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My Latest Top 10 Spotify Review...Has It Gotten Worse?
Rick Beato

Rick Beato

Published on 2 weeks ago

After a 4 month break, I decided to check back in on the Top 10 Pop songs worldwide.

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Comments :


Rua . 1 hour ago

today music is garbage

Youmothershould Know

Youmothershould Know . 5 hours ago

Eilish offers the only interesting stuff.

Alexander Fezza

Alexander Fezza . 5 hours ago

This week was pretty good. I thought "Good Days" by SZA was amazing. "Driver's License" by Olivia Rodrigo and "Therefore I Am" by Billie Eilish are good too.

Richard Matta

Richard Matta . 6 hours ago

40 years from now people will still be listening to Pink Floyd, Queen and the Beatles. No one will remember Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber. In fact, I listened a few minutes ago and can’t remember a single song.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans . 6 hours ago

Auto-tune would make me a star. I am a fat bald white man. I can write...that's my edge!

Andrés Celis

Andrés Celis . 8 hours ago

All these stupid songs sound like indie sounded 10-15 years ago

Diesal one

Diesal one . 8 hours ago

You should check out "The New Alt" playlist! "Leave Me Alone" is amazing!

Allan MacFarlane

Allan MacFarlane . 9 hours ago

RICK BEATO: "OK, so thats the top 10 pop songs that are out right now, I think it is very much improved from 4 months ago..." 2021 MUSIC INDUSTRY SUITS: "Hold my beer!..."

David Bowersox

David Bowersox . 9 hours ago

The original Goosebumps by Travis Scott is so much better, all I can think of is RL Grime's Halloween V

Dean Cooledge

Dean Cooledge . 9 hours ago

I don’t like the processed vocals. No dynamics.

NaTe Garrido

NaTe Garrido . 11 hours ago

so... this is where all the music talent I asked for endedn up... ok, not mad tho


amedadamm . 12 hours ago

It is true music "sounds"depressing lately ,almost similar to each other , the excess of beats and other computer special effects but at the same time deconstructing the song and getting back to basics, lets say one guitar only they sound beautiful MTV unplugged style .If you tell me they wont sound like the 50's of course not because it is a difference of music style the 50's was rock-a-billy ,even the beats are faster and the move in the guitar ,today there is more like jamming really slow music like a ballad with loud speakers and autotune with some tracks of older songs the result new songs for a new audience for a new age .The ironic part is the producers are in their 50's ,meaning ...they grow with Billy Joel,Elton John,and other 80's bands and they studied Alan Parson Project and The Beatles ,they grow with disco but they return to the 90's and that depressant wave with new toys bass boost ,lol.


alma . 12 hours ago

*literally just like 2 seconds into the song* Rick: "Ok so..."

WiseArt Music

WiseArt Music . 12 hours ago

That #1 song driver license was very good actually struck a chord with me loved it


tazmon122 . 12 hours ago

i swear the Billie Eilish song is a nod to her TM who used to be in a wicked good Boston hardcore band called Therefore I Am.

E Mc

E Mc . 13 hours ago

Video title made me think: aw man, classic example of an elder musician bashing new generation—lame. Shoulda known Rick would do the absolute opposite. Really special when older (and respectable) names are open minded about unfamiliar upcoming artists and genres.

Pedone Rosso

Pedone Rosso . 13 hours ago

To my personal taste, many of these pop tunes are basically ruined by the autotuned vocals. Thanks for your videos!

Gabriele Quaranta

Gabriele Quaranta . 13 hours ago


That One Guy

That One Guy . 14 hours ago

Olivia Rodrigo? You mean..Bizaardvark Olivia Rodrigo?

That One Guy

That One Guy . 14 hours ago

I was not impressed at all with Billie Eilish, but Finneas? Whoa. Incredible.

NiNi Na

NiNi Na . 14 hours ago

These TOP 10 are actually better than the last ones. 🙂 After watching your last charts video I actually had a look at the top 50 of different countries. Russia was interesting, but I really loved Italy because there was so much variety. I highly recommend it, it's so fun.

Dion Bowen

Dion Bowen . 14 hours ago

I don’t know if you have ever done it or not, but would love to get your take on the production value of NF

Tom Hartmann

Tom Hartmann . 15 hours ago

Could you do a WHAT MAKE THAT SONG GREAT about Drivers License! Would be stoked to hear the stems!


ARDA AĞIN . 16 hours ago

Hey Rick! I would like to hear your thoughts about Kaleo.

