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Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story) | Real-Time Fandub Games


Published on 1 year ago

A group of voice actors dub the dialogue from Sonic Adventure 2... in one take... with zero rehearsal. This is the result.

Sonic - https://twitter.com/SnapsCube
Shadow - http://www.youtube.com/chongoshow/
Tails and Rouge - http://www.twitter.com/bluespacequeen/
Knuckles and Amy - http://www.youtube.com/hayleycopter/
Eggman - http://www.twitter.com/paperboxhouse/

Real-Time Fandub created by Charley Marlowe

Special thanks to Windii and Cobanermani456 for the footage from this game!

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Twitter ► https://twitter.com/SnapsCube
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Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/snapscube

Intro Art/Animation by

Outro Music

Outro Penny art by

Comments :

Daniel Penagos

Daniel Penagos . 9 hours ago

No one commnting on the background "yope" at 3:11
Dante's Disco Inferno

Dante's Disco Inferno . 11 hours ago

20:24 and 29:57 so I can find them later.

Caroline . 12 hours ago

penny's voice over as sonic is so accurate holy shit
ehm182 _

ehm182 _ . 13 hours ago

11:24 LMFAO
Steams 10

Steams 10 . 15 hours ago

beanos is a GOD

beanos is a GOD . 20 hours ago

Jarjar Rodriguez

Jarjar Rodriguez . 20 hours ago

The classic
10924wendy Sunny

10924wendy Sunny . 21 hours ago

12:59 You all came for this.
Drifty Rifty

Drifty Rifty . 1 day ago

I a m g o i n g t o k i l l y o u A n d t h e n k I l l y o u a g a i n

AceGaming . 1 day ago


RETRO . 1 day ago

1:45 captions: The sound of eggman's titties hitting the bars on his minecraft jail cell
Scientist Doggo

Scientist Doggo . 1 day ago

11:05 When you detonate the Alpha Warheads in SCP: Secret Laboratory
Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo . 2 days ago

This made me really happy.

