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Macwheel Best Electric Scooter Under $400!
Tech We Want

Tech We Want

Published on 1 year ago

The Macwheel MX1 has anti-puncture tires, 18 mile range and 16mph top speed. We compare it to Xiaomi M365 to see if it's the best scooter under $400.
Macwheel MX1 on Amazon- https://geni.us/macwheel

Comments :

The Racing Autist

The Racing Autist . 1 week ago

Hey i just got a chance to buy a freego es-08s v1.9 for €299 should i do it or should i save up for the m365 and maybe put a lcd on it later can you Please make a review of the freego since there are only ads and spanish review on YouTube
sonny salanga

sonny salanga . 1 week ago

i have a ninebot es3
Siva Subbu Siva

Siva Subbu Siva . 2 weeks ago

What is the rate in Indian money
Urbex Explorer 246

Urbex Explorer 246 . 1 month ago


TotallyRandomTalk . 2 months ago

5 mile ride to work will this work?
Barry Campion

Barry Campion . 2 months ago

Just ordered one on amazon £320

Alan . 2 months ago

Any Moron can see they came out the same factory in China.
Jason J. L

Jason J. L . 4 months ago

The xiaomi 1 price:250usd , xiaomi 2 price: 400 usd: 30mile with onboard display showing speed and power

Trxy . 5 months ago

lol its just a copy
Senna 1993

Senna 1993 . 6 months ago

Ad still buy the 365m pro xiaomi.
Mark Mcdaniel

Mark Mcdaniel . 6 months ago

How does this scooter compare with the Swagtron 5 in quality and performance?
Abe S

Abe S . 8 months ago

I tried the MacWheel for a about a month and I’m returning it.
wiz kalli

wiz kalli . 8 months ago

Any thoughts on the hiboy s2?
jean raymond Daher

jean raymond Daher . 9 months ago

what do you do if it starts raining ?
Mr. Bloodhound

Mr. Bloodhound . 9 months ago

Re gen brakes!
Cris. Hernandez

Cris. Hernandez . 9 months ago

Best scooter under $400 Shows scooter worth $399
valentin constantin

valentin constantin . 10 months ago

I got one.Great scooter
Tyson M

Tyson M . 10 months ago

Your link for the scooter doesn't work

NoFakesHere . 10 months ago

looks like a Xiomi knockoff
Jett Palmer

Jett Palmer . 12 months ago

Was this review sponsored by or affiliated with Mac Wheel or Xiaomi?
Gadgets and Tech

Gadgets and Tech . 1 year ago

Currently it’s $379 on Amazon the xiaomi is $399. I went with the xiaomi for wheel comfort and BT. Good comparison, ty.
Car Groves

Car Groves . 1 year ago

They are literally the same scooter with minor differences. My kids did a better M365 review than this...
Ercushka Kulmetov

Ercushka Kulmetov . 1 year ago

does it have regenerative breaking??

Ervin . 1 year ago

How is this possible? This 'Macwheel' is a exact copy of the Xiaomi... They just bought a bunch of Xiaomi M365s, improved it a bit (tires, locking mechanism) and to finish it of they just rebranded it lmao. Couldn't they come up with their own design?
Chris Decavalla

Chris Decavalla . 1 year ago

Blatant copy. Bet you my left nut that it shits itself long before the M365 does. Like all other copies
Fallen Hero

Fallen Hero . 1 year ago

That's awesome, I've been considering buying one of these scooters for work
yiming xin

yiming xin . 1 year ago

Nice scooter, want to buy it!
Nick LEE

Nick LEE . 1 year ago

I saw there was coupon available now. $20 Discount.

gtone339 . 1 year ago

Where's the Boosted Rev review?

gtone339 . 1 year ago

You guys should also review the slightly revised Xiaomi m365 Pro model, this 2019 version has more power & battery life, plus a LCD screen too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj2dhAvDQKM&t=1s

seropserop . 1 year ago

Walmart sells the Xiaomi for 399 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Xiaomi-Mi-Electric-Scooter-18-6-Miles-Long-range-Battery-Up-to-15-5-MPH-Easy-Fold-n-Carry-Design-Ultra-Lightweight-Adult-Electric-Scooter/578513945?affillinktype=10&oid=223073.1&sourceid=12908220922424623617&u1=351d0bb88c5911e989070e2c2394bcf60INT&veh=aff&wmlspartner=lw9MynSeamY
Marius Håkonsen

Marius Håkonsen . 1 year ago

Which is better uphill?

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