Published on 2 months ago

“I hope the song conveys that life is about choice. God is everything, no matter what your belief system is. Being in love is God, no matter your creed. There’s a rejoicing at the end of the song when the narrator chooses the side of the light. The song is about all of us making that choice ourselves and the relief we feel when we are no longer caught in the middle.” - Mick Fleetwood
Listen to "These Strange Times" here: https://rhino.lnk.to/thesestrangetimes

Click here to find out more on “These Strange Times” as told by Mick Fleetwood w/ Anthony Bozza: http://www.mickfleetwoodofficial.com/2020/mick-fleetwood-these-strange-times/

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Comments :

Jens Schulte

Jens Schulte . 2 weeks ago

, aber Du bist nie allein.

Reese E. Forbes

Reese E. Forbes . 2 weeks ago


Dan Littlejohn

Dan Littlejohn . 3 weeks ago

Oh. My. God.

Raúl Villanueva

Raúl Villanueva . 3 weeks ago

I don't know, but sounds like Mike Oldfield's songs


ED SOLO . 1 month ago

god is here


42069ism . 1 month ago


Raleigh Smalls

Raleigh Smalls . 2 months ago

Mick not in love ?

edgardo gregorini

edgardo gregorini . 2 months ago

A change is all we need

edgardo gregorini

edgardo gregorini . 2 months ago


Gilmour Fan

Gilmour Fan . 2 months ago

Schöner Song ! der gerade heute sehr wichtig ist zu erwachen !!!


tygerstripes . 2 months ago

God is now here.

Wendy Kaysing

Wendy Kaysing . 2 months ago

SUGGESTION: Don't worry about anything until it actually happens ...of couse that is not to say not to help those in current need....


Veronica . 2 months ago


J. G. Cologne

J. G. Cologne . 2 months ago

From the Album "Time" 1995 Fleetwood Mac -is better :-)))


larciabella . 2 months ago

this song is from the FM Album TIME 1993 supped up.

Maxine V

Maxine V . 2 months ago

I had never realized how much Mike’s voice reminds me of L Cohen. Amazing visuals and song— well done.

Robert Eye

Robert Eye . 2 months ago

Since when did Mick Fleetwood morph into Roger Watters? In 1995 When this song came out.

shawn leprechaun

shawn leprechaun . 2 months ago

You are a Shaman, Mick. This is the wave we are all riding now, and you conjured sound and image to make us ponder it. And give us light where we need it.TY.🐧

Barbara Schickler

Barbara Schickler . 2 months ago

A beautiful mix of photos and music!

Beate Jahn

Beate Jahn . 2 months ago

Tolle Messenger an Peter Greens "Albatross" ich liebe seine Musik heute immer noch

Torsten Kersten

Torsten Kersten . 2 months ago

after perhaps 1.500 anoying sponsored advertisements in my fb news I finally found something of value ... so if value would be determined by the level of shit one has to go through before one finds something worth to be picked up this piece here can't be paid with money. But am glad to share it with friends ...

Robert Hall

Robert Hall . 2 months ago

Plenty of dating sites Mick,chin up.


Sasukecheeky . 2 months ago

Darn you Mick!! You made my cigarette burn out... this is pure 100% genius. You always seem to surprise me with everything you do. No one could top this, that would mean having lived as long as you first off for one. Love the Albatross hint at the end there ^^

Sebastian Trader

Sebastian Trader . 2 months ago

You're no theologian, Mick. You're no theologian, Mick Fleetwood. They cancel shows The feeling grows You wish for them The love they know We think in We turn out Said Stevie Said Tom Brown O Godly, O goodness O wait for them O wait again From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Looking around shall not Looking around has no concern Looking around Heard no sound They all stood up Mick walked out

Shawn Channell

Shawn Channell . 2 months ago

Love it! Thanks Mick.


AriKona . 2 months ago

You may suffer the bitter arrows by using that word, you know the one the atheists don't like, but in my world, you are absolutely correct. Perhaps I go a bit further than you do with it, but at least you and I are on the same trail. Beautiful, Mick, just beautiful.

Markus Weiler

Markus Weiler . 2 months ago

Dadaism is the break out of stucture ^


Ronolein . 2 months ago

Nach langer Zeit mal wieder MIck Fleetwod gehört. Einfach noch immer tolle Musik!

Dayar Buteydeen

Dayar Buteydeen . 2 months ago

Сэмэн. Тылы уерэт

Petra Klein

Petra Klein . 2 months ago


Beccie Morris

Beccie Morris . 2 months ago

Bleddy brilliant ... real tribal feel to the drums, & so so poignant. Thank you for your genius! 🙏

Mel Miller

Mel Miller . 2 months ago

Thank you, Mick. "...between the darkness and the light" is how so many of us feel right now - may we all find a way to hold on to the light. We cannot afford to let the darkness overwhelm us.


BJ JA . 2 months ago


Pamela Scott

Pamela Scott . 2 months ago

Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!! So perfect for right now!!!!! So poignant, the reference to Pete Green in the first of the song. I've always liked the tinge of African tribal in Fleetwood Macs music. This song included. And with the dramatic dark tone of the song, it doesn't end in with a message of dark and doom. It ends with a message of hope. Thanks Mick!!!! Wonderful job you did for your peeps and fans and stuff!!!! Keep on keeping on dude. Luv ya all. Keep safe!!!! 😊😊😊😊


T. GINNADV . 2 months ago

Wonderful melodic song; with Bekka’s amazing voice.... The lyrics are timeless

gary tennant

gary tennant . 2 months ago

Sounds very pink Floyd..great drum rhythm and the guitar is exquisite

Krystian Nieradzik

Krystian Nieradzik . 2 months ago

Beautiful song ending with an '' Albatross""

johnyyboy08 20

johnyyboy08 20 . 2 months ago

Why is this related to johnathan linton

Stuart Oppenheimer

Stuart Oppenheimer . 2 months ago

Loved the original much more!

william mckinley

william mckinley . 2 months ago

I like the video. It is nicely shot. Song is okay...sounded a bit pretentious I thought.

Steve S

Steve S . 2 months ago

Good job Mick! Sharing this one!

Elsie LeBlanc

Elsie LeBlanc . 2 months ago

we are living in the last days, thank you Mick! love you

Dan Gauldin

Dan Gauldin . 2 months ago

I fucking love you Mick Fleetwood! You are so underrated and it pisses me off when people don't include you in their Top 10 lists for drummers. YOU are outstanding and a real driver of the industry. NEver Stop Mick <3 bangin' for life

Rose Budz

Rose Budz . 2 months ago

come together 💯🌹🙏❤️

Rose Budz

Rose Budz . 2 months ago

He’s every were 🌎❤️🎥🙏🌹💋💯

Selena Jackson Hudson

Selena Jackson Hudson . 2 months ago

Art 💚👏

Laser Capri

Laser Capri . 2 months ago

This is a 30 year old song that Mick did called the lizard people . But how it has not aged for 2020 fantastic that you have done with the video ❤️👍


DDowson284 . 2 months ago

Loved the original but this I think will grow on me.

Adrian Gould

Adrian Gould . 2 months ago

Very pink floyd iish different

Christiana Fuller

Christiana Fuller . 2 months ago

Mick thank U. I will make U a homemade meal sure to put a smile on ur face. Just contact me. Keep the faith. We luv U fir all the happiness U have shared.

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