Ice . 2 days ago

12:53 what the actual shit has become a key part of my vocabulary

OkieDokieBoi . 2 days ago

12:56 Showtime!
Saucem Possem

Saucem Possem . 2 days ago

Brian Blake

Brian Blake . 2 days ago

How do you like that Obama
Javier Velasquez

Javier Velasquez . 2 days ago

The 72 alt accounts had me dead XD
Freezing Jazzy

Freezing Jazzy . 2 days ago

Sees 2 people in discord vc me: 12:41
Woodedlime 29126

Woodedlime 29126 . 2 days ago

lilsonic Gaming

lilsonic Gaming . 2 days ago

22:47 When you bang your friends gf
lilsonic Gaming

lilsonic Gaming . 2 days ago

Nightcore Club

Nightcore Club . 3 days ago

I like the song at 0:35
Brady Banks

Brady Banks . 3 days ago

Jackson Harris

Jackson Harris . 3 days ago

8:38 is the nostalgia button

SPIDERYEB . 3 days ago

My attempt at finding a coherent storyline here: *Dr. Eggman* breaks into a top-secret facility for reasons not yet revealed. The A.I. guarding the facility lock the place down to try to starve him out. He manages to survive for the next three years fighting off the robots while trying to find his way out. Eventually he makes it all the way to Level 7, where he can access the internet and check up on his *Wife* via *Twitter* . After failing to unlock his account because he forgot his password, he tries to log in with his *Diamond* , which fails to unlock his account but grants him access to a secret vault from which *Shadow the Hedgehog* emerges. Dr Eggman offers Shadow wealth beyond his wildest dreams if he agrees to team up with him, to which Shadow refuses and then leaves, claiming he’s going to fuck Eggman’s wife. When Eggman finally escapes the facility and manages to log into his Twitter account, he learns that Shadow has indeed been fucking his wife. Eggman tracks him to the *Space Colony ARK* where he finds Shadow hacking into his twitter account. Shadow uses his *Weed Crystal* to delete Eggman’s account, only to find that the Doctor possesses 70 alternative accounts. *Rouge the Bat* appears and reveals that she fucked his wife as well and stole her *Vagina Diamond* . Strangely enough, the Doctor now feels inclined to invite both Rouge and Shadow on his next mission, in which their objective is to find *Sonic the Hedgehog* on a deserted island, incapacitate him, and then destroy both the island and Sonic along with it. *Amy Rose* accidentally stumbles upon the group and flirts with Shadow until she realizes the presence of the Doctor, to whom she owes a considerable debt. Eggman threatens to kill her but is stopped by *Tails the Fox* . Shadow finds Sonic and defeats him in battle, but has to leave before he has time to kill him because Eggman triggers their trap too early; the island explodes as planned, but Sonic escapes unharmed. Upon returning to the Space Colony ARK, Shadow has a flashback about his childhood friend *Maria* in which he explains to her his fantasies of *Urinating* on various things and places, believing that in doing so he would claim them as his own. He now explains these fantasies to Rouge, who offers to help fulfill them. Eggman interrupts their conversation, prompting an angry response from Shadow in which he tells Eggman that he pissed on his wife after fucking her. Apparently losing all self-control, Eggman appears on every television on earth to announce that, as revenge for Shadow urinating on his wife, he is going to use the Space Colony ARK’s *Eclipse Cannon* to destroy the moon, and immediately does so. The next morning Eggman finds himself cornered by Shadow and Rouge in an “intervention”; apparently the Doctor’s recent erratic behavior (attacking facilities, destroying islands, pissing on the moon) has been the result of excessive alcoholism on his part. Later, while eavesdropping on various phone calls between the other villains and Sonic, Eggman learns that both his partners are double agents for Sonic’s team, aiding them in their quest to stop the Doctor’s shenanigans. Sonic and company then board a rocket and blast off to the Space Colony ARK. Eggman logs on to twitter once more to find that someone has posted his nudes for the entire public to see. Rouge reveals that she was the culprit, and now threatens to hack into the twitter headquarters to post his nudes on every twitter account in the world as a final blow to Eggman’s sanity. Shadow tries to stop her, warning that the Doctor’s horribly deformed penis is too ugly to be shown to the world, but she doesn’t listen to him. Sonic reveals that he too has fucked Eggman’s wife. Overwhelmed by the embarrassment heaped on him by the Sonic team, a drunken Eggman is contemplating suicide when he is suddenly interrupted by his estranged father *Dr Gerald Robotnik* ‘s Twitch livestream. Humiliated beyond measure over the leaking of his son’s nudes, Dr Robotnik announces the destruction of the world by his creation the *Biolizard* (which greatly resembles Eggman’s deformed penis), vowing that the image of his son’s dick will be the last thing everyone will see before they are destroyed. Eggman then finds the Sonic team and begins to rant about the havoc they’ve caused, but is interrupted when *Knuckles the Echidna* reveals that he, too, has fucked Eggman’s wife. Sonic tries to apologize to Eggman and form a truce in the name of saving the planet, but the Doctor refuses the offer and vows to take his revenge, launching into an overdramatic rant against his wife, accusing her of incredible feats of adultery and blaming her for the impending destruction of the world. He begins to lose control of his body as his mind snaps completely, shouting jibberish and slurred fragments of speech at everyone in sight until he falls into a stupefied silence. Knuckles suggests that they have an orgy in their last few minutes before destruction, but Sonic assures everyone that they still have time to save the earth. Shadow reveals that he made a promise to Maria that he’d live out his dream of peeing on the entire world, and decides that he must first save the world in order to do so. Shadow, Knuckles and Sonic travel to the center of the ARK to confront the Biolizard, who is angry at Shadow for wasting his destructive potential by joining the Sonic team. Shadow fights him while Knuckles and Sonic go to collect Eggman’s Diamond, Shadow’s Weed Crystal, Rouge’s Vagina Diamond and 4 other similar gems; once they’re all collected, Shadow and Sonic power themselves up by touching their dicks together, jerking off, and peeing on each other before flying off to finish fighting the Biolizard in space. The Biolizard tries to distract them by asking them math problems during the battle, but it doesn’t work. With one last effort, Sonic and Shadow use their combined power to blast the Biolizard with their energy and disintegrate him, but sadly Shadow loses consciousness and falls out of sight. Back on the ship, Sonic delivers Shadow’s eulogy. Eggman has recovered somewhat from his breakdown, but not fully. As Sonic leaves to go to Chipotle, Eggman asks him to bring him back a burrito; Sonic refuses and walks out, followed by the Doctor’s echoing howl of frustration at the hedgehogs for the fuckery they’ve put him through. In summary: Eggman’s alcoholism leads to him being cucked, cyberbullied, and sexually harassed; the Sonic team’s abuse of Eggman leads to near-worldwide catastrophe; and all parties’ bad decisions and irresponsibility lead to broken hearts, heads, and noses. PS: the events of the Hero Story episode also fit into this timeline; the small discrepancies between the two episodes are the result of differing perceptions of what happened (ex. Shadow thought Sonic was trying to steal his Weed Crystal when he was actually just trying to stop Shadow)
Buddy Felt

