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DIIV - Starting Now (Documentary)


Published on 1 year ago

DIIV open up about sobriety, their near-break up, and the new phase of their band in Starting Now, The FADER’s new documentary.

"I was worried," DIIV guitarist Andrew Bailey says. "Like, 'I wonder if Cole's going to be able to stay clean.; But then as soon as he got clean, I was like, "Oh wait of course he is" because that's just how he does everything."

In Starting Now, The FADER’s intimate and revealing new documentary on one of the past decade’s most fascinating and complicated bands, we explore the tumultuous period in the aftermath of the 2016 release of DIIV’s sophomore record Is The Is Are, and focussing specifically on the band’s sessions recording last year’s Deceiver with producer Sonny Diperri, Starting Now lets DIIV and frontman Zachary Cole Smith speak their own truth for one of the first times in their career.

The release of Starting Now also coincides with a gargantuan milestone for the band: this Thursday’s headline show at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town, their largest show in the city to date. A 2,300-capacity room, it feels like an appropriately grand venue for the dark melodies of Deceiver. Watch Starting Now above and find tickets to this Thursday’s show here.

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Director: Frances Capell
Producer: Lindsey Hartman

Executive Producers: Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Anthony Holland, Scott Perry, Chloe Campion
Senior Production Manager: Madison LaClair
Associate Producer: Claire Lilly

Shot by: Frances Capell, Lindsey Hartman, DIIV and friends
Sound: Jake Viator
Editor: Frances Capell
Title: Radha Vishnubhotla
Colorist: Dimitri Zola at MPC
Special Thanks: Sargent House, Captured Tracks, Sid The Cat Presents, Deafheaven, Launder, Sonny Diperri, Tyler Karman, Billie Frasier, Dani Nelson, Katrina Urton, Alexandra Noland, Lukas Frank, Pappy & Harriet's, Highland Park Ebell

Comments :

Shoegaze Daydream

Shoegaze Daydream . 2 months ago

How beautiful it is to see an independent band working on their projects, and speaking of DIIV, may their trajectory be forever full of success. I have been following these kids since the beginning and they will always have a special place in our hearts. ♥

Imperial Saboteur

Imperial Saboteur . 2 months ago

It's fucked up but you're still getting attention and money


thenear1send . 2 months ago

Loved this documentary. Totally fell in love with DIIVs latest album. Would love to see these guys live. I swear I've listened to this album nearly 200 times now.


92vinman . 3 months ago

Does anyone know the song he is playing at 2:35?

Mark Ardisson

Mark Ardisson . 3 months ago

Yess YellowBird hot sauce is dope

madcap laughed

madcap laughed . 4 months ago

omfg what a well made doc. the ending was so heartfelt.

I like to dream But she won’t care

I like to dream But she won’t care . 4 months ago

10 years ago he’s like what I wasn’t even in a band 😂

Veer Chasm

Veer Chasm . 5 months ago

“Would you like a Franchise and Pensacola with that Chicken Melt?”

Adalyn Clarke

Adalyn Clarke . 5 months ago

they're just so cool

Zack Martinez

Zack Martinez . 6 months ago

Love DIIV pandora put me on , I was going thru a break up with this female many moons ago, there songs help me recuperate from all the lost emotions! Love y’all

Channel Zero

Channel Zero . 8 months ago

1:13 I hear some "Pavement" here...

Brendan Campbell

Brendan Campbell . 8 months ago

Where is Devon?

Joshua Laureano

Joshua Laureano . 8 months ago

I’m so curious what happened to Devin and why the new bassist talks as if he’s been in the band for years. I thought he just joined. Am I missing something?


trevorcrump . 9 months ago

Great doc!

Kevin Huynh

Kevin Huynh . 10 months ago

My favorite fucking BAND!

Samsara Records

Samsara Records . 10 months ago

This documentary is one of the best things of this crappy year. Thank you. P.S. Is that Kerry McCoy from Deafheaven at 19:13 ?


