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Published on 2 months ago

Look back #onthisday free fight on this day in 1979 when #SugarRayLeonard beat #WilfredBenitez to becoming Welterweight Champion.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing on ESPN, one of the leaders of boxing’s electric youth movement, Shakur Stevenson, is set to close out 2020 in grand fashion. Stevenson, the undefeated former featherweight world champion from Newark, N.J., will fight Toka Kahn Clary in the 10-round junior lightweight main event Saturday, Dec. 12, from MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The 10-round co-feature will showcase Puerto Rican lightweight star Felix “El Diamante” Verdejo against Japanese contender Masayoshi Nakatani. In the ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight wrecking ball Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanga, 15-0 with 15 first-round knockouts, will fight an opponent to be named in an eight-rounder.

Stevenson-Kahn Clary, Verdejo-Nakatani and Berlanga will headline a special telecast LIVE on ESPN and ESPN Deportes beginning at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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Comments :

Super Boxing

Super Boxing . 1 hour ago

This is what Devin Haney and Teofimo is gonna look like

Берик Дуисов

Берик Дуисов . 3 days ago

смотришь на старые бои и понимаешь, что бокс сейчас замедлился


liaml69 . 3 days ago

Always linked together by this fight...Leonard and Benitez actually became brother's in law...

mustafa johnson

mustafa johnson . 6 days ago

He called that fight way too fast benitez wasn't tripping but Leonard only through two more punches and he stopped it that wasn't cool

Graham Broughton

Graham Broughton . 2 weeks ago

These guys was super fit,hats off to both men

Josephat Maina

Josephat Maina . 2 weeks ago

what were these guys feeding then🤭those jabs are as fast as lightnening😱😱😱

Tim Uchwat

Tim Uchwat . 2 weeks ago

This fight is now 42 years old


J B . 3 weeks ago

Howard Cosell is a legend

Vincent Fisher

Vincent Fisher . 3 weeks ago

After this bout there were sports commentators who condemned this bout for being a purist show. Fuck them. This is one of the best displays of boxing ever showed. Plus these guys had to make weight therefore no middleweights were fighting in welterweight clothing.

Antowan Jesus

Antowan Jesus . 3 weeks ago

The new school could learn Masters from Benitez. He taking an ass kicking and laughing it off while still relentlessly fighting back. #Boxinglesson

The Mask

The Mask . 3 weeks ago

I was searching the crowd most rounds.


ludsat1 . 3 weeks ago

I miss Howard cosell

Noypi Anakin

Noypi Anakin . 3 weeks ago

KingRy is SRL 2.0!!!

Joseph Gardina

Joseph Gardina . 3 weeks ago

Damn look how young they were

Major Sheffield

Major Sheffield . 3 weeks ago

Both fighters were great at a time when boxing was boxing and all great fighters fought great fighters

Marcellus Ellis

Marcellus Ellis . 3 weeks ago

Tough fight for Sugar you explain to your wife that you beat up her brother!! yes Benitez is Ray brother in law 😂🤔🤣

John Davis

John Davis . 4 weeks ago


travis struble

travis struble . 4 weeks ago

There was only six seconds left why stop the fight WTf

Juan antonio Torres cedano

Juan antonio Torres cedano . 4 weeks ago

Benítez estA peleando con una mano

james monroe

james monroe . 4 weeks ago

Great fighter

COVID-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 Coronavirus . 4 weeks ago

0:20 round 1 3:48 round 2 10:01 round 3

Naudi jose Gutierrez

Naudi jose Gutierrez . 4 weeks ago

Benítez era un maestro del box

Naudi jose Gutierrez

Naudi jose Gutierrez . 4 weeks ago

Benites taba engripao

Warren B,II 23

Warren B,II 23 . 4 weeks ago

My All-time favorite boxer EVER. SUGAR RSY LEONARD

BJae X

BJae X . 1 month ago

Wow 15rounds

Norlando Guerrero

Norlando Guerrero . 1 month ago

Le iba a leonard , pero que calidad la de benitez uno de los mejores

Ti Ha

Ti Ha . 1 month ago

That referee really needs to explain himself!