Buddy Felt . 3 days ago

Around 12:24 it sounds like the laugh from Feel Good Inc is playing extremely silently in the background
Buddy Felt

Buddy Felt . 3 days ago

From 11:35 - 14:28 are two back-to-back pure droplets of gold
Shapipo Shapipo

Shapipo Shapipo . 3 days ago

17:59, nice
Dr. Bright

Dr. Bright . 3 days ago

I'm going to kill you.....and then kill you again.

Tyminator . 3 days ago

Hey that's...
Brady Herrington

Brady Herrington . 4 days ago

18:00 so I can find it again
Gary Britt

Gary Britt . 4 days ago

Gacha Spectator

Gacha Spectator . 4 days ago

Y O U F O O L . I H A V E 7 0 A L T E R N A T I V E A C C O U N T S !!
Şapkam Kafamda!

Şapkam Kafamda! . 4 days ago

Shifter1307 *

Shifter1307 * . 4 days ago

*I have 70 alternative accounts*
HeavyMetal&RockMusicFan 1980

HeavyMetal&RockMusicFan 1980 . 4 days ago

22:31 When you see your girl with another boy

Prescott . 4 days ago

12:58 what you're probably here for
Donnavin Zepeda

Donnavin Zepeda . 4 days ago

24:40 when I see my sibling just sitting and doing nothing
Darrel Hall

Darrel Hall . 4 days ago

I would have found it somewhat offensive if I were one of the two trans women in this video that voiced male characters

SKmaric . 4 days ago

Imagine if they decided to skip the reused cutscenes from the Hero Story.
Joshua Cantu

Joshua Cantu . 4 days ago

The best video on YouTube.

Yuki . 5 days ago

Josh Knight

Josh Knight . 5 days ago

12:58 You're welcome.
SnoZZu Fin

SnoZZu Fin . 5 days ago

This is the fucking funniest thing i have ever seen
SnoZZu Fin

SnoZZu Fin . 5 days ago

Jesus christ i love you. This is so funny
D Clark

D Clark . 5 days ago

12:59, xD
Daisy3945 !

Daisy3945 ! . 5 days ago

“I’ve come to make an announcement. Shadow the hedgehog is a bitch ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. That’s right. He took his hedgehog, quilly dick out, and he pissed on my fucking wife and he said his dick was tHiS BiG. And I said ‘That’s disgusting.’ So I’m making a callout post on Twitter dot com. Shadow the hedgehog, you got a small dick, and it’s the size of this walnut except way smaller. And guess what? Here’s what my dong looks like. *explosion noise* That’s right baby. All points, no quills, no pillows. Look at that, it looks like 2 balls and a bong. He fucked my wife so I’m going to fuck the Earth. That’s right so this is what you get. MY SUPER LAZER PISS!!! Except I’m not gonna piss on the Earth. I’m gonna go higher. I’m pissing on the MOOOOON!!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT OBAMA, I PISSED ON THE MOON YOU IDIOT!!! You have 23 hours before the piss d r o p l e t s hit the fucking Earth. Now get out of my sight before I piss on you too!” ~Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Tesla X Model

Tesla X Model . 5 days ago

11:23 ok why do the explosions match up perfectly with Alfred?
Aiden Asar

Aiden Asar . 5 days ago

Shadow is a Reddit god

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