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This Friday, The 1975's fourth album Notes On A Conditional Form finally arrives in its entirety, following a rollout that began last summer. "There's a lot of talk about why the album got pushed back, and all these kind of things," Healy told us. "It's kind of irrelevant. The premise of my idea was always really to just continuously have a real time expression."

Conditional is the operative word here. The album sways with a continuous ebb and flow, pushing the band to the most extreme ends of a spectrum they've been operating on for the better part of the last decade: it's simultaneously their most aggressive and dreamy work to date, tied together with iCloud ambience. To Healy, seemingly oppositional forces are the ones most worth pursuing: "I'm always trying to figure out who I am, a search for the definitive self. Why am I this walking set of contradictions when I believe that I'm actually this? Why am I not essentially me?"

Speaking from lockdown in his home studio outside of London, Healy opened up on what making Notes On A Conditional Form revealed about himself, how he currently feels about America, and what needs to be saved during this time of reckoning, within the music industry and beyond.

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Comments :

kristen norton

kristen norton . 6 days ago

This interviewer has no idea what's going on

Vince Fisher

Vince Fisher . 1 week ago

Pure genius.

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key . 1 week ago

🤢🤮 this guys thinks he’s the greatest. so self absorbed, He also looks like a toilet brush

Biana Skibinsky

Biana Skibinsky . 3 months ago

Lmao I don't even think I can read comments while a video of Matty explaining something is playing bc I really have to listen to understand what he's saying

Minxy Moo

Minxy Moo . 3 months ago

His eloquence 👌

Probably Sophia

Probably Sophia . 4 months ago

This interviewer is TOP GRADE. Like wow. I’ve never watched him before but he is improving on answers so easily and following suit of the energy being created. That’s so hard to do. I love this.


jenny . 4 months ago


Deborah Nardelli

Deborah Nardelli . 4 months ago

Matty te amo

Melanie Thomson

Melanie Thomson . 5 months ago

Terrible Terrible painting in the background


VulpineSpade . 6 months ago

This guy will use a macro to spam u with the N word if u beat him in a game


dETROITfUNK . 6 months ago

cigarettes is the most 1975 thing ever... yuk


maziestar . 6 months ago

Gah I freaking love this guy


BeyondBrii . 6 months ago

Hey, Reddit is his nicest fan base :(

Ashley Dinsdale

Ashley Dinsdale . 6 months ago

Matty yes. Fader no.

Cath Britton

Cath Britton . 6 months ago

Best interview I’ve seen in ages thank you. Love you Ma e xox


I V . 6 months ago

Okay but why did the interviewer not ask about the crazy ass painting behind matty😂

Sophie Morgan

Sophie Morgan . 6 months ago

7:42 smile and nod, smile and nod honey


이서현 . 6 months ago

Great interview

Nadette van den Bergh

Nadette van den Bergh . 6 months ago

I love this interview, but I fucking LOST IT at Billie Eileeeeeessssshhhhhh


ElliotWorld . 6 months ago

does he know xxxtentacion is dead? i thought it was kinda strange how he said he talks to people on instagram live since he obviously can’t

Millie Bysh

Millie Bysh . 6 months ago


Niamh Hatfield

Niamh Hatfield . 6 months ago


paloni boowers

paloni boowers . 6 months ago

My guess is that Matty has lost confidence in himself. He was using his album release and tour as a gage to regain that confidence. Then Coronavirus hit.

paloni boowers

paloni boowers . 6 months ago

Matty looks like he’s relapsed to me...


MikeEckesBeatzzz . 6 months ago

Imagine feeling musical worth


michellegbruce . 6 months ago

Who is the artist of that stunning painting behind you Matty? 🥰💆🏻‍♀️ love Notes!


C . 6 months ago

Take a shot everytime he says “dO yOu kNow wHAt i mEAn”

Alexandra Dun

Alexandra Dun . 6 months ago

4:00 !!!!

Sean Morales

Sean Morales . 6 months ago

He mentioned triple x💗


Gambarizing . 6 months ago

I feel like the older Matty gets, the more blunt and outwardly passionate he becomes.

BlueStOnes tHeARTlocker

BlueStOnes tHeARTlocker . 6 months ago

#realtimeexpression #success #thankyounoacf #the1975 #thankstrumanblack


Moonroof . 6 months ago

Love Matty Healy

Cory Martini

Cory Martini . 6 months ago

His accent sounds more americanized


tyler . 6 months ago

Marty can we be besties🥺😳👉🏾👈🏾 and like zoom or something


fandabydozy . 6 months ago

why talk shite, the music will speak for itself


blueskies. . 6 months ago

Really interesting conversation!

Tyler Devine-Scott

Tyler Devine-Scott . 6 months ago

why did he say Billie eilish and x's names so weird doe


Keefclimbs . 6 months ago

He speaks a lot in I’s I put out these records, I wrote this album. I I I ! Is the 1975 solo project now

Pri Criminal

Pri Criminal . 6 months ago

zizek should be the next first song and so on and on

Pri Criminal

Pri Criminal . 6 months ago

Matty should consult with Russell brand live on the Internet

Tyler Kegger

Tyler Kegger . 6 months ago

Matty has sexy feet

juanita weiss

juanita weiss . 6 months ago

Yhea Matty 😻❤ 3 ❤


Adaleidexox . 6 months ago

i couldn’t imagine this album without if you’re too shy (let me know) omg

The Holy Roman Emperor

The Holy Roman Emperor . 6 months ago

they both looked like they just woke up lol


M B . 6 months ago

Was suppose to see The 1975 4/28/19 at Red Rocks cancelled. Set up for 5/11/20 cancelled UGGG!!! 2021 We are there Matty and band!!


elena2426 . 6 months ago

If only I could bottle his accent and take it to bed with me every night.......

Livvy Allen

Livvy Allen . 6 months ago

I love listening to his voice he's so intelligent and it's refreshing to see an artist/songwriter talk so passionately about their music😭❤️

Elena Paz

Elena Paz . 6 months ago

the interview circuit is going to be interesting for this album. I'm so freaking ready for all the zoom interviews with matty just smoking lol

Katelyn Cao

Katelyn Cao . 6 months ago

He said “it’s fucking raw” and I thought of Gordon Ramsey. I hate myself 😂


Brionyx . 6 months ago

Whyd he say ‘billie eileash’ 😂

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