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Inside the Fighter Meetings with Loma and Lopez | Real Time EP. 3
Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing

Published on 1 month ago

Watch another episode Top Rank #RealTime in this episode go inside the fighter meetings with both #VasiliyLomachenko and #TeofimoLopez

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, the lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.

The #LomaLopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr.

In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.

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Comments :

Armando Dubb

Armando Dubb . 1 month ago

Bradley is always talking stupid shit


paddy . 1 month ago

Lopez is holding a secret in his heart much pain he is not only building his house he is now building his new life. keep on keeping on.

Michael Horner

Michael Horner . 1 month ago

We saw....6 rounds of no activity will equal a loss......a boxing match in the year 2020 is 12 rounds at the highest level !


DiabloBandito . 1 month ago

Lopez is the new Tim Bradley. Loma is the new pacquiao getting robbed twice at top stank

Денис Фадзиев

Денис Фадзиев . 1 month ago

Колхозников сразу видно🤣😅😅😅👎

William Horsey

William Horsey . 1 month ago

Every time I watch a fight I remember when I was into boxing but boxing was the main sport that our whole neighborhood was into so I can recall the whole experience of staying sharp and making sure u keep ur legs strong and keeping ur stomach tight and being a great runner we knew that we had to stay in shape so when I watch the sport of boxing it makes me wish that I could still do it in the ring but I'm an old head now so I've been more so laid back but it was great being in shape and I loved it because it made me fearless u know go to the gym and learn how to beat guys that were bigger than you train for two years go pick a fight with one of them just to see if u learned the right moves so that whenever they tried to beat u up again they got shocked and then u felt good that u could defend a female against a man who would try to take advantage of her &hit on her and that made u proud of yourself and that was a very good feeling

Ben Ali Alfakhri

Ben Ali Alfakhri . 1 month ago

Bradley needs to be taken off the commentary. Guy just yaps on and on over the other commentators. Damn near insufferable.


D . 1 month ago

All the Teofimo non believers hahaha!!

james anonymous

james anonymous . 1 month ago

Who's here after lopez won ? All those Loma fans are so fucking quiet now . Say whatever you want about his daddy issues but he beat loma unanimously. I'm so proud of him as a mexican and even more as a new Yorker 💪

fahad ajmi

fahad ajmi . 1 month ago

Boxing needs to stop this court section he’s a boxer not the president


DENIS DEREZHNOY . 1 month ago

He is too praud


DENIS DEREZHNOY . 1 month ago

He is nothing

Jaime Dominguez

Jaime Dominguez . 1 month ago

fat bradley


thatotherdude . 1 month ago

Y’all act like Lomachenko hasn’t been beaten already.


PSV PSV . 1 month ago

Думаю бой очень интересный будет ,я переживаю ,что бы старый Лопес не получил по соплям и печени после боя,а наверное так и будет!

Александр Литвиненко

Александр Литвиненко . 1 month ago

Ломаченко чемпион !

alister 49

alister 49 . 1 month ago

copy of embedded

Shac Cooper

Shac Cooper . 1 month ago

You shouldn’t tell the kid what he’s trying to say in the form of question: “So you don’t believe in that experience stuff?” I think that Bradley telling him how he feels through peer pressure.

Darius Burroughs

Darius Burroughs . 1 month ago

"I see and I know, and I understand what I need to do...with him." "Which is?" "You will see."

LSD Displei

LSD Displei . 1 month ago

Лопес ты Лох

luis torres

luis torres . 1 month ago

Bradley looks like Ice Cube in Boyzinthehood


Gowtham . 1 month ago

Lomaaaa The Gangstaaa!!! Cant wait!!!

Steven Betancourt

Steven Betancourt . 1 month ago

Timothy the TUMMY Bradley!!!!!!

Арти Росомахин

Арти Росомахин . 1 month ago

I am Ukrainen . Goo Lopes. Lopes super. Loma fack.

Alan Brofka

Alan Brofka . 1 month ago

Evan Korn is the Man!


MR BIG DREAMS . 1 month ago


Juan Salazar Jr.

Juan Salazar Jr. . 1 month ago

The titles belong to the All American Lopez!!! F russian territories!!!


Brianstorm . 1 month ago

Loma's a hypebeast lol that's funny

Miguel Rafael Romero Rosales

Miguel Rafael Romero Rosales . 1 month ago

I like what teofimo say,that he is more experience,and has more amateurs bla bla bla show me what u got

Muhammad Patel

Muhammad Patel . 1 month ago

The dad seems star struck by his own son 😅

Dave Medrano

Dave Medrano . 1 month ago

Tim Bradley looking like a fullback.

Dave Medrano

Dave Medrano . 1 month ago

I like Lomachenko. This dude doesn’t talk shit, he just let’s his hand do the talk.

Frynker Murr

Frynker Murr . 1 month ago

Loma be flexing his style wearing Supremes and off whites


HIP HOP HUB TV . 1 month ago


Storytelling by Noblesse

Storytelling by Noblesse . 1 month ago




Tim speak like he has a well of wisdom, yet I find him a non stop talking wank.

Jorge Camoriano

Jorge Camoriano . 1 month ago

Bradley hating on Teofimo a lot.

Oscar Garza

Oscar Garza . 1 month ago

You see 👀😂 My Boy 🔥LOMACHENKO ✊🏽🔥👍🏽🇲🇽🇵🇷🇨🇴👊🏾🥊

Kris Baca

Kris Baca . 1 month ago

Tim James Toney bradley

Oscar Carrillo

Oscar Carrillo . 1 month ago

Teofimo slept with his dad til he was 17?! what the fuck! lmao

dodik jaya

dodik jaya . 1 month ago

Bradley getting fat

Gorilla Mafia

Gorilla Mafia . 1 month ago

Bradley needs to go back to being a vegan

David Hines

David Hines . 1 month ago

Good job Timothy Bradley you stuck your game up


BKSounds . 1 month ago

Teo gonna get humbled. Can’t wait.


Shanksy . 1 month ago

We just gunna act like we didnt hear that ? 1:45

Greg F

Greg F . 1 month ago

Sr is so dumb he made his son dumb too.



It will be very difficult for Lopez, he still does not know what he got into)) although he is a strong and very promising boxer himself - but Vasily's technique is just a phenomenal moment) there are no boxers as fast and agile as Vasily. with God Vasya !!!! I think that Vasily will end the fight in round 9-11 with a blow to the liver👍🏽



Lopez will be very difficult, he still does not know what he got into)) although he is strong himself - but Vasily's technique is just a phenomenal moment) there are no boxers as fast and dexterous as Vasily. with God Vasya !!!! I think that Vasily will end the fight in round 9-11 with a blow to the liver👍🏽

Natural American XR7

Natural American XR7 . 1 month ago

That knock on the door Bdley looked atv gim like


devae98 . 1 month ago

Special shoutout to the Legendary Latina Queen @claudia trejos at the end.

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