Ronny Cary

Ronny Cary . 1 month ago

This was the best Free TV card ever. If I remember right Hagler fought to a draw with Vito Antefirmo and another great title fight was on the undercard card. Today all 3 of those fights would be PPV

Ronald Ayvar alvarado

Ronald Ayvar alvarado . 1 month ago


D_Exiled_1 Arisen

D_Exiled_1 Arisen . 1 month ago

Man I miss hearing Howard Cosell. I met Sugar Ray, Joe Frazier, Chavez and the G.O.A.T Muhammad Ali when I was an amateur. #boxinglife 🇵🇷✊🏾

SuperWelter Skelter

SuperWelter Skelter . 1 month ago

Damn..hands so low

Mauricio Ochoa

Mauricio Ochoa . 1 month ago

Awesome fight. Sugar Ray too quick for Wilfred Benitez. And that says something. Two grand masters in the art of movement, using feints, and slipping punches. It was almost like watching beautiful art, or two genius artists at work-Rafael and Michelangelo, Beethoven and Bach, etc


Smokey-Dabear . 1 month ago

Bs, early stoppage. That aside If this is how Benitez fights after not training, I definitely wanna see how he fights with a full training camp!


viviandarkbloom100 . 1 month ago

This was on FREE Network Television. ABC showed this plus Marvin Hagler/Vito Draw & Marvin Johnson beating Victor Galindez. All free Friday Night Boxing.

James Hampton

James Hampton . 1 month ago

This when boxing was boxing the best fought the best in there prime...Do anyone believe that if Floyd fought when Leonard came along that he would be undefeated. Leonard fought Benitez, Hearns, Duran and Hagler....A lot of his fan's believe he is the greatest because of a 50 and 0 record....But the only fighter he fought that came close to the fighter that Leonard fought that was Manny and they didn't fight until after Manny got knocked out....

You can be anyone in the comments

You can be anyone in the comments . 1 month ago

When commentators didn't have an opinion. Just called it like they saw it


tlig . 1 month ago

Benitez' fights were always too tactical. I'm sure it affected his marketability.


tlig . 1 month ago

This was Leonard's 9th fight of 1979. Imagine that.

Calvin Mlangeni

Calvin Mlangeni . 2 months ago

When a masterful jab defeated a great fighter

Rick Shannep

Rick Shannep . 2 months ago

Both men were great fighters! Leonard always seemed to have a lot of class, and could so often garner the ability to win late in the bout.

Fly Ink Mack

Fly Ink Mack . 2 months ago

Sugar Ray Leonard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Boricua 27

Boricua 27 . 2 months ago

Fighting grown mans since 14 becoming champ at 16 wow Benitez was really something else very underrated fighter because it got shadow by sugar and the rest but he beat twice Duran and fought sugar and also the hit man

Merlon Cox

Merlon Cox . 2 months ago

This fight was stopped a tad too soon. Benitez was not out on his feet. The ref was not comfortable with the blood flowing from his forehead. Benitez was just a bit tired, and so was Ray. Good technical fight. One of the best I've ever seen.

Abraham Jackson

Abraham Jackson . 2 months ago

Fighting at its highest scientific level


sirgeechi . 2 months ago

Back then 20 year olds looked 35

Jose gonzalez

Jose gonzalez . 2 months ago

These stare downs need to happen again !!


Arman . 2 months ago

3:44 all dramatic fighter aren't like this no more

Staff H

Staff H . 2 months ago

Best stare down ever

Bryan Gan

Bryan Gan . 2 months ago

Leonard gets a reputation as an outfighter/boxer because of the 2nd Duran fight, but in general that was very uncharacteristic of him, and he didn't actually succeed that well (Duran ended up quitting due to many factors, but it's not like Leonard was ever a young Ali in that fight). He tends to prefer to punch, using his fantastic punch mechanics and natural speed and power. He was a boxer-puncher, with a lot more puncher than boxer. Here, Benitez is the boxer, Leonard is just trying to find openings to punch a hole in him (and eventually, it's exactly that which wins him the fight). In the 2nd Hearns fight, he is also unsure of what to do and kinda just follows Hearns around and drops round after round, and the two times he hurt Hearns and eventually knocked him out was yet again, him deciding 'fuck it I'm just going to punch the fuck out of this dude' and throws a 20 punch combo. Fighters show their true character when under duress, and although it's often said that Leonard fought wrongly in the first Duran fight, I don't think that's true. First of all, Dundee and team were trying to push Duran back because Duran had never shown himself to be a good outfighter. It ended up not working because Duran was able to force Leonard against the ropes by tying him up and not letting him punch like he is doing here against Benitez (and also Duran's slick counterpunching). Under that immense duress, Leonard did what he does, and tries to punch a hole through Duran, he just fails because Duran is the greatest infighter ever. In the 2nd fight, he basically avoids being trapped on the ropes effectively, but it's not like he was utterly lighting him up. This Benitez fight, in my opinion, proves that. Leonard isn't dancing out the outside and popping him with jab and counters, he's trying to find the distance and timing to throw hard, KO punches. Benitez is the one being slick, and he almost succeeds.


Talvinderjit . 2 months ago

10:10 anyone hear that sound 🤣🤣🤣

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