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Teejayx6 breaks down his Top Five Black Air Force 1 Activities


Published on 9 months ago

Over the past couple of years, #Teejayx6 has become one of Detroit’s fastest-rising rappers, inhabiting the lithe, charismatic persona of a silver-tongued scammer with a deep reference base and nothing to lose. It’s that charisma that makes his latest mixtape, Black Air Force Activity 1, so much fun to listen to: Teejayx6 could steal your identity and it’d probably be pretty hard to stay mad at him. For his FADER Top Five video, Teejayx6 stays on brand, listing his top 5 black Black Air Force 1 activities, a list of cons including “The Weed Switch” and “Identity Fraud.” By the end of it, you might be a scammer yourself.

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Comments :


Marvin . 3 weeks ago

How to incriminate yo ass 1-0-1


Leviscus . 4 weeks ago

this is one of the most dodgy vids ive seen on yt

Buisness Pays

Buisness Pays . 2 months ago

What the actual fuck is this video..im actually mad asf😂😂😂 yal be bored

Swipe Carding

Swipe Carding . 3 months ago

*CARDINGLORD1* on telegram is the man i got my credit card bank logs Bins&dump+pin fraud bible socks from him i also enjoyed the way he teach me how to carding🔛🔝


MylesWRLD . 3 months ago

This man has made me a lot of money

Lil Coochie Vert

Lil Coochie Vert . 3 months ago

I slapped the fuck out my cousin then took his toaster strudel


Adxbe . 3 months ago

“They refresh it, that’s were they fucked up” 🤣🤣


8gigabyte . 4 months ago

He prolly work for the feds

Donald Serie

Donald Serie . 4 months ago

Cardinglord1 on telegram is the best vendor I’ve ever seen before , I enjoyed the way he teach me how to carding.🔥🔥💳


NegroDamus . 4 months ago

Social Media is all about self-snitching. Why would I be doing dirt, but doing interviews, music videos and promoting myself on Instagram as well? This gen is nothing but weirdos

Just Me

Just Me . 5 months ago

The model he scammed was blac chyna your welcome

Shawn Topher

Shawn Topher . 5 months ago

cant hate on bro he basically new soulja boy

Free Kodak Dave, IL

Free Kodak Dave, IL . 5 months ago

Several Millions

Jelani Herrington

Jelani Herrington . 6 months ago

How do I do the Instagram verification one

iswipe frr

iswipe frr . 6 months ago

Hit Up @iswipefrr On Instagram!! For Cheap METHODS,CCs,THE 2020 BIBLE He’s a legit and he has OVER 75+ vouches on his page‼️💯Hit Em Up🗣


SageShoot . 6 months ago

I had to get my proxy and vpn On when I clicked on this video nigga probaly got my email and cc

Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis . 6 months ago

You the last thing on the government mind


MIKE . 6 months ago

got the whole bible tap in ✅✅✅💳💳💳📲📲📲

Dawson Carissa

Dawson Carissa . 6 months ago

Cashflukes on telegram is actually turning me to a lazy being I'm making a lot from him a week


JOSHUA OCHE . 7 months ago

The only web site I depend on for weekly paychecks of $2607 is this. look up in Google this excluding spaces *Easy Laptop Life .com*

Dae’Von Wood

Dae’Von Wood . 7 months ago

Y’all got this boy snitching on himself😂😂


ProdKillua . 7 months ago

i always get those fake verifications but i been knew about that

Killer Lion

Killer Lion . 7 months ago

Every time I see this nigga his head nappy ass fuck

Christian Dior

Christian Dior . 7 months ago

Is that faze chain real

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington . 7 months ago

This mans invincibility complex is funny but law is very mf slippery so I’d honestly say chill while u ahead


jj2suave . 7 months ago

nigga doin all this shit and cant get a proper haircut

Almantas Glinskas

Almantas Glinskas . 7 months ago

when you tell your friends, that you bought 1g of weed on the darknet


KyreeTooBreezy . 7 months ago

I hacked blac chynas account for anyone wanting to know


Hotwaterme1 . 7 months ago

2:34 me explaining OnlyFans

Andre Blankenship

Andre Blankenship . 7 months ago

Who got the 2nd method Imma need that.

Andre Blankenship

Andre Blankenship . 7 months ago

We know he saying black Chyna stop bleeping it we not stupid 🤦🏿‍♂️

Rau Met

Rau Met . 7 months ago


Gregory Bobbitt

Gregory Bobbitt . 7 months ago

That shit changed quick


Bondhi . 7 months ago

I dont think the government wants you bro lmao

Narllly Tv

Narllly Tv . 7 months ago

Shut yo weird ass up

Slum Lord

Slum Lord . 7 months ago

Ay I want to do that Instagram gram verification scam. Can sum one tell me how to do that shit?

Mario Rogan

Mario Rogan . 7 months ago

Who else thought it was YoungBoy

Certified TruReligion

Certified TruReligion . 7 months ago

How to rat on yourself 101

Julius Adrian

Julius Adrian . 7 months ago

Never imagine this could be real, I saw his post in here and I tried making deal with him, legitvendorr got me amazed on telegram he made my PayPal transfer and I get that, thanks man


Peso . 7 months ago

Hmu on telegram for da fraud bible for da low @dumpking223


Zuxity . 7 months ago

haha dude said phising is a black air force activity.


802rips . 7 months ago

I could be you 😂

CBS Swavey

CBS Swavey . 7 months ago

The game is to be sold not told... why do rappers get on then start exposing the streets. It’s niggas still out here that gotta survive off this shit... but mfs letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing. 🤦🏾‍♂️🥴


JusKerry . 7 months ago

Who else writing this down no 🧢


JusKerry . 7 months ago

He really a scam artist, I’m really listening to his music laughing he fr😂

Joshua Albeser

Joshua Albeser . 7 months ago

does anyone know where to get the instagram email jawn

Yrn Ken

Yrn Ken . 7 months ago

He know what he talkin bout to


LyricalT . 7 months ago

no 666

nolimit kb

nolimit kb . 7 months ago



YSN ANT . 7 months ago

That’s the good thing about fraud u can talk about it but if there is no evidence then 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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