PakkiNakki . 10 months ago

Does anyone have any insight on why they haven't released Big Joke and Corvalis properly? They're both hidden on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3TFLjCACwdFjK3bMGVDLaV

Leon P Fields

Leon P Fields . 11 months ago

Great short doc 💥


Orochi . 11 months ago

I noticed the spx-50 ;) mbv gang

Veer Chasm

Veer Chasm . 11 months ago

It is my mission to see DIIV live in concert once this Covid nonsense is over

Veer Chasm

Veer Chasm . 11 months ago

Suburban Lawns poster 👍🏻

Sebastián Yáñez

Sebastián Yáñez . 1 year ago

Man I love DIIV since their very beginning, glad to see Cole so healthy now.


aarde . 1 year ago

cole is a beast #respeto

the cellulon triptometer

the cellulon triptometer . 1 year ago

Thank you to the band for taking the time to put this together. I appreciate getting to know what they were thinking about and where they are coming from with these songs. I'm pulling hard for these guys to stay clean because selfishly I want to see what their music will be like in 5-10 years as they evolve. Love DIIV.


Waverer . 1 year ago

Wanted to see DIIV in 2016 - Europe tour cancelled Wanted to see them again in 2020 - Europe tour cancelled

Christian Crespo

Christian Crespo . 1 year ago

The uhh


GardonBoyDon . 1 year ago

I will always praise a band for being authentic and intimate emotionally on video. Fantastic doc

Rach L

Rach L . 1 year ago

I first got introduced to these when they supported The Vaccines manyyy years ago in Manchester, been one of my favourite bands ever since 😍

Fernando Ramirez

Fernando Ramirez . 1 year ago

I love it! The words that Cole said at the end put a lot of tears in my eyes :')

Tanner Alder

Tanner Alder . 1 year ago

I think all of them especially Cole have trouble doubting themselves, but they’re fucken rock legends. DIIV has such a unique but also incredible sound and energy/aesthetic, they’re just cool ass people. And they’re very real, their music is very personal, no pretentiousness or lying buzzwords. I wish more people in music focused on the art like they do. I’m glad Cole is being honest with himself about the wrongs he’s done but give him a break. Drug addiction is hard as fuck, especially heroin, and the fact that he was able to put out 3 near flawless albums while struggling with that is amazing to me.

Jose Pablo Briseno

Jose Pablo Briseno . 1 year ago

Shoutout whataburger

s8tr dude

s8tr dude . 1 year ago

15:02 nice NIN shirt

Sam Wulfekotter

Sam Wulfekotter . 1 year ago

I was at the birthday show, 11/7/19 Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ata Iskandar

Ata Iskandar . 1 year ago

This documentary deserves old photographs of them from the early days :(

vinícius santos

vinícius santos . 1 year ago

1:06 how does he do that

Tam Vu

Tam Vu . 1 year ago

i kinda need to know what song they were playing at 10:12

Internet Summoner

Internet Summoner . 1 year ago

That ending had me in tears 🤍 Love Diiv !!

Love Muse

Love Muse . 1 year ago

what's the song they're playing at 15:20?

Juan Arias

Juan Arias . 1 year ago

10:00 nice Magic tour right there

Aric Holtz

Aric Holtz . 1 year ago

dig that deafheaven poster


EWForever . 1 year ago

Loved 'em till they got freaked out by a bee.

Ansar M. Smith

Ansar M. Smith . 1 year ago

This video is pretty amazing sped up to 1.25 lmao


Elio . 1 year ago

I was supposed to see them in Europe but the show got canceled...

El Franco

El Franco . 1 year ago

Good band on record but listening to the woe is me stuff about touring - bore off for fucks sake.

Taylor Thurlow

Taylor Thurlow . 1 year ago


Ismael Pineda

Ismael Pineda . 1 year ago

This music helps me escape from this miserable world

bob saget

bob saget . 1 year ago

what song is at the 1:40 mark?

Nicolás del Castillo

Nicolás del Castillo . 1 year ago

Well of course the guy's a Scorpio

Rebeca Samayoa

Rebeca Samayoa . 1 year ago

Andrew Bailey has a side band that also performed at Highland Park in December 2019. Does anyone know the name of that side band? I really dig their music

Rebeca Samayoa

Rebeca Samayoa . 1 year ago

I saw them live in Highland Park, CA. Best set ever! and that was my first time seeing them. I do not regret it. They freakin rock!!

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