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Siege of Vienna - Opening Bombardment - Extra History - #1
Extra Credits

Extra Credits

Published on 7 months ago

Note: The New Zealand Council for Victim Support Groups is a charity set up by the NZ Ministry of Justice. They have promised that all donations are "fenced funds" that will only be used to support for the victims of the shooting and not used for the general fund. In addition, GiveALittle has waived service fees for this page. While the transaction can only be done in New Zealand Dollars, Extra Credits team members had no problem making donations with US cards. Sadly, the funding efforts collecting donations in US Dollars are no longer active.

Mehmed IV wanted to live up to, and even surpass, the legacy of his forefather Mehmed II, who had secured the Ottomans' inheritance to the Roman Empire through his conquest of Constantinople. So the current Mehmed decided to target Vienna--but Emperor Leopold dismissed these threats...
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Comments :

Extra Credits

Extra Credits . 8 months ago

Over a hundred thousand Ottoman troops are heading for Vienna. Only 15,000 men defend the walls. They have only six days to prepare the city. How long can they hold? http://bit.ly/EHPatreon
Becky Brown

Becky Brown . 2 days ago

The idea for the siege began in Istanbul (not Constantinople).
Avocado Crip

Avocado Crip . 3 days ago

I’m sorry guys but I ban you from drawing Matt’s legs ever again
Surriya Jabeen

Surriya Jabeen . 6 days ago

They said Kara mustafa build roads and bridges so that supply lines would move easier
Pablo Ruiz

Pablo Ruiz . 1 week ago

Cosmas Makori

Cosmas Makori . 1 week ago

Why dose the ottoman are islam
Cosmas Makori

Cosmas Makori . 1 week ago

I don't now?
Surriya Jabeen

Surriya Jabeen . 1 week ago

If sultan had the command what could happen

Schmidty . 2 weeks ago

*Queue Sabaton reference [Here].*

summitlb123 . 2 weeks ago

The Turks tried to wipe out Christians
EchZero YT

EchZero YT . 3 weeks ago

long live the ottoman empire!!!
Shang Zilla

Shang Zilla . 3 weeks ago

The truth is simple. Both Christianity and Islam are shitty religion. But good people can follow shitty religions.

Komputermusik . 3 weeks ago

Did you take Vienna? Ottomans: No What did it cost? Ottomans: Everything
Victory 799

Victory 799 . 3 weeks ago

Ukraine wasn't even a country at this point so I don't know why you are trying to mention it so much

Nuklearcellphoneg . 3 weeks ago

i like the information but not the high horse
Frisco 1522

Frisco 1522 . 4 weeks ago

* Loads Polish with Winged Hussar intent *
Eddy Braybrook

Eddy Braybrook . 4 weeks ago

thanks! from new zealand
Tim B.

Tim B. . 4 weeks ago

Nice cartoon! but you make a serious error at 2:35 when you refer to the Holy Roman Empire being conquered in 1453. It was the Byzantine Empire that was conquered when its capital city, Constantinople, was conquered by the Ottomans. (The later Austrian Empire partially overlapped the traditional territory of the Holy Roman Empire.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fall_of_Constantinople
Raditya Oe

Raditya Oe . 4 weeks ago

Man with tattoo number 1 = supreme commander jannisaries Lords of the rings = the whole event War alchemist = sphere carried by jannies troops to harm enemies So many inspirations from this events. So from west, we got battle of tours in france, in east, we got this siege of vienna. What about sibirsk khannate and golden horde history? You already make that?
Asim Abbas

Asim Abbas . 4 weeks ago

10:02 Am I the only one that can hear that dude screaming “I HATE EVERYTHIIIIING!!!”
Aurel Aldea

Aurel Aldea . 1 month ago

Too bad that this channel is not appreciated at its true value:(
Oscar Wind

Oscar Wind . 1 month ago

I did not know a small child could swim though the veins of a blue whale. THE MORE YOU KNOW!
Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell . 1 month ago

