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Help Desk vs. Service Desk
Milestone Technologies, Inc.

Milestone Technologies, Inc.

Published on 4 years ago

The terms Help Desk and Service Desk are often used synonymously, but the two vary in several important ways, and understanding the difference is crucial for ensuring the success of an IT organization. While Help Desks function as tactical support for individual incidents, Service Desks function as strategic support for organization-wide issues, focusing on root cause analysis and proactive service improvement.

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Native2458 . 3 weeks ago

I'd rather work in helpdesk.


Wozsalam . 3 months ago

i just hate it when a company hiring service desk yet their jobscope is helpdesk

Kyle Grove

Kyle Grove . 3 months ago

Short, sweet and to the point! 👍🏾

Peggy Hodson

Peggy Hodson . 4 months ago

Awesome, I mistakenly apply for a job thinking they were the same!

James Mejia

James Mejia . 5 months ago

Superb explanation.

Liz Liz

Liz Liz . 11 months ago

Very beautiful video God bless please continue doing these videos 👌


kirktheruler . 12 months ago

Very Insightful, thank you!

Max Hill

Max Hill . 1 year ago


Prasanna Kumar Das

Prasanna Kumar Das . 1 year ago

Great explanation


ZoVoZ . 1 year ago


My Bronco

My Bronco . 1 year ago

more simply put, a Help Desk may take the time to explain to the user how something works and "helps" them through the issue, a Service Desk may say they are only there to create a ticket and move onto the next caller, "we are not here to help, we don't provide training the user should already know how to use the device or system"

Tyler Joseph Smith

Tyler Joseph Smith . 2 years ago

I just loathe the words “help desk”. “Service desk” sounds much more professional. I also call them “incidents” instead of “tickets”.

Enano H

Enano H . 2 years ago

Direct, concrete, no questions. Well explained, thanks.

Sangjun Park

Sangjun Park . 2 years ago

I also shared information for IT Helpdesk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am6ANiT58e4&list=PLyPtqY7T1lot0ThiGN9Rj0gPKnaGN9pFd

Jeneil 27

Jeneil 27 . 3 years ago

We call ourselves service desk but our users who call us called us helpdesk hahaha..

Andrea Russo

Andrea Russo . 3 years ago

I have been working in a company which considered itself service desk and another one which qualified themselves as Help desk: they did not explain this difference at all. The way of working and the goals looked to be the same.

Aaron Marco

Aaron Marco . 3 years ago

Thank you for the information Get mote details about service desk from https://www.itarian.com/service-desk.php


rapturedpassage . 3 years ago

Thanks for this information

Cedric Opilan

Cedric Opilan . 3 years ago

Thank you

Mehrdad Kh

Mehrdad Kh . 3 years ago

very helpful and well explained!

Alain Inema

Alain Inema . 3 years ago

All I wanted to know.

Patricia Franklin

Patricia Franklin . 3 years ago

really helpful.

Chuck Rose

Chuck Rose . 3 years ago

interesting and helpful distinction

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