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Offset - FAN (Official Music Video)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch the official video for Offset ‘s “FAN”
Stream // Download Offset ‘s “FAN” here: https://offset.lnk.to/FAN
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Girl you tried to break my heart, did it make you happy? (did it make you happy)
You were supposed to hold me down, but it didn’t happen (you were supposed to hold me down)
Now I’m over it, thank god I'm over it (thank god)
Tired of stressing about what I can't control, I think I'm better on my own (hey!)
I kicked all the fuck n**gas out my circle
They don't know how that shit feel, that really hurt you (phew)
But im nonchalant, they never gonna know
Word to my mama, she ain't never raised no hoe (word to my mama)
My heart ain't racing, it's barely beating slow
If they want smoke, if I see them it’s a go (smoke)
Its Fuck that n**ga, fuck that bitch (fuck em)
Fuck everybody, cause you know they gon switch (hey!)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (hey)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (hey)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (woo)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches
Verse 1:
Baby we just fucking, this is not no love at first sight
I can't take you serious, I fucked you on the first night
Had that thing squirting, pussy popping like a perc right?
Said I broke your heart and hurt your feelings, it ain't work right?
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (everybody)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, Fuck them n**gas and them bitches (lets roll)
Verse 2:
Girl fuck that n**ga, he ain’t about shit (nothing)
You can be my engineer shorty, how you bounce it (bounce it)
Promise if you suck it baby, I can make your mouth rich (promise)
Put pearls on your neck, I bet I make it match your outfit (match, woo)
Keep it low, don't you announce it
Quick to cut you off, n**ga I ain't with the nonsense (nah)
Fuck getting it out the mud, Bitch I had to move a mountain (mud)
Diamonds on my neck, that shit pure water like a fountain (pure water)
Yeah, I'm taking your bitch, I take her for ransom (ransom)
She lying, she telling me it that it ain't even my money, she say that I'm handsome (cap)
She hop in the whip, she throwing that ass, she throwing that shit like a tantrum (throw it)
I'm pulling her hair, she don't even care, she want me to bust like a handgun (let's go)
I turn her to my favorite stripper (stripper), cause I’m that n**ga (n**ga)
My watch worth 6 figures (figures), my bank bigger (bigger)
She want me fuck the best friend and (friend and) the big sister (sister)
I bend her up we playing twister (twister), and then I kick her (outtie)
Out the crib when I’m finished (woo), go figure (woo)
I just popped an e-pizzle (E), my blunt lit up (hey)
I had way to much sizzurp (sizzurp), in my liver (woo)
I keep me 2 freaky bitches (freaky), they both scissor (woo woo woo)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them n**gas)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (fuck them bitches)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches, everybody (everybody)
Fuck them n**gas and them bitches (hey!)

Music video by Offset performing FAN. Motown Records; © 2023 UMG Recordings, Inc.



DevilSon . 2 hours ago


TIKI MAPESA TV . 2 hours ago

You stole Michael Jackson videos style idea almost everything
Kenya Haith

Kenya Haith . 3 hours ago

Fernando Galvão

Fernando Galvão . 4 hours ago

Tasha? what about Chris?
Daniel Batista

Daniel Batista . 4 hours ago

caray a tasha saindo com outro na frente da casa do chris
Sharif Eady

Sharif Eady . 4 hours ago

Feel like this album gonna outdue Father of 4

Lzflip . 4 hours ago

Qual foi pegou a mule do chris

Karen . 6 hours ago

I was already in for the song, but the video though, FIRE

Marquinhos . 7 hours ago

I want offset to win so bad ! Keep going dawggg this shit gon b album of the year !
B Bryant

B Bryant . 8 hours ago

Niyoki Clark

Niyoki Clark . 8 hours ago

Offset killed this straight fire 🔥 I just hate all the hate and his wife cardi b is getting especially when they is not the ones that’s starting it
Mickey Phoenix Baby

Mickey Phoenix Baby . 8 hours ago

Wow, I'm blown away!! Love this❤🔥
King Yana

King Yana . 9 hours ago

🔥🔥🔥 Gotta pay homage to my nicca Project Pat please 💕

Brit . 9 hours ago

Hey f*ckin on the first night is NOT a deal breaker! Thats just another way to get to know each other

TySoWtm . 9 hours ago

The Transition so fye tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
med zino

med zino . 11 hours ago

Them : he had an original clip ,
the clip :
September Jai

September Jai . 11 hours ago

Come on dance moves! 🕺🏿
September Jai

September Jai . 11 hours ago

The popcorn movie screen 🤭
Alex G./AacaL05

Alex G./AacaL05 . 11 hours ago

I actually liked all of this
Guy Pinheiro

Guy Pinheiro . 11 hours ago

G ZUZ!!!!! omfg bro, one of my fav music video eeeeeeever deffo wow wat a f
Jake Stysinski

Jake Stysinski . 12 hours ago

Anyone see Kai??
Lakitra Booker

Lakitra Booker . 12 hours ago

I love this for him yes when everybody go right go left be different this is creative pay homage to the king of pop at the same time

Abdirizak . 13 hours ago

💯 🔥
Im Beautiful

Im Beautiful . 14 hours ago

lol kai and fanum in the vid, they should have made kai the cat in the beater in the beginning lmaoooooooo
Yezmir Sheppard-Halika

Yezmir Sheppard-Halika . 14 hours ago

Was never a fan of the migos together or seperate. But because of this I am now an Offset fan.
Jeremy Cannon

Jeremy Cannon . 14 hours ago

How many times are these rappers going to steal Project Pats flow? Just get the man on your song and quit biting!
Kenneth daniel

Kenneth daniel . 15 hours ago

2019 set

NO FACE NO CASE TAROT . 15 hours ago

Hard video

NO FACE NO CASE TAROT . 15 hours ago

I love this song. Him n cardi are like my favs right now. Can’t forget Kai

FUGGle . 16 hours ago

Bro red pill poppin
Brainyhillz BMG

Brainyhillz BMG . 17 hours ago

Mad mad🔥❤❤❤

Cookay . 19 hours ago

This beat is melting my speakers sheeeesh
Niyongabo Lucky

Niyongabo Lucky . 20 hours ago

am in love with this video so much 😇🔥🔥
Bless The Creation

Bless The Creation . 21 hours ago

Is tha Kai?
Vanessa Callender

Vanessa Callender . 21 hours ago

Not feeling it they can be no copying of the King Michael Jackson.
Riss rose

Riss rose . 21 hours ago

the best song right now .
Klajdi Hajdari

Klajdi Hajdari . 22 hours ago

Let Offset cook ✌️
Reza Veto

Reza Veto . 22 hours ago


MikeStalls865 . 22 hours ago

That Juicy J flow towards the end🤘🤘

triggeroc . 24 hours ago

steven west

steven west . 24 hours ago

Bro onset now
Spit’ah G

Spit’ah G . 1 day ago

Love the video hate the song
Oseany Gonzala

Oseany Gonzala . 1 day ago

Talking about building up to it interesting 5Stars
Abd Raheem Brown

Abd Raheem Brown . 1 day ago


chertov . 1 day ago

Well that was just fuckin awesome. 🤟🔥

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