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Kane Brown - Like A Rodeo (Lyrics)


Published on 7 months ago

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Comments :

Skylar Terrors

Skylar Terrors . 3 days ago

Me:love is so like a rodeo Teacher:yeah because your just getting started. Me:oh ok boomer
Sarenity silva

Sarenity silva . 4 days ago

Me and by bf love this song
Ben Carter

Ben Carter . 5 days ago

The song is awesome
Ben Carter

Ben Carter . 5 days ago

This is awesome
Jayce L.

Jayce L. . 5 days ago

Just say some good things in the replies section everyone on my comment!!!!! Song is fire!!
venessa purcell

venessa purcell . 1 week ago

For TikTok
Federico Garcia

Federico Garcia . 1 week ago

When he goes "Love is like a rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, rodeo" I feel like I need a fifth "rodeo" a little bit softer as he goes which each "rodeo" he says. Awesome song though!
Khloe Leaird

Khloe Leaird . 1 week ago

Love this song soooo much
spencer Canter

spencer Canter . 1 week ago

Such a good song
Darian Gaming

Darian Gaming . 1 week ago

I have tiktok 68 followers
Finleysup Carlsen

Finleysup Carlsen . 1 week ago

my little brother says there is swearing in this video
Chasity Kuhn

Chasity Kuhn . 2 weeks ago

I love this song Like if you do too 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Landon Hyatt

Landon Hyatt . 2 weeks ago

Who came here like me because you got it from tiktok honestly I think tiktok is taking over the world!
Joey Prisco

Joey Prisco . 2 weeks ago

Listening to country music instead of the box
Princess Khloe

Princess Khloe . 2 weeks ago

I love you so much your song to this song on tik tok
Suad BiH u SRCU

Suad BiH u SRCU . 3 weeks ago

💘 it
Tristen Basel

Tristen Basel . 3 weeks ago

best song ever!!!!
rachael kerr

rachael kerr . 3 weeks ago

This song is the best song ever and i cant stop listenung to it
Rylie Shackelford

Rylie Shackelford . 3 weeks ago

this song is the best
Laurie Turner

Laurie Turner . 4 weeks ago

i love me some kane brown my man
Nevaeh Covell

Nevaeh Covell . 4 weeks ago

I like your songs👍👏
Kim Newman

Kim Newman . 4 weeks ago

Kane brown I have seen your daughter and wife and you on Google I wanted to ask you if when I'm 10 or 11 or however I want to go to one of your concerts and will you let me up on stage so I can get to see you in person from Addi Newman I live in Craigsville VA address is 560
:-\ Magaña

:-\ Magaña . 4 weeks ago

I am you tik tok the
Louis Castillo

Louis Castillo . 4 weeks ago

Can we have a kane brown and post Malone collab 🔥
Kellie Merten

Kellie Merten . 1 month ago

I can’t stop Watching this
Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith . 1 month ago

This song is great!!!
Audrey Lefebvre

Audrey Lefebvre . 1 month ago

😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍🥰😍😘😍😘 love it
lacey boyer

lacey boyer . 1 month ago

Kara Daigle

Kara Daigle . 1 month ago

They sure did
Ahsatan 821002141

Ahsatan 821002141 . 1 month ago

I cant tell if this dude is generally considered country, trying to be pop/rap, orrr if he's typically pop/rap and trying to be country. But google says country so 🤷🏻‍♀️ still not sure what to make of it. also, my 2 cents on tik tok: the app itself is annoying and stupid (although it has potential, like my friend posts his original songs on it), buuut sometimes an ad for or a video from tik tok will pop up on snapchat or whatever and I enjoy the song (they're usually really- trashy-but-that's-what-makes- them-good songs). So as much as I despise the entire concept of that app, I do appreciate that it helps less famous artists in that way and helps me find enjoyable music I generally wouldn't seek out. (no, this was not one of those songs, it just popped up in My Mix one day and I went with it) Moral of the story: some people need to find a bright side
Dragan Simeunović

Dragan Simeunović . 1 month ago

I love this song❤(and this song is on tik tok)🙂

IssacGaming6149 . 1 month ago

this is one of my favorite songs. Kids at my school: Kane brown can't sing Me: he sing's better than you.
Breeasia Cains

Breeasia Cains . 1 month ago

who's listening because they generally like Kane brown and not just cuz of tiktok?? i know its me for sure!
Allison Gonzalez

Allison Gonzalez . 1 month ago

No one: TIKTOK: IMA STEAL THIS GUYS AMAZING SONG AND MAKE IT STUPID (I hate tictok bc it changed my cousins and it’s a show off app) also this is my opinion but this is how much ppl also hate it ⬇️
Mary Moran

Mary Moran . 1 month ago

66I tic
Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith . 2 months ago

I should meet my sissie she’s like put on Rodeo I’m like which one
Khilee Bundy

Khilee Bundy . 2 months ago

I picked you up with the cowboy nod At the hotel bar It was less than 8 seconds Girl, you stole my heart We had drinks and smokes Played you song on guitar I was crazy out the gate and you were wild from the start #i♡Kane brown
London 8

London 8 . 2 months ago

Tik tok got this stuck in my head😂😂😂

Cookie_Gacha . 2 months ago

My boyfriend sent me this 🥰
Makayla Altic

Makayla Altic . 2 months ago

0:50 Tik tok part for dance
Jessi Thomas

Jessi Thomas . 2 months ago

2020 anyone
Jerry Waters

Jerry Waters . 2 months ago

I love your beautiful smile
Lily Semicolon

Lily Semicolon . 2 months ago

This is literally me and my girlfriend's song. It means so much to me🥰
Jerry Waters

Jerry Waters . 2 months ago

My mom sol you do you know Clarissa
Home Dudarev

Home Dudarev . 2 months ago

Im a big fan of Kane Brown i always used to listen to marshmello until i herd "1 thing right" and i fell inlove whit his voice know i always listen to his songs like one of the 1st ones<3
Matt_playz yeet

Matt_playz yeet . 2 months ago

Thx for making lyrics for this song ILY it and it would make my day if u liked this
S kay Sanjeev

S kay Sanjeev . 2 months ago

Anybdy can tell me wht’s meaning of rodeo
Debbie Adjoodani

Debbie Adjoodani . 2 months ago

Love him...love this song!
Alexia Coates

Alexia Coates . 2 months ago

Omg Tik tok stole this
Ashleigh Dixon

Ashleigh Dixon . 2 months ago

Love this song Kane brown plays the best songs🥰

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