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Bri & Fern

Bri & Fern

Published on 2 weeks ago



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Lina Lewis

Lina Lewis . 8 hours ago

Rom loves him its a beautiful bond he is the godfather right

Llely Florez

Llely Florez . 12 hours ago

Don't touch this pile...Fernando help me plz...🤣🤣🤣🤣...u guys funny

Becky plus Eli

Becky plus Eli . 4 days ago

This is sooo sweet & cute!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVI ♥️♥️♥️

Lisa Galindo

Lisa Galindo . 5 days ago

Where is your coat from ?

Xiomara Castaneda

Xiomara Castaneda . 5 days ago

Its Evi saying woooow for me😿

Baby G

Baby G . 7 days ago

Lol sorry ur hair in beginning🤣

bouytt guyt

bouytt guyt . 1 week ago

I’m so dead when Evi knocked the decoration off the cake “What happened!?” someone in the back “he chose violence” 🤣🤣

Mary Perrot

Mary Perrot . 1 week ago

I LOVE Romero and Evi together Brit has to marry him just for Evi’s sake lol cause he LOVES him so much!

qopoy dnon

qopoy dnon . 1 week ago

The most beautiful baby boy ever lol his big eyes are to die for. So cute ☺️

Maria Ochoa

Maria Ochoa . 1 week ago


Mich Kkp2

Mich Kkp2 . 1 week ago

Your guy's own little family is so adorable 😍🤗

Heather Elizabeth

Heather Elizabeth . 1 week ago

Fern is so damn FUGLY 💯✌

Leslie Vlogs86

Leslie Vlogs86 . 1 week ago

Ramiro and britney should be the godparents ❤❤

soiung toiue

soiung toiue . 1 week ago

Lmfaoo im dead mo was like “he’ll start swinging on everybody rightnow” 🤣🤣🤣

Julia Gom

Julia Gom . 1 week ago

Watching them try to take him pics in fast motion was so funny shout out to these photographers cause takings a toddler pics is the hardest thing ever

Patty Melena

Patty Melena . 1 week ago

Does Bri still have her puppies?


KAyLA BABYy . 1 week ago

Evi and my son share a birthday 🥳 He just turned 4! Happy belated birthday EVI

Jayyy C

Jayyy C . 1 week ago

My 3 y.o loved this vlog😅 Evi is so blessed😍😍


cassie1dueces . 1 week ago

Evi screaming before everyone singing happy bday! 😂 like let’s get this over with mood

Neszaa Estrada

Neszaa Estrada . 2 weeks ago

I’m so dead when Evi knocked the decoration off the cake “What happened!?” *someone in the back* “he chose violence” 🤣🤣

Paloma Marin

Paloma Marin . 2 weeks ago

Yo! Siah is strong AF- the way he was hitting the piñata 💪🏼🤣

sehhi vooty

sehhi vooty . 2 weeks ago

I remember when evi was born💕💕💕hes so big and cute now

Patricia Familia

Patricia Familia . 2 weeks ago

This vlog is so cute I have never seen a one year old baby so happy on his birthday party 🥳😍

dinora sandoval

dinora sandoval . 2 weeks ago

Where are your new dogs?

evi nicole

evi nicole . 2 weeks ago

the part when JJ and evian were playing with the balls is such a dream! 🥺✨ You guys have such a close knit family, I hope when my siblings and I have our own kids, we’d be like this too

Suzy Cisneros

Suzy Cisneros . 2 weeks ago



Heyyb_ . 2 weeks ago

Now ain’t about that bullshit “ That’s it party’s cancelled !” Lmaoo


Heyyb_ . 2 weeks ago

The way they baby talk Evi is so sweet and you just know they all have genuine Love💗

Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole . 2 weeks ago

He’s such a good baby, my twin girls will be a year old next month

Rosemarie Trevino

Rosemarie Trevino . 2 weeks ago

My first son was the 1st baby of new year's but his birthday is as well as January the 2nd 24 hrs in labor thought I was gonna die lol

chanamanala c

chanamanala c . 2 weeks ago

Your grandmother is truly a blessing the way she talks.to Evi....is the ULTIMATE....GOD BLESS BABY EVIAN 👶 Happy Birthday

Young Audrizzle

Young Audrizzle . 2 weeks ago

Me high af watching the evi photoshoot part like 🤔💭damn this song kinda slaps😂

Marisol T

Marisol T . 2 weeks ago

I don’t like Ramiro calling him “wey”

Marii Herrera

Marii Herrera . 2 weeks ago

Dang 1 already 💔 time flys

Amada Munoz

Amada Munoz . 2 weeks ago

Ai q hermoso tu niño mija q dios telo bendiga 😘🙏❤️

Joanna Cordova

Joanna Cordova . 2 weeks ago

We love you Evi boy 👦


FADEZ VENEGAS . 2 weeks ago


Jazzmin O.

Jazzmin O. . 2 weeks ago

Evi is the cutest Happy Birthday handsome 😍🎂🎉🧸💙🥳

Kemberlyyy Xoxo

Kemberlyyy Xoxo . 2 weeks ago

I love how they are all so loving to each other !!!🥰❤️ like they are all ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!!!❤️🥰 And how they make Ramiro fit right in 😊 like now the whole family is completely 😊

dees luv

dees luv . 2 weeks ago

Omg eviiiiii 😍😍 he was going to town on that cake he loved it 😭😭😂😂😂 Cash app -deess777

Klarissa R.

Klarissa R. . 2 weeks ago

Soo cute ! happy birthday papashon y’all are such a fun family. Baptize Evi already

Elle reign

Elle reign . 2 weeks ago

Omg same birthday as me 😋🥰

The Navalator

The Navalator . 2 weeks ago

I literally love your whole family so much. I hope one day I can meet you guys! At this point I watch your guy’s videos religiously lol and tell my man all about them 😂😂 I’m so happy every time I watch your videos. Much love from AZ!! 💘💘💘🥰

Miss Priscillaaa

Miss Priscillaaa . 2 weeks ago

Dang mad probs to that lady !! 😯

Kristen H

Kristen H . 2 weeks ago


eileen j

eileen j . 2 weeks ago

Lol omg when he knocked the cake over the first time!!! So cute 🥰

Taina Sanchez

Taina Sanchez . 2 weeks ago

K chulo esta

Leticia Aguero

Leticia Aguero . 2 weeks ago

#50 on trending 🥳😍😍

Jessica Ramos

Jessica Ramos . 2 weeks ago

Does any1 else wonder y they call moe "piki"?

Jessica Ramos

Jessica Ramos . 2 weeks ago

Wen ramiro calls him "guey" is funny... buts its cute how much he loves him

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