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Vasiliy Lomachenko: I Will Make Lopez Pay For What He's Been Saying
Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing

Published on 2 months ago

Watch #highlights from the undercard of #NavarreteVilla featuring #ElvisRodriguez and Cameron Krael. In the fight Rodriguez did it again making it 10 Fights, 10 KOs when he finishes Krael in the 3rd round.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, the lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.

The Lomachenko vs. Lopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr.

In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.

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Comments :

Dan Gable

Dan Gable . 4 hours ago

This one didn’t age well.


JerichoxVxKane . 9 hours ago

I doubt it


Arman . 9 hours ago

2:28 Teo hit him with the reverse card 👀😈👀

Sick as foo LA213 G

Sick as foo LA213 G . 13 hours ago

He got too arrogant..

kharga libang

kharga libang . 22 hours ago

Who is hear after reading my comment???

simon neke

simon neke . 22 hours ago

From nomaschenko to divachenko.

Eddie Nongkhlaw

Eddie Nongkhlaw . 1 day ago

Lomachenko is in my heart,a true humble warrior

John Deighan

John Deighan . 1 day ago

Seems like "taking him into deep waters" meant "doing nothing for 6 or 7 rounds". Surprisingly, it didn't work.

Marco Osiris

Marco Osiris . 1 day ago

No mas chenko turned out to be true after all

Pankaj Rai

Pankaj Rai . 1 day ago

Fraud p4p

Conon Mctapper

Conon Mctapper . 1 day ago

I've never rated this guy and Lopez showed how it's done. 14-2. Awful record.

Renaissance Fitness

Renaissance Fitness . 1 day ago



TUFF GUY RIO . 2 days ago

He lost 😂😂😂

Juai nott?

Juai nott? . 2 days ago

... until probably the 7 round. Next time go for pulling th le trigger earlier

Mike Bowie

Mike Bowie . 2 days ago

This guy's got two hundred fights and ain't nobody heard of any of them lmao..ol no name fighting chump..


thesouthpawalbert . 2 days ago

Soooo...where's all the Lopez haters at now???

Pushing 4Better

Pushing 4Better . 2 days ago

Run it back!

Stay Single

Stay Single . 2 days ago

Overrated boxer...

Dan Bridge

Dan Bridge . 2 days ago

No you will never beat Lopez! He is built like Mike Tyson 🥊

metaphorical tactics

metaphorical tactics . 2 days ago

I do not think Loma is over rated or a hype job. The problem is that his amateur career was way too long. If your'e that talented, there's no way you should have between 400 & 500 amateur fights. That has to take a toll on his body. Yeah he's 32 but is much older in boxing years. If I could interview him but had only one question, it would be: Why did he feel the need to have that many amateur fights before turning pro? He's great alright, but we may never find out how great he actually could have been because he fought as an amateur too long which may have worn him down physically.

Alan Sarmiento

Alan Sarmiento . 2 days ago

Loma the Lo - tech chenko!! 😂😂😂

Francisco Farfan

Francisco Farfan . 3 days ago

Nope never happened. He had to eat his words. His little zumba routine didn't work


Jake . 3 days ago

Trump will win, it´s not over till the fat lady sings

Victor Lugosi

Victor Lugosi . 3 days ago

Well this didn’t go well, did it.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

Andrey Vtr

Andrey Vtr . 3 days ago

Loma lost only to himself and judges score cards.....NOT Lopez.

Il capo di tutti capi

Il capo di tutti capi . 3 days ago

Roberto Duran was immensely strong and powerfull at 135 what is why he was was able to go up in weight and challenge monsters and beat some of them. While Loma is weak and not a strong puncher that is why he struggles against bigger stronger opponents

Dave Elcock

Dave Elcock . 3 days ago

Trash talk gone wrong should be the title .

Dave Elcock

Dave Elcock . 3 days ago

I guess Lopez found an oxygen tank.

Juan Roble

Juan Roble . 4 days ago

All the way with Vasily, great champ.

Jose Avalos

Jose Avalos . 4 days ago

Lopes lo agarro 14 meses si subir al ring. Lopes no megusta como pelea pero nimodo yo no pago por el ni un peso para bajar una pelea


Hou7226 . 4 days ago

This didn't age very well... I hope they do rematch tho.


mutsuzawa . 4 days ago

They gotta fight again

Jarraun Gamble

Jarraun Gamble . 4 days ago

The champ will bounce back

kramnick 143

kramnick 143 . 4 days ago

LOma: I will make Lopez Pay for what he has been saying.. Lopez: what? you want rematch? LOma: I'll just sue you..

Yuriy UA

Yuriy UA . 4 days ago

Lomachenko Mankruth Ukraine does not need such, heroes,

David T

David T . 4 days ago

The waters fine grandma

Richard Diaz

Richard Diaz . 4 days ago

Heard that b4. You might get a worst beating this time...


Howabouthetruth . 4 days ago

Just look at all the rotten leftist/socialist house flies buzzing in the comments below. The fight was clearly a draw, mainly because Loma waited too long to get to work. They think "Biden won the election" too.

Damian Tymiński

Damian Tymiński . 4 days ago

Znaszz loma juz takie słowo. Znasz


Armageddon . 4 days ago

hahah he drown in that deep water !! Lomachenko go home -))

An Electrician

An Electrician . 4 days ago

Lmao 14-2 hype

Tommy O'Dell

Tommy O'Dell . 4 days ago

I thought I would see more comments about this but the story with Icarus..... His father does make himself wings as well and does fly with his son. So I guess he hasn’t read up on his Greek mythology.

Rio Tilly

Rio Tilly . 4 days ago

You lost what did he do?? Pay to beat u up????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mel1 1

Mel1 1 . 4 days ago

Your finished

Harry Tee

Harry Tee . 4 days ago

Got owned ... LOL 😂

Travis Marten

Travis Marten . 5 days ago

Hype job. Thanks for leaving.

mydic stinks

mydic stinks . 5 days ago

from the thumbnail picture I thought it was luke rockhold lol

A.D. Perez

A.D. Perez . 5 days ago

Haha lol .... Loma didn't have anything for lopez . Lopez is top Dog now , Tank and Haney hopefully are next

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