Dan G

Dan G . 17 hours ago

Love ricks reaction to Biebers song! Awesome. Your a talented musician Rick so glad I found this channel


I . 17 hours ago

monster takes alot from Nao's work. So does Sza actually


Gatherers . 17 hours ago

In the UK on bbc I player you can go back and view Top of the pops (what was the biggest uk music show) from the 80's and 90s quite a few of the top 10s from either era were worse than this. Loads of novelty tracks, then you see absolute classics not moving much in the top 40.

Tiga Wu

Tiga Wu . 17 hours ago

Rick is just flexing his ears

Alan Burton

Alan Burton . 17 hours ago

It’s interesting to see which songs you have your “producer’s hat” on and which you have your “player’s hat” on. I’ve never heard any of these songs, but it sounds to me that for a few variations on chord structure, most of them could have very comfortably been released 5 years ago. And I disagree with you about the Ariana Grande song; I like that someone in their 20’s has what sounds like actual string parts on their album, with some nice changes no less. The Billie Eyelash/Sza/Justin Bieber songs have their vocals so bathed in effects it’s difficult to make out lyrics. I guess you can make just about anything palatable to the masses if you package/market it correctly...

Scape Goat

Scape Goat . 21 hours ago

I miss hearing instruments. I'm so tired of everything in the audio being crushed so that we can only hear the vocals. I find it grating. Many of these songs just sound like narcissism. That's what happens when music is about celebrity. No modern radio pop is inspiring anyone to learn how to play an instrument.

Alan David

Alan David . 21 hours ago

this how I learned guitar, playing records and figuring out the chords,but records were tricky, you couldnt stop anywhere you wanted to.But it worked in 1963 ha..

Una nimous

Una nimous . 22 hours ago

Rick would you like to react to OPM’s (Original Pilipino Music)


Pasquale . 22 hours ago

We god damn miss the Rock n Roll on all.!!! Thats it

Scott Frobel

Scott Frobel . 23 hours ago

Today's pop?? No thanks!

Vishnuprasath K

Vishnuprasath K . 23 hours ago

Key of the song Anyone???


henderstoned . 23 hours ago

This man gets it! the eye or ear of the beholder there is still beauty even in over produced and engineered 🎶 music


fanatic26 . 1 day ago

Pop music is in such a sad generic place. Not one of these has anything memorable about them. Even now, seconds after the video ends, I struggle to hear a single one of these songs in my head. So unremarkable as to be gone already.

Experiencia Javi

Experiencia Javi . 1 day ago

Some songs are quiet weird and surprising. On the former video I didn't think this is a good idea but Rick helps us oldies catch up with the new production values. Nice video and as always very instructing and enjoyable.


MasterAdam100 . 1 day ago

Sorry but it all sounds way too similar and the effects of the vocals is way too echoy.

Mark Sulka

Mark Sulka . 1 day ago

It's amazing how your guitar is already tuned with many of these songs at first pass playing by ear. In 70's or 80's classic rock, it seems like the tuning is all over the place and you need a capo to keep up with any assortment of hits.


VOID OF EVIL . 1 day ago

I can honestly say I love the new 10 I was afraid for music in general 4 months ago I think my favorite pop artist right now has to be bille she and her brother have been turning out some good music both underground and above ground for 5 years or so

Arturo Garza

Arturo Garza . 1 day ago

Kpop producers will blow your mind! Well, maybe not but you can also find pretty good surprises there.

The Melomaniac

The Melomaniac . 1 day ago

Sir, at 1:43, she is not singing a sharp 4, but a 7th(A in the key of B flat) The notes in B flat are: G-G-G-G-A-A-A-A-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb(in the pre)

Chris Saunders

Chris Saunders . 1 day ago

Rodrigo & Eilish for the win. The Dua Lipa one is ok. Everything else just sounds desperately, desperately dull to my ears. I'm a rocker at heart though I love great pop music as well but it's in short supply here - identikit singers & uninspiring songs relying on fancy production tricks.


URTH1000 . 1 day ago

No offense Rick but if you hate your ears that much there are worse ways on the road of damage

Pranay Mo'Ray

Pranay Mo'Ray . 1 day ago

song : fuck me tonight Rick : Not that interesting

Human Bean

Human Bean . 2 days ago

first one was pretty good, the others were ok


accentontheoff . 2 days ago

Anyone know which Top Ten this is? Billboard? Something else?

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata . 2 days ago

It amazes me how pop music(as a genre) continues to get less unique and more safe/structured yet sees exponential growth. Artists like Billie Eilish are considered 'alternative' and 'fresh' in this scene, but take away the grossly overproduced instrumentals and samples and edgy look and they blend right in.


IrahKondji . 2 days ago

It's all just Glamorous Karaoke these days....

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