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Building My Dream Desk - DIY Desk With a Built In Computer
Zac Builds

Zac Builds

Published on 1 year ago

Join me as I build my dream desk. I did my best to pull out all the stops on this project. It's hiding a lot of features including a water-cooled video editing (and gaming) PC mounted in a vertical drawer. The desk is made from solid walnut with waterfall ends on both sides. The drawer fronts are also solid walnut with integrated door pulls, making for a super clean look.

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Comments :

Zumkeller Woodshop

Zumkeller Woodshop . 1 year ago

Awesome build Zac! Some great tips in there....making repeatable cuts, marking the drawer fronts, setting the slides....well done!

Pratheesh M

Pratheesh M . 13 hours ago

I Like chair. desk doesnt matter


Makarov . 18 hours ago

Поделка десятилетнего, это все греется без воздушного потока


Kesh_Why . 1 day ago

what about my dream desk


Santos . 2 days ago

Dude... awesome work. A lot of work involved. I would show that to everyone visiting home.

James H

James H . 2 days ago

I love the desk and looks beautiful but in my opinion, as someone who works on his computer every day, I would ditch the keyboard drawer and lower the desk a tad so it's at a good height for the keyboard to be on the top of the desk. I'm definitely going to do something similar when I remake my desk.

okkies master

okkies master . 2 days ago

Horrible airflow. Shitty flimy keyboard tray. No space for your mouse to properly. Sitting desk its 2021 get a standing desk... No flexability in usaqge. It will always be this computer desk. Nothing more But thw wood looks fine i guess

harry potter

harry potter . 3 days ago


Simone Provenzano

Simone Provenzano . 3 days ago

This is really cool! planning on selling that as a product?


brober86 . 4 days ago

Those vertical draws seem like a pretty inefficient use of space imo.


CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ . 5 days ago

The screens not being level kinda stole my concentration for a bit, but the rest of the time I was all into this great build!

Josh J.

Josh J. . 5 days ago

Was going to subscribe until I spotted your top monitor wasn't level. Shame.


Noppa . 5 days ago

What is the chair, looks nice.

Cristian Biagiotti

Cristian Biagiotti . 6 days ago

Good job boy 👍

Mossy Stone

Mossy Stone . 6 days ago

Excellent work lovely video, but I feel like somebody needs to tell him how draws work, I want to build my next PC case out of bricks, and if I nail the airflow just write it might work as a barbecue as well.


Aneas . 7 days ago

hey man! just stumbled over this looks sick! im super curious what chair you are using for this build because it looks amazing


BUSSEN . 7 days ago

SOLID WALNUT!!! no way that shit is expensicive as fuck you sure its solid?


TDUD3 . 7 days ago

Great station and all.. but how do you man spread?

Craig Hickman

Craig Hickman . 7 days ago

Great Video.. But Zac,, Please find a better way of moving that Welding Table!. your back will thank you later! trust me.... Loves what you do dude!.. from your future 52 your old self ;) .....

Yifu Wei

Yifu Wei . 1 week ago

this guy sounds quite like bill gates

Online Profil

Online Profil . 1 week ago

Looks amazing

Tanmoy Das

Tanmoy Das . 2 weeks ago

Beautiful project. Subscribed. But.... I will really appreciate, if you can post the measurements in written, either in here or on your website... if at all possible. Thanks for this wonderful inspiring video.

Melgor 333

Melgor 333 . 2 weeks ago

cool, question: why the second monitor?

David Bland

David Bland . 3 weeks ago

Very nice, reminds me of old audio/video cabinets that were used for TV, radio, stereo combos.

dawson gamblin

dawson gamblin . 4 weeks ago

what chair is in the thumbnail ????

Kevin Duffey

Kevin Duffey . 4 weeks ago

Hey Zac.. little late to this particular video.. I am looking to do a desk build soon for myself. I have a sit/stand desk (dual motors) currently, planning to replace the wood top with a studio desk for my music/workstation use. I am also trying to "downsize" by getting rid of big computer cases. Built a miniITX not long ago, and then saw this video and a couple others and thought.. put the computer parts IN the desk, with maybe a plexiglass or window on top to see through to it. My main concern is one of cooling. I will probably do a custom water loop setup as I'll have a bit more room I think than what you did in the drawer here. Is there anything to be concerned about with regards to p/s, heat generation, and removing heat? My thought is some intake fans on the bottom of the desk (out of site) pulling air in, and exhaust fans on the back. The front of the desk will have a musical keyboard slide tray as well as a keyboard/mouse slide try (above the musical one). So I won't be able to mount fans on the front. I imagine the desk being thinner at the front and sort of having a narrow V shape going towards the back to make room for computer/fans/etc in it.


staffa . 1 month ago

great video! subscribed! cheers from Italy!


Davisto . 1 month ago

Suggestions for the new channel name: Zach Amazes Zach Astonishes🤣 Zach Awesomes👌 Excellent.

Garrett Zickgraf

Garrett Zickgraf . 2 months ago

Great work! Really enjoyed this one

Design Company

Design Company . 2 months ago


Kyle Kramer

Kyle Kramer . 2 months ago

great desk


Ghost . 2 months ago

Your channel is underrated man, how don't you have at least a million subscribers??


DoObs . 3 months ago

Zac that top screen monitor isn't level :P

Hector Babanto

Hector Babanto . 3 months ago

this is my favorite type of desk pc!. Can I borrow this idea of yours??

M. H

M. H . 3 months ago

what chair is that? :D

Navneet Prakash

Navneet Prakash . 3 months ago

nice desk, subbed


P K . 4 months ago

This guys content is top dawg right meow

Sara Khan

Sara Khan . 4 months ago


How I Do Things DIY

How I Do Things DIY . 4 months ago

Where the heck did you get walnut plywood?!

Moto Guild

Moto Guild . 4 months ago

My first project

Mustafa Dalpalta

Mustafa Dalpalta . 4 months ago

great job. respectfull...

Chloé Star

Chloé Star . 5 months ago

love your videos !

Benjamin Anderson

Benjamin Anderson . 5 months ago

Yup! That's how you do! 👌 You should submit some pics to one of those YouTube setup competition videos channels.... Like setup wars.

Mariano _

Mariano _ . 5 months ago

Outstanding build! I wanna do something similar. My only concern with these are the temperature management. Any advices please?

Syahmi Mazne

Syahmi Mazne . 5 months ago

Im about to build a pc desk on my own. With 89% humidity on my area, will I get a warped table top if I dont install a c channel?

World's Okayest Carpenter

World's Okayest Carpenter . 5 months ago

Dig the video, the style, the quality. All of it. Disliked the music in the beginning a little. The water splashing sound irks me. But that's probably something weird about me. I dont get down with some of that ASMR shit lol. Regardless, will be looking forward to new vids, and checking out past ones

Evan Gerbino

Evan Gerbino . 5 months ago

How do you only have 45K subs? this channel deserves 10x this. This build is awesome!

Michael Murren

Michael Murren . 5 months ago

Awesome build. I can't be the only person interested in the chair though, RIGHT???


CHAI Bai . 5 months ago


Prometey 981

Prometey 981 . 5 months ago


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