours ago

Whenever i see those two together there is this joy in my face ❤❤❤ hope to see cardi and niki😊
Sambo Da Cambo

Sambo Da Cambo . 19 hours ago

Megan you so hot with your moves ❤
Sambo Da Cambo

Sambo Da Cambo . 19 hours ago

Cardi you go girl ❤
Laced WithLacey

Laced WithLacey . 21 hours ago

Oh my gosh. Lol! Ahhh I am not crazy about the lyrics but DAMN I DO LOVE THESE TWO! They are raunchy but I find them classy too! How is that possible?! Lol. Kick ass ladies!!!
Queen Vic

Queen Vic . 22 hours ago

🗣️ So Sex… then the MF beat drops 🌡️😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🥵❤️🥰😅
juliana rico

juliana rico . 23 hours ago

Offset- "yeaaaah! That's my wife!"
Peggy Conley

Peggy Conley . 23 hours ago

She sure does

ulala9898 . 1 day ago

Here for my daily viewing!

vanity243 . 1 day ago

Eat whoever in my way Ms. PAC man ❤❤ yesssss Megan!! I love her verse she ate it up
Debra Cheeks

Debra Cheeks . 1 day ago

GREAT ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tahnee Preedy

Tahnee Preedy . 1 day ago

Every time these two rap beauties make a song together it’s lit as f*#k! Please more!!!!!
M. Manning

M. Manning . 1 day ago

Straight Fanboy @3:18
Butterfly 🦋 love

Butterfly 🦋 love . 1 day ago

It hurt when she Megan said stiff girls can’t relate 😢😂😂. My body be so stiff but I’m pushing 40. But hey shout out to all the woman that got it and are great at shaking it. 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Marie Jones

Marie Jones . 1 day ago

This is what we are teaching young people- absolutely shocking 😡
Jenna Marie

Jenna Marie . 1 day ago

Wait, was that Offset at the end going wild for them? That was so friggin cute <3 That's a MAN right there

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