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Vasiliy Lomachenko: I Will Make Lopez Pay For What He's Been Saying
Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing

Published on 9 months ago

Watch #highlights from the undercard of #NavarreteVilla featuring #ElvisRodriguez and Cameron Krael. In the fight Rodriguez did it again making it 10 Fights, 10 KOs when he finishes Krael in the 3rd round.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, the lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.

The Lomachenko vs. Lopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr.

In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.

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Comments :

Bubbha 1

Bubbha 1 . 16 hours ago

Then his shoulder started to hurt and he did not want to postpone the fight and now he wants a rematch because he lost and believes he won and his manager states it should have been a draw...These are grown men talking this way...

Bob Hennig

Bob Hennig . 1 month ago

I hope you do make him pay, I 'd love to be there to see you defeat him. I hope you do everything you want and more.


M.Sheriff . 1 month ago

the rematch will be epic


choice12ozborne . 2 months ago

Hope everybody doesn't remember that lomachenko came into a fight with a torn rotator cuff. 36 hours after the fight he had surgery


choice12ozborne . 2 months ago

I'd like to see Mikey Garcia and lomachenko

Chi Towns Own

Chi Towns Own . 2 months ago

That didnt age well

jay jones

jay jones . 3 months ago

It's like seeing green arrow lose. I foreal think he defended his title he was just late.

Charley Weinhardt

Charley Weinhardt . 4 months ago

Lomachenko flying into the sun, would be thinking he could go up to welterweight.


БОКС TJ . 4 months ago

Loma champ

New Perspective

New Perspective . 4 months ago

"I don't know such a word" Loses next fight

J Bart

J Bart . 5 months ago

Loma is used to defeating guys smaller than him. He even said after the fight against teo, I quote "because of his size and reach his not easy to get hit".


3800ThaBizz . 5 months ago

Define failure loma 🤓

Hendra Sidauruk

Hendra Sidauruk . 5 months ago


Maf24label Tacci069

Maf24label Tacci069 . 6 months ago

I used to love Lomachenko until he lost to Lopez. It's a shame that he built up such a great record to end up losing all his belts in a fight where he didn't fight back 70% of the fight. Loma proved that he's not as good as he thought and as much as his fans thought. Lopez beat him as if he was an average boxer.

Arturo Bernal

Arturo Bernal . 6 months ago

This guy is a psycho I’m so glad Lopez embarrassed him and gave him a beating

Arturo Bernal

Arturo Bernal . 6 months ago

You are a cocky arrogant dude, I never liked a fighters face when they act like that, never given his opponent any credit, never being polite or sportsmanship, need to be more humble!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Arturo Bernal

Arturo Bernal . 6 months ago

Where are the Russian supporters now?? I love to see this videos after an arrogant fighter looses and eat all his garbage including his supporters!!!😁😁😁

Walter White

Walter White . 6 months ago

Anyone know what Nike trainers Loma has on?

Insider NJ

Insider NJ . 6 months ago

Daedalus did, in fact, fly with Icarus.


kingmetroplex . 7 months ago

No mas world champ.. Teo Femo is the best your excuses are sad


olllloollllo . 7 months ago

Failure= getting your ass beat by Teofimo


8trigrammer . 7 months ago

Lomachenko won, the fight was rigged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhhrXHwoPq8


Trendyrapslut . 7 months ago

That's Tom Hardy Also the scorecards were complete bullshit. It was a draw

lummers morgan

lummers morgan . 7 months ago


daniel nunez

daniel nunez . 7 months ago

What happened to all loma fans?..heeeelllooo..are y'all still out there?..if you are,listen,tell loma that the time to talk shit was in the ring..he had his chance..and teo took it..teo is too BIG for loma... period..teo beats him 2outbof 3


TCSP . 7 months ago

Loma saying Pacquiao is old as a reason not to fight him is shit.Pacquiao takes down bigger opponents much more of this pillow handed.😂🤣

Little gianT

Little gianT . 7 months ago

Loma come strong , u can do it champ.

