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DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!


Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comments :

Fabri1010 & Volfikta

Fabri1010 & Volfikta . 21 minutes ago


nataly Macias

nataly Macias . 2 hours ago

I mean shes better than Jackie

Kaylee Louise

Kaylee Louise . 2 hours ago

Almost November That’s when my baby boy due already got a baby girl she 5 & This time I’m smaller going a lot easier & that nervous again

Hamood Madhoun

Hamood Madhoun . 3 hours ago



LietuvosBerniukas . 4 hours ago

Sommer is like my grandma, can't stop laughing.

Jash Bhatt

Jash Bhatt . 5 hours ago

Legends were waiting for this video for years

CTR Vtox

CTR Vtox . 7 hours ago

cringe level is 10/10

Matthew Taton

Matthew Taton . 7 hours ago

Brawadis: dating sommer ray for 24 hours Sommer ray: brawadis makin me feel awkward for 24 hours 🤣🤣

Dan G

Dan G . 7 hours ago

honestly u guys are cute together

Scott Swa

Scott Swa . 8 hours ago

Start dating Summer way I bet you wont

Amin Mustapha

Amin Mustapha . 8 hours ago

Brandon should wear tracksuits he would rock them good

latte 1530

latte 1530 . 10 hours ago

Yall highkey cute together and if you guys get together I hope it's forever because your a very good person brawadis and she deserves you


Twiiddiix . 10 hours ago

we all know that the FAZE CLAN SCRIPTS ALL THERE CONTENT. this is not a REAL BRAWADIS Stream. this actually sucks

Denicia George

Denicia George . 10 hours ago

You love sommer rae

Kasra Kazemi

Kasra Kazemi . 11 hours ago

I wonder how javris is ?

Tinisia Thomas

Tinisia Thomas . 12 hours ago

he "we are soo close to 5million" when i watching 5.04 million

man kim

man kim . 14 hours ago

holy fuck hybye yoiu have so much likes

Jonas Ngo

Jonas Ngo . 14 hours ago

Paid actor

Zoe Villarreal

Zoe Villarreal . 15 hours ago

match made in heaven bruh

Dylan 1

Dylan 1 . 15 hours ago

He forgot no SIMP September

Dean Cooijmans

Dean Cooijmans . 16 hours ago

Eeeh jou better stop fore jarvis 😡😡😡😡😡

Oooo Ggg

Oooo Ggg . 18 hours ago

im team brommer

Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson . 19 hours ago

I don’t watch you and all but, i’m waiting for the gender reveal


Flowzy-Alt . 21 hours ago

he lost no simp September

Jordan Mercado

Jordan Mercado . 21 hours ago

No simp September

Icon MP

Icon MP . 1 day ago

Why did he look at her like that 😂 14:41

Jiwoo Kim

Jiwoo Kim . 1 day ago

She looks fat today lol


tn2j . 1 day ago

But hope things are getting better or are better


tn2j . 1 day ago

This man bought jackie 2 cars and dumped him but with sommer his moodd is better than any other ive seen


JL DoPe . 1 day ago

he was blushing so much

Nany Who

Nany Who . 1 day ago

Jarvis like 👁👄👁

Nany Who

Nany Who . 1 day ago

10000000000000% upgrade lol

Ajani Clarke

Ajani Clarke . 1 day ago

simp level on 1 milli

Justin Liu

Justin Liu . 1 day ago

What happens to Sommer Ray’s Hands?

Rae'Shon Hunter

Rae'Shon Hunter . 1 day ago

No simp September

Frosty Bay

Frosty Bay . 1 day ago

There u go that’s better Jackie was so ugly like why was she ever on ur channel bro


Cold_ClaPz . 1 day ago

I have the same birthday as you brandon june 23☺😳😲😮

Perma Sway

Perma Sway . 1 day ago

Wonder if Jarvis is mad because he has a huge crush on her of course

Mattfootb4ll 23

Mattfootb4ll 23 . 1 day ago

Jarvis watching this be like: 😑

brandon aguinaga

brandon aguinaga . 2 days ago

In stead of 24 ever 24 7

SC smoothzie

SC smoothzie . 2 days ago

Get off jarvis's ting vro

Oliver Bridger

Oliver Bridger . 2 days ago

Shes so fit

Daniel Casas

Daniel Casas . 2 days ago

no idirifrufrufufu

Jose Rodríguez

Jose Rodríguez . 2 days ago

Jackie watching the comment and jealous be like 👁 👁 💧👃💧 👄

Jarrett Johnson

Jarrett Johnson . 2 days ago

They are a pretty good couple ngl

Koensupergamer Koensupergamer

Koensupergamer Koensupergamer . 2 days ago

Its the gril of Jarvis

It’s not Me

It’s not Me . 2 days ago


Vrunda Parikh

Vrunda Parikh . 2 days ago

What happened to sommer's arm

alfredo sauce

alfredo sauce . 2 days ago

Dating sommer fot 24 hours Jarvis:karate mode on

Toxicity Gaming

Toxicity Gaming . 2 days ago

Congrats on 5m!!!

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