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Moneybagg Yo and Fivio Foreign plan their own 'Scarface' sequel


Published on 10 months ago

Hot on the heels of his new record ‘Time Served,’ #MoneybaggYo recently came up from Memphis and swung by The FADER office. Joined by #FivioForeign, the two pals tried their hands at a round of Would You Rather, tackling such pressing matters as: would they rather drive a hooptie or for Uber? Would they rather be limited to a $100 music video budget, or cede directorial control? And who would they rather banter with in a group chat, JAY-Z or Dave Chappelle?

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Comments :


Cerius . 2 weeks ago

"movie, viral, bow" all the catchphrases lol

Kia Mackenzee

Kia Mackenzee . 1 month ago

This was hella weird 😭


SavageMatrix9 . 2 months ago

We need a colab album . Moneybagg on sum new yawwk drill beats


ODD BOI VENTURES . 2 months ago

Come peep this fire though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SvohGa_mgM


BAGO B . 2 months ago

Come peep this fire though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SvohGa_mgM

op godz

op godz . 3 months ago

Its weird seeing 2 different artists in the same room

Fredo Joel

Fredo Joel . 5 months ago

This a wavy video


AHM LLC . 6 months ago

Two idiots one couch

Michael Kahler

Michael Kahler . 6 months ago

Moneybagg yo gonna be in the new ninja turtles he don’t need cgi or a costume

J Bills

J Bills . 6 months ago

I got that same hoodie

J Bills

J Bills . 6 months ago

He got the Godspeed on I ain’t think he knew abt that

Pronto 0038

Pronto 0038 . 6 months ago

Moneybag was thinking nigga im already rich 😅💰


J D . 6 months ago

They said fader in two different accents 😂😂😂😂

Be Safe Tho

Be Safe Tho . 6 months ago

Need a tape from these two

Rondo Glo

Rondo Glo . 6 months ago

I know these niggas went to the studio after this

Rondo Glo

Rondo Glo . 6 months ago

Ya need to do a song


704OMEN . 6 months ago


Yung God

Yung God . 6 months ago

3:07 typical new york nigga lookin at the next man for confirmation so he dont look stupid , these new new york niggas don't understand thats called dick ridin 💯 sed wat i sed 💯🤷🏾‍♂️ " i ask god for mad shyt , all da time " bitch thats called being ungrateful, thats not called praying 💯

op godz

op godz . 6 months ago

I never expected these two too be in the same room, just couldnt picture it

Kell Jordan

Kell Jordan . 6 months ago

Dave chapelle got bread he even turned down 18 million thats just a sign that all money aint good money and he started investing and doubled that

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 8 months ago

dr phil? who thought of these? haha

From Chicago For Chicago

From Chicago For Chicago . 10 months ago

I hope moneybagg realize he a legend already. He top 5 in my list already

Jeremiah Contreras

Jeremiah Contreras . 10 months ago


Dont Worry

Dont Worry . 10 months ago


Frank Ortiz

Frank Ortiz . 10 months ago

Fivio: 🤔 Dr.Phil??🤔 Fivio again : 🗣 That's the nigga that be on the t.v talking, right? 😭😭😭😭 Son a legit comedian

Skip Hanson

Skip Hanson . 10 months ago

I’m feeling richer than ever! UGH ! 💪🏾

JJ 51

JJ 51 . 10 months ago


Niya Fendi

Niya Fendi . 10 months ago

Wtf are they saying lmaoooooo

Levi Flames

Levi Flames . 10 months ago

Dam u should of told me 🤣🤣🤣 favio he just met u 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dennis The Menace

Dennis The Menace . 10 months ago

They need to make a song

Swervoo Casiper

Swervoo Casiper . 10 months ago

Moneybagg yo: you pray right? Fivio Foreign: yea I pray I ask god for mad shitt😂 na facts tho

El Lambius Jr

El Lambius Jr . 10 months ago

Fivi really made it sht is dope

Muney Jordan23

Muney Jordan23 . 10 months ago

That money bag Nigga a cornball for real


BIG OPP . 10 months ago


AE Ent

AE Ent . 10 months ago

Why that couch so small

EveryDream Coming Entertainment

EveryDream Coming Entertainment . 10 months ago

Crazzy they next to each other

Dennis Williams

Dennis Williams . 10 months ago

Is it just me or do moneybag yo eyes in the thumbnail pic look totally black like he has no soul or possessed?

ibrahim fafona

ibrahim fafona . 10 months ago

😂😂😂😂I’m crying


WavyempireHD . 10 months ago

Nah Fivey is a movie son “2 cars? Oh u went crazy” 🤣🤣


eL . 10 months ago

Fivio gonna be huge this year

Untalented Rapper

Untalented Rapper . 10 months ago

Fivio music 🔥 right now gotta give this man his credit keep that fire coming Cro

New26 Singleton

New26 Singleton . 10 months ago

I need a translator wtf moneybagg saying 😭


MrJokster666 . 10 months ago

Why I always see this nigga in this Black jacket???? 🤔🤔😂

Goniro The Director

Goniro The Director . 10 months ago

Hit link https://youtu.be/7zEaBxo1FCI

Odin Sif

Odin Sif . 10 months ago

That man Fivio is funny ass hell. He better not stop at rapping or he's a waist...

Quran Ramey

Quran Ramey . 10 months ago

Dave Chappell has his own school these rappers don’t know anything

huge heph

huge heph . 10 months ago

2:34 "u know I'm capping " face 🤣🤣

Soprano king

Soprano king . 10 months ago

Fivio kno his first car was the L train ✋

Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas . 10 months ago


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