Parviz Hamidov

Parviz Hamidov . 7 months ago

Well since all this was for the sake of promoting of the fight, why are you guys taking this too serious? Tell you something, the reputation that Loma has is just beyond what you can think of. He has been doing the magician's job since he started his pro career or at lest we have seen. That reputation overshadows him fighting close fight with someone like Lopez, even his die-heart fans don't get satisfied his close fight because the dude has been showing the world better show than ever and people got used to it easily and expect the same thing over and over again, but the reality is that in every boxers career there is ups and downs always. Loma had done enough to secure the win, it was all up to judges, but as always judges did their part. They favored the younger, the one who has more future, the one who hasn't got loss in his record, and considered to be next ppv king guy. The ones who really understand boxing realize this trick, what we think we believe, fight looked close, Lopez seemed more active even though not much accuracy and finally judges gave the win and all these combined make people really believe the result, but after all the reality is different in every person

S_CH 78

S_CH 78 . 7 months ago


Василь Стецюк

Василь Стецюк . 7 months ago

Помилка ВАСЯ


gixxerboy555 . 7 months ago

The little boys like Lopez have no respekt,even for a boxer who is huge levels above them..

Rayist 1

Rayist 1 . 7 months ago

I like how I can confidently say that Nakatani put up a better fight then Loma.

Miguel Salami

Miguel Salami . 7 months ago

Oh so this was all said before Teofimo Lopez handed his ass to him in the ring. Well it was his time to lose. Never underestimate your opponent🥊


dima . 7 months ago

Ну уже пролетел ты вася к сожалению

Petar Sirenko

Petar Sirenko . 7 months ago

Loma ever will be N1 ! Respect from BULGARIA! Go loma,go usyk!


TTukcelb . 7 months ago

Все равно Василий Ломаченко величайший боксер современности.

Вадим Кравченко

Вадим Кравченко . 7 months ago

Лома тебі показали, твоє місце!!!

Ghost face

Ghost face . 7 months ago


Дмитрий Ворон

Дмитрий Ворон . 7 months ago

Вася слил бой.

Sergey Sotnikov

Sergey Sotnikov . 7 months ago

Слова легендарного утопленника который утонул в своих же глубоких водах

Викентий Мастер

Викентий Мастер . 7 months ago

*если отец даст...крылья.....если...(отец не вечен , да и Васе не 7 лет отроду)...А ГДЕ САМ ВАСЯ , ГДЕ ЛИЧНОСТЬ?*

JA The Emcee [JTM 33]

JA The Emcee [JTM 33] . 7 months ago

Took too long to download the information.

edd flow

edd flow . 7 months ago

Dude I called it! Lopez is Lomachenk with Devestating power! He is the weakest p4p nobody in an era that lack er d balls speed n power... Thier will never be so much grateness in the welter, super welter again... Im mexican n greatness skipped Julio cesar chavez only yo be introduced by oscar dela hoya when He out classed n nobody era boxer


Bishunmo1 . 7 months ago

Loma - good buy )) End story )

TomAsh Infinity

TomAsh Infinity . 7 months ago

Hahaha loser


JOSE D MORENO . 7 months ago

Loma , López was a better swimmer than you. you drowned what happened?

Fat Bunny

Fat Bunny . 7 months ago

For the hospital bill

Giovanni Tobias

Giovanni Tobias . 8 months ago

That is why this guy is overhyped!!! He just move up to only one division and this was what happened??? pacquaio move up to 8 division and at 40 he's still a champ!!!. loma you are fucking disgrace super overhyped

Leonardo Silva

Leonardo Silva . 8 months ago

Lomachenko does not have what it takes @ 135.

Javi Ruiz

Javi Ruiz . 8 months ago

Lomachenko is a good fighter not a great fighter

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