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Morgan Wallen - Still Goin Down (The Dangerous Sessions)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen to ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ now: https://MorganWallen.lnk.to/DangerousYD

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Music video by Morgan Wallen performing Still Goin Down (Dangerous Sessions). © 2021 Big Loud Records, under exclusive license to Republic Records, A division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments :

Jacob Haggart

Jacob Haggart . 5 hours ago

omg this relates to me i just found your song and it made me cry and the resion why is becuse non of rthe songs i have hurd has been elated to my God blass you

Miss Behaving2469

Miss Behaving2469 . 1 day ago

This man is dead sexy 🤠

Binnie Button

Binnie Button . 1 day ago


Zach Esterdahl

Zach Esterdahl . 1 day ago

What Taylor guitar is he playing?

Marie Takacs

Marie Takacs . 2 days ago

I absolutely love how he needs no auto tune and all the lyrics just roll together in a southern drawl! I love every single song he’s released and it’s nice knowing you’re listening to someone with raw talent 👌

Aidan Mahony

Aidan Mahony . 2 days ago

every country girl got on a cutoff <3

Ruben Ramirez

Ruben Ramirez . 3 days ago

So good thats what im talking about good job


NoRmAsJeAnS82 . 3 days ago

I would like to have this man!!! He’s so talented and authentic. Easy on the eyes too💕

Alys Hus

Alys Hus . 3 days ago

i could see me sittin' in the back of a cop car bangin' my head on a window i could see me slammin' that last call shot glass losin 'everything in my billfold ooh that's what i do when i'm drinkin' about you so i don't wanna go downtown doin' what we used to twist the top off another round hell i got enough loose screws i'm getting tired of hurtin' 'bout yuo nothin' ever changes i think i'm gonna stay right here tonight cause that could be dangerous cause that could be dangerous

Mikele Wissel

Mikele Wissel . 3 days ago

I freaking love this man!!! Alls i can say is DAMN!!

Marco Z

Marco Z . 3 days ago

Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs and Hardy my favorites.

isaiah porter

isaiah porter . 4 days ago

Let's get this acoustic version to 1 million!!! Best country boy song on this album!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Blake Farmer

Blake Farmer . 4 days ago

Morgan Wallen is a Legend. Been following him and his music since he was on the voice!

Kathy Matlock

Kathy Matlock . 4 days ago

It’s a number 1. Watch !!! OKlahoma gals know good music. 😬☺️❤️


penny . 5 days ago

your voice is a whole instrument😍😍😍😍😍I AM IN LOOVEEEEE

Liz Maxwell

Liz Maxwell . 5 days ago

I love This song

Mitch Trubisky

Mitch Trubisky . 5 days ago

U god damn right, hell its always going down in the country

Ben Ireland

Ben Ireland . 6 days ago

Great job whoever mixed this - that rim shot sound is 👍🏿

Rich 2992

Rich 2992 . 6 days ago

Bought the entire double album. So many straight 🔥 songs. This is one of the best on them both! Much love to you Morgan!

Alys Hus

Alys Hus . 7 days ago

Pandora has a new mode called the listening room hosted by Morgan Wallen

Marcus Garcia

Marcus Garcia . 1 week ago

Is one of them playing a baritone guitar?

Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark . 1 week ago

Another classic song! Ur music never disappoints.

seiom jvony

seiom jvony . 1 week ago

Replayed at least 20x since came out

Stuntman Billy TV

Stuntman Billy TV . 1 week ago

This and more surprised than me are my favorites off this album. Wish he woulda played that one on here.

Queenie Ellie

Queenie Ellie . 1 week ago


Zachary Hammond

Zachary Hammond . 1 week ago

Hands down one of the best artist of our time...!!!!

bilinas mini

bilinas mini . 1 week ago

Happy every day

Raul sin apellidos

Raul sin apellidos . 1 week ago

The rampant column marginally knot because clarinet remarkably concern versus a zonked motorcycle. royal, spectacular chain

Riley Kilzer

Riley Kilzer . 1 week ago

who were the 66 people who disliked and why????

Glinda Leffler

Glinda Leffler . 1 week ago


Billy Bob

Billy Bob . 1 week ago

Do the acoustic version PLEEAASSSEEE! IT WAS FIRE!

Aiden Maynard

Aiden Maynard . 1 week ago

Best voice in country! Atleast to me. I love his voice!

Josh Noeldner

Josh Noeldner . 1 week ago

Best type of music video. There’s no need for these crazy music videos that usually take away from the song. This is my favorite type to watch. Good videography and the band just jamming together to the song. Simple is better

gaisuklung phaomei

gaisuklung phaomei . 1 week ago

No. 1 Fav.☝

Victoria Settimi

Victoria Settimi . 1 week ago

amazing song, this guy makes me so happy

Shark Management Group LLC

Shark Management Group LLC . 1 week ago

Great music cowboy. Great voice and your band sounds great. Your knocking em out already! Wish you great success. Stay real. You could do a duo with just about anyone and make that chit pop!


BIGFOSS 1977 . 1 week ago


abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 1 week ago

This is funny

Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor . 1 week ago

I love love love me some Morgan Wallen ❤ I love all his songs 🎵 😍 ❤

katerry jollin

katerry jollin . 1 week ago

I just got his dangerous CD. Omg I'm stuck!!!!! It's all I've listened to since I got it!!!!! I'm obsessed....... Not stalker obsessed but just a notch below!! Lol I LOVE Morgan Wallen!

Eddie Durham

Eddie Durham . 2 weeks ago

Morgan Wallen is a genius.

Naeem Ajam

Naeem Ajam . 2 weeks ago

I'm not even from the country. Hell I'm not even from the states but this songs slaps! 🔥🔥

miko foin

miko foin . 2 weeks ago

لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️

Grace Miller

Grace Miller . 2 weeks ago

why does he look sad singing this

Kimberly Little

Kimberly Little . 2 weeks ago

Love to here his songs ♥️GREAT JOB ✌️

Faith Church

Faith Church . 2 weeks ago

He sounds like fire when he sings this song but all the time he does

Dustin Riddell

Dustin Riddell . 2 weeks ago

He is good..


Mathew . 2 weeks ago

The acoustics were way better in the first version...


RonnyD2 . 2 weeks ago

Amongst all the chaos in the world...this just puts a smile on my face....thank you Morgan.

Li Mo

Li Mo . 2 weeks ago

100% Niko n Eric look like a city boys compared to Morgan.

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