1337=leet nice
Sativa B

Sativa B . 1 month ago

Did you know the croissant was invented in celebration of this victory over the turk?
Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira . 1 month ago

An Austrian man here.
Surriya Jabeen

Surriya Jabeen . 1 month ago

Vienna wasn't far from empire borders so they could run supply lines
Riley Howards

Riley Howards . 1 month ago

As an Australian, I was horrified about the New Zealand situation :(
Carter Nagel

Carter Nagel . 2 months ago

they should have not used conemed
Bosko Coltrain

Bosko Coltrain . 2 months ago

Muslim overlords were more tolerant to Protestant villagers. A few minutes later...Muslim overlords would kidnap Christian children, convert them, and use them as soldier slaves. Yeah, not a very convincing argument as to how they were better suited rulers than the "Holy Roman Empire".

EliteMatt . 2 months ago

W-Wait, do you guys just not wear pants behind that podium?
Luke Paci

Luke Paci . 2 months ago

Luke Paci

Luke Paci . 2 months ago

cat. meow.

josephejones . 2 months ago

This is a ripoff of the Our Fake History podcast.
Zaklog the Great

Zaklog the Great . 2 months ago

So the Janissaries started as Christian children stolen from their parents, enslaved, and forcibly converted? That’s horrific. Why aren’t you condemning the Muslims for this? If white Christians did the same, you’d spend at least a full minute, if not a full episode, talking about how awful they are. Why do Muslims get a pass?

NEO CON WAR HAWK . 2 months ago

The habsburg have the whitest blue uniform I have ever seen in my life
Theodore Kaczynski

Theodore Kaczynski . 2 months ago

The Maximum Gamer

The Maximum Gamer . 2 months ago

I live in New Zealand (north island. Away from Christchurch) and was in school at the time. I remember sitting in maths and someone saying "there's been a shooting".
Mitchell Line

Mitchell Line . 2 months ago

Could you do a video on the unification wars in Italy?
Netherlands The Pineapple

Netherlands The Pineapple . 2 months ago

Poland Helped them In return Austria joins Russia and Prussia to Carve there Polish Ally Such Disloyalty

NEO CON WAR HAWK . 2 months ago

Their out numbers 15 to 1 and the battles begun
jerimee McCabe

jerimee McCabe . 2 months ago

Good on you extra credit! Changing people's perceptions equals changing the narrative.

Dane326 . 2 months ago

The intro was unnecessary, preachy and annoying
atackercz 9

atackercz 9 . 2 months ago

0:01-1:00 i wonder what they would say if theyed knownen that mont after that Muslims would kill 5 times more christians in sri lanka
Carmen Mencar

Carmen Mencar . 2 months ago

You know what? I was playing EU4 as Austria. I JUST became defender of the faith, and the Ottomans attack. And you know what. After a few years past and all of my forces were on that side. The French decide it's a good time to join the Ottomans. Though this time Poland really was their target.
Jan de Bruin

Jan de Bruin . 2 months ago

the shooting that happened was very devastating as i had just got home from work
Cashden Clayton

Cashden Clayton . 2 months ago

Ezio auditore smiles
The Angry Badger 2506

The Angry Badger 2506 . 2 months ago

Austrian tacticians: Our troops are outnumbered 6,666 (more or less) to 1 Austrian King: Then it’s a fair fight
buttless bandit

buttless bandit . 2 months ago

Do not hate a man for his skin, nor his faith, but for his decisions, a fair judge of character can't be passed on to a race, but rather to an individual. And as such it is all down to morals.
History Egg

History Egg . 2 months ago

Nonono Children weren't taken as tithes... They were fucking stolen, yeeted away from their parents at a very young age
Cynical Basileus

Cynical Basileus . 2 months ago

Ah, you lost me when you acknowledged the Ottoman claim to be the heirs of Rome.

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