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Siege Of Vienna Opening Bombardment Extra History 1
Extra Credits

Extra Credits

Published on 1 year ago

Note: The New Zealand Council for Victim Support Groups is a charity set up by the NZ Ministry of Justice. They have promised that all donations are "fenced funds" that will only be used to support for the victims of the shooting and not used for the general fund. In addition, GiveALittle has waived service fees for this page. While the transaction can only be done in New Zealand Dollars, Extra Credits team members had no problem making donations with US cards. Sadly, the funding efforts collecting donations in US Dollars are no longer active.

Mehmed IV wanted to live up to, and even surpass, the legacy of his forefather Mehmed II, who had secured the Ottomans' inheritance to the Roman Empire through his conquest of Constantinople. So the current Mehmed decided to target Vienna--but Emperor Leopold dismissed these threats...
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Comments :

Extra Credits

Extra Credits . 1 year ago

Over a hundred thousand Ottoman troops are heading for Vienna. Only 15,000 men defend the walls. They have only six days to prepare the city. How long can they hold? http://bit.ly/EHPatreon
Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams . 4 days ago

1337......i see what you did there
Abstracted_Turtles #1

Abstracted_Turtles #1 . 5 days ago


Tia . 7 days ago

The 15k soldiers defending vienna before the holy league don't receive enough credit

Fabrissable . 2 weeks ago

Constantinople was only renamed to Istanbul after fall of Ottoman Empire in new Republic of Turkey. From 1452 to 1923 cit of world's desire was called Kostantiniyye, from turkic Constantinople
Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn . 2 weeks ago

Fun fact from those 100k + soldiers Ottomans about 40k were balkan christian vassals and that is why the siege failed. There was too much inside fighting.
Surriya Jabeen

Surriya Jabeen . 2 weeks ago

What if the Turks had made an all out siege
Kasual Studio

Kasual Studio . 3 weeks ago

*Everybody gangsta till the Ottamans say ur not a Holy Roman Emperor*

meow . 3 weeks ago

guillermo daniel pivetta porras

guillermo daniel pivetta porras . 1 month ago

The episode starts at 1:08
Surriya Jabeen

Surriya Jabeen . 1 month ago

If the city had fallen would the Holy Roman empire be doomed or fell in decentralization
Xanth Man

Xanth Man . 1 month ago

There are too many spellings and pronounciations for the Hapsburgs
Nacmack VonStin

Nacmack VonStin . 1 month ago

*Me just watching for the Winged Hussars*
your FBI agent

your FBI agent . 1 month ago

The Eggy Crusader

The Eggy Crusader . 1 month ago

Holy roman empire: *thinks about the ottomans would attack poland* Me: *BOY WE'RE THEY WRONG*

Yeetus . 2 months ago

A cry for help in time of need, await relief from holy league, sixty days of siege, OUTNUMBERED AND WEAK!
Titanic Big ship

Titanic Big ship . 2 months ago

1:06 intro starts

jackofblades82 . 2 months ago

So much Turk/Islam bootlicking in this video, disgusting.
Mister Sir Random Guy

Mister Sir Random Guy . 2 months ago

7 minutes of shoe liking to ottomans. disgusting
SpetsnatzLegion 336

SpetsnatzLegion 336 . 2 months ago

Sabaton has probably brought this channel a few thousand views

S.O.L . 2 months ago

Than the winged hussars arrived!

ONEHITKILL . 2 months ago

You should said talk about number crunching.

ONEHITKILL . 2 months ago

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Mehmet Yok

Mehmet Yok . 2 months ago

Siege of Vienna 3rd, this time by migration instead of fire :-)

Squiggleeey . 2 months ago

Most of the Christian children that grew up to be janissaries were Serbs and Bosniaks that were forcefully taken from their parents.

kebab REMOVER . 2 months ago

0:16 islam aint a race homie
Michael McRoBB

Michael McRoBB . 2 months ago

Real quick, what happened to the original narrator?

Duatia . 3 months ago

Seeing this again, after everything that's gone down since then, just makes me feel worse.

EloquentTroll . 3 months ago

Maybe it's from playing too much Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings, but I have a fiery dislike of the Hapsburgs.
Bobo Como

Bobo Como . 3 months ago

If mehmet II sieged vienna thinks wouldve changed
snurk agurk

snurk agurk . 3 months ago

I would argue that the ottomans were just as ilegitimate as rulers of ‘’the roman empire’’ as the germans
Geo Geo

Geo Geo . 3 months ago

You tarnish the saint...
Michael Red Sox

Michael Red Sox . 3 months ago

Bad time to be Hungry!
Gazda Alimpije

Gazda Alimpije . 3 months ago

Muhhhh hate muhhh tolerance
Skeptical Historian

Skeptical Historian . 3 months ago

Vienna was a star fort city... not easy to take

LIDL KEYBOARD . 3 months ago

I know that numbers vary from different sources but when we did this in school our teacher said there were 140 000 ottoman troops and only 11 000 defenders just saying
Nerfcraft 01

Nerfcraft 01 . 3 months ago

I have never heard something like that about NZ
Kai Jenks

Kai Jenks . 3 months ago

im from Nz this is nice thank you
Kai Jenks

Kai Jenks . 3 months ago

This is good
Trevor Hatch

Trevor Hatch . 3 months ago

When you don’t have Rome but think you think you are the holy Roman emperor
Teo Saunders

Teo Saunders . 3 months ago

This is great thank you soo much Love from London uk
luigi mario

luigi mario . 3 months ago

Fun fact: Islam isn't a race.
Lord Vader

Lord Vader . 3 months ago


KGB . 3 months ago


Corpsimmons . 3 months ago

7:50 But there are t's in combat boots.
El Guiñolo

El Guiñolo . 3 months ago

Your attempt at defending the muslim onslaught on Europe won't be successful. But your videos are well made.

zjork . 3 months ago

islam is a race now? what?

DankZkittles . 3 months ago

they praised the terror attacks in eu, so i praise them
a Canon o

a Canon o . 3 months ago

Now imagine that happened every day... Dat is most of Romanias history in a nutshell

Tiep . 3 months ago

1:39 my CK2 sense is tingling. You need more heirs bro. Gotta stay in the game.

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