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Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell (Full Fight)
Matchroom Boxing

Matchroom Boxing

Published on 5 months ago

We take you back to Vasiliy Lomachenko's World Lightweight Championship bout vs Luke Campbell at The O2, London on August 31st 2019. The vacant WBC Title was on the line in addition to Loma's WBA & WBO straps #LomaCampbell #Lomachenko #LukeCampbell

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IMRAN SPORTS . 2 days ago

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Ronald Marr

Ronald Marr . 3 days ago

Lomo vs. Garcia

Isaiah Richardson

Isaiah Richardson . 1 week ago

Wow, start of round six commentary says Lomachenko losing would be a bigger upset than Tyson losing to Douglas and Chavez Sr losing to Randall


mfeld418 . 2 weeks ago

47:17 Lomachenko throws a WingChun straight sun fist to Campbell's solar plexus, nice....

Koko Lim

Koko Lim . 2 weeks ago

UK/Europeans represent and back there own like ive never seen. Dedicated and loyal fans! I just wish American fans were as loud, as loyal and dedicated with America's Fighters.

Ankush Chowdhury

Ankush Chowdhury . 2 weeks ago

#50:07 😂

Rodney Allen

Rodney Allen . 3 weeks ago

Loma should go after Haney if Lopez doesn't give him a rematch.

Vermont Bows Hoyt Ventum

Vermont Bows Hoyt Ventum . 3 weeks ago

Is Joe Pesci a boxing commentator now ?

King Booshay

King Booshay . 3 weeks ago

Luke did not fight Ryan like this , I feel as if he was paid off for his fight against Ryan

Boe Hautamaki

Boe Hautamaki . 3 weeks ago


Young Sinatra

Young Sinatra . 3 weeks ago

Who's here after Ryan Garcia vs Campbell

Rene G

Rene G . 3 weeks ago

He couldn’t get it done but Ryan Garcia got it done and knocked him out 😎

Jorge Cruz

Jorge Cruz . 3 weeks ago

Puro brinco son

Thotty DaGod

Thotty DaGod . 3 weeks ago

Davis knocks all these niggas out

Ivan’s Country Music and Cars

Ivan’s Country Music and Cars . 4 weeks ago

Garcia took him out with that body shot. Although I don’t think it’s fair comparison. I think looking back Loma broke Campbell.

Cool Aid

Cool Aid . 4 weeks ago

here after Ryan KO Campbell

Edlyn Calising

Edlyn Calising . 4 weeks ago

loma is great but he never replicate manny pacquiao... ✌️✌️✌️

Samuel Macalisang

Samuel Macalisang . 4 weeks ago

Who's here after Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell fight?

Jean Carlos Mosquera

Jean Carlos Mosquera . 4 weeks ago

Loma vs Ryan García 🥊🥊🔥🔥🔥

Ricky Brass

Ricky Brass . 4 weeks ago

All those people who said luke Campbell would KO ryan Garcia dont know shit about the sport

Daniel Zamora

Daniel Zamora . 4 weeks ago

loma vs garcia

Toledo Born

Toledo Born . 4 weeks ago

How was this even a fight

Wayne Morgan

Wayne Morgan . 4 weeks ago

Yeah I agree Luke Campbell would've become champion this night against anybody else

Chuck Tha Dom

Chuck Tha Dom . 4 weeks ago

Luke Campbell is a good dude, great character but he’s taken an L against Garcia tomorrow.

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson . 4 weeks ago

loma vs canelo

Adan Huerta

Adan Huerta . 4 weeks ago

Loma is really good but people hyped him up to the moon. Calling him the best since prime Roy Jones, and the next Muhammad Ali.

Julio Lopez

Julio Lopez . 4 weeks ago

Did they just say it would the biggest upset since sugar ray Robinson loss to whatever fighter they said? This guys are dream alot😂😂😫😫🎅🎅🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🥋🥋

Allen A

Allen A . 4 weeks ago

2 world champions and olympics gold medalists. Pretty much an olympic final boxing match but with 12 rounds instead of 3


Norrr . 4 weeks ago

He keeps talking about that nervous energy.. man that shit is real when you’re in the ring if you don’t get comfortable you can end up losing the fight.

Amsqualls IlI

Amsqualls IlI . 4 weeks ago

Luke staggers him with every shot. Notice how his movement stops for a sec.

Damian Herrera

Damian Herrera . 4 weeks ago

Si gana Ryan mi respeto

Ace Soriano

Ace Soriano . 4 weeks ago

Loma didn't fought class A boxers yet. He's fast, hands and feet but has no power with his shots. Can't get up to higher weights cause he will get knocked out.

GDM Charlotte

GDM Charlotte . 4 weeks ago

Lopez exposed the fatal flaw in Loma's style. Loma just doesn't throw punches unless he you fall for a feint or get out of position. Lopez showed that if you just move your hands Loma does nothing. Maybe he needs a new trainer.


M M . 4 weeks ago

No wonder Teo whopped him!


BEN CARABALLO . 4 weeks ago

So this was for the wbc title but when Lopez beat loma now they’re saying this is not the real wbc tittle? The wbc is full of shit!!

Mike Burkhardt

Mike Burkhardt . 4 weeks ago

The judges had this wrong at least that far ahead is bullshit


karrie36 . 4 weeks ago

campbell fights like a really fit really well trained wimp !

Reaction Therapy

Reaction Therapy . 4 weeks ago

Vasiliy is dressed like a Twisted Tea can, No Wonder he won

steven neato

steven neato . 4 weeks ago

If ryan has at all improved his jab this will be a fairly easy win for him. If he hasnt he better get him outta there quick or he could be in a bit of trouble and have his grit really tested. Only a few more days will tell, im super excited lol.

vic dman

vic dman . 1 month ago

I see to many gaps in Luke's boxing,he's stiff. Ryan will win the fight.


Integrito . 1 month ago

Am I wrong or did the English commentator sound like he had a very heavy Luke Campbell bias?

Jeffrey Curtis

Jeffrey Curtis . 1 month ago

Very ballsy effort by cambell

Roman Shilmester

Roman Shilmester . 2 months ago

There is a written message on the wall in lomachenkos gym in UKRAINE . You may not become a champion but a decent person you must be !!!


Boxing . 2 months ago

Garcia is gonna knock Luke out ...watch ...come back to this comment and congratulate me after January 2nd - 💥💥💥💥

krzysztof kubiszewski

krzysztof kubiszewski . 2 months ago

English clown

Mr Wawa

Mr Wawa . 2 months ago

After rewatching this you realize how small Loma is and the difficulty he would have with Teo.

Allwise Art

Allwise Art . 3 months ago

Visiliy “Too Much Vasoline” Lamachenko

Real Talk with Jordan

Real Talk with Jordan . 3 months ago

Can someone explain how Campbell seemed to hurt loma with one shot (I think in the 7th) and Loma took so many of teo best shots without appearing phased or hurt (till the barrage in the 12th)?

fact speaker

fact speaker . 3 months ago

luke Campbell is the shittest UK fighter after of the time , Garcia will knock him out

Roman Shilmester

Roman Shilmester . 3 months ago

The pace of the fight is crazy

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