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Thundercat lists his top five movies to test your friendships


Published on 8 months ago

Anyone who’s ever seen a #Thundercat music video knows that the virtuosic bassist, producer and multi-instrumentalist is a fan of wild visuals. His clips often draw from the darkest and most abject corners of b-movie culture, with elements of kung-fu films and horror popping up in unusual and exciting ways. It makes sense, then, that Thundercat’s FADER Top 5 video finds him listing five movies that, according to him, will test your friendships — his wildest and weirdest favorites, from A Serbian Film to Cannibal Holocaust.

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Comments :


CezaMVO . 2 weeks ago

From the title, I thought this was going to be some goofy fun silly goose time, boy was I wrong. And I love this. I'm constantly looking for good messed up horror movies.


KILLROY . 1 month ago

He didn’t say AKIRA 👿👿

House of farts

House of farts . 2 months ago

He looks exhausted

Cansev Mavigül

Cansev Mavigül . 2 months ago

Someone likes his European horror movies.

Joshua Koppes

Joshua Koppes . 2 months ago


Gianluca Sandrone

Gianluca Sandrone . 5 months ago

anyway is Salò not Salo


ADV MHHAG . 5 months ago



Gunnergill1 . 5 months ago

Anyone know what the intro music is? Is that a sample or something or made by the channel?

dear prudence

dear prudence . 6 months ago

<3 thundercat


EXTREM CORG . 7 months ago

Anime Boi looks like he just got back from fishing with that vest

Kana Beats

Kana Beats . 7 months ago

when he said lotus watches them with him i was like "oh ok that makes sense" lol


Lerm . 7 months ago

wish i had a friend like thundercat who would watch fucked up shit with me


KiDLUXO . 7 months ago

I feel like a psychopath having watching 4/5 of these movies multiple times already.

tune enut

tune enut . 7 months ago

That vest is DOPE AF!!

the big skub

the big skub . 7 months ago

Of course Thundercat watched A Serbian Film OF COURSE

Austin Ripley

Austin Ripley . 7 months ago

I'm thoroughly disgusted

K.R. Fioravante

K.R. Fioravante . 7 months ago

Martyrs is good asf.

Ray Slobodjian

Ray Slobodjian . 7 months ago

Audition and I Stand Alone are my 2

Ray Slobodjian

Ray Slobodjian . 7 months ago

This man with the A1 taste

Jack Michener

Jack Michener . 8 months ago



IdlovemesomeGyro! . 8 months ago

This guy is a fan of some French avant-garde horror flicks

Joab Huc

Joab Huc . 8 months ago

Can y'all name movies as weird as these? I just saw them all and want to check more

Politics and Bullsh*t

Politics and Bullsh*t . 8 months ago

He looks like a young George Clinton.


Yourmother8 . 8 months ago

fader? damn near killed 'er

Kane Newman

Kane Newman . 8 months ago

That’s fucked up


A H . 8 months ago

Looks like he's going to melt anytime in the studio. Outfit that gets you frustrated looking for your front door key 😠


Dwaalgeest . 8 months ago

I like everyone who likes the new french wave of horror.

Music Safe Drug

Music Safe Drug . 8 months ago

😷🎵 https://youtu.be/LzJd8-X16P0


Sazaka . 8 months ago

What does it say about me if I watched all of these movies in college?


Shivaji . 8 months ago

Movies mentioned: Inside - 2007 Martyrs - 2008 Salo - 1975 A Serbian film - 2010 Cannibal Holocaust - 1980

Tommy O.

Tommy O. . 8 months ago

These film choices are too wild for me, dude

Jacob Mansfield

Jacob Mansfield . 8 months ago

anyone know what brad hoodie that is?


PewPewGrrr . 8 months ago

When he said martyrs I knew Serbian film and salo would follow

Nate watson

Nate watson . 8 months ago

The other day I looked up "most disturbing movies" and ALL OF THESE were on the list

Justin L

Justin L . 8 months ago

Thunda kitty is a dog sun. Dude is a monster a fuggin, cryptic ass creation. All bs aside, dude is awesome. Indigenous to funkadelic mysteries myself. Dudes fantastic.

Paul Byrnes RMT

Paul Byrnes RMT . 8 months ago

He's so cool. If I had to define coo I would use him as the example


sloneijia . 8 months ago

The odd thing about " Cannibal Holocaust" is that on some level it actually fits in with mainstream cinema to the extant the main character is very relatable and clearly a bit of even a hero - also, there is a fairly clear message and even sense of morality in the movie's ending. That said, the sheer level of violence is nearly otherworldly in its' scope.   Martyrs I have yet to see, Salo is f*cked up - worth watching simply for it's allegorical implications - I would suggest researching the director's background and his own thoughts on the film itself before watching.   Serbian film is just f*cked up, there's no other way to say it. Very well made and the director himself is extremely interesting. Again, I would suggest reading his (the director's) thoughts on the film. Although in this case I would suggest doing so afterwards. A bit of a warning though: this film really is f*cked up, on a whole new level. Proceed with very real caution. As far as Inside - this is my first time hearing of it, might have to watch it very soon : )

King Éron

King Éron . 8 months ago

Real talk, that vest or coat is tough af though

King Éron

King Éron . 8 months ago

Not me and my friendships. Imma whole bitch. Ion do scary movies Steve


MAY: AM . 8 months ago

Thundercat could get it, dragonball durag, cat hair, and all

Michael Atias

Michael Atias . 8 months ago

that hoodie has theater kid vibes.

Trinity Clay

Trinity Clay . 8 months ago

Looked at the imdb page for the last two and now I’m worried, Thundercat.

blu byford

blu byford . 8 months ago

Why would you not show clips of images from the movie


Loosecannon787 . 8 months ago


Padrona Venere

Padrona Venere . 8 months ago

120 days of sodom was written by the Marquis D'Sade, for which we have the term sadism. He was a horrible human being and was arrested for his crimes against children, namely a young girl, possibly 13 or 15, who he tortured and raped

k m

k m . 8 months ago

Marquis de Sade wrote 120 Days. Pasolini directed the movie. I don't know if he was killed for making the movie alone, but it might have been a factor. This is a cool video though.

Sam Warren

Sam Warren . 8 months ago

Never knew this guy was in suicidal tendencies for like almost ten years


surrealducks . 8 months ago

I have heard of all of these movies and seen none of them

Unorthodox Edits

Unorthodox Edits . 8 months ago

Ik he was gonna recommend the most disturbing films right after he said Salo

Al Windsor

Al Windsor . 8 months ago

He purposely chooses the most lauded and infamous disturbing films lmao

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