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Ripple Rock 1958


Published on 2 years ago

Comments :

Paul Champagne

Paul Champagne . 1 month ago

What a shame to not pick up the fish after.
paul geldreich

paul geldreich . 8 months ago

Cool fax in this film: The sign says to wear safety belt while working on grizzly, but they don't seem to be. The guy is smoking on the forklift with 5 hundred pounds of HE, and they don't mention that 9 people died on the barge above the peaks when they attempted to drill from the top. Damn hard rock miners! I think the ladies and some men have no idea how these tough these men were to do the job at hand. Gotta hand it to these guys!
M Hart

M Hart . 1 year ago

Interesting thanks for the video.
Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen . 1 year ago

Note the forklift driver at 3:38. Moving pallets of explosives while smoking, on a loading dock piled with explosives. The 50's were a lot more relaxed on safety.

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