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Futurebirds - Rodeo | OurVinyl Sessions


Published on 4 years ago

Check out Futurebirds from Athens, GA performing their song Rodeo from the 2015 album Hotel Parties. This live performance was filmed in the Ink building that is just south of downtown Nashville. New sessions every week! Subscribe for the latest OurVinyl performances: http://bit.ly/1FkkrKs

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About Futurebirds:
Futurebirds are an indie rock band formed in 2008 from Athens, Georgia. Their first album Hampton's Lullaby, was released on Autumn Tone Records on July 27, 2010. Their self titled EP was re-released in February 2011 and their second EP, Via Flamina, was released in April 2011.

Futurebirds are known for their high energy shows and country rock infused sound. Their music incorporates reverb-soaked four-part harmonies supported by pedal steel guitar, rhythmic percussion, banjo, mandolin, and acoustic and electric guitars with heavy feedback, and has been described as 'psychedelic country'.

The band has often shared the stage with Widespread Panic, Drive-By Truckers, Dead Confederate, The Whigs, Blitzen Trapper and Jonny Corndawg.

During summer 2011 the group toured with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on the Bonnaroo Buzz Tour and performed twice during the Bonnaroo festival

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The Audio Engineer for this session was Dylan Alldredge (His studio is Skinny Elephant, it's in Nashville, and more can be learned about his services at http://www.skinnyelephantrecording.com/about.html) Use him for your audio needs, he's damn fantastic at what he does!

Baby come on, we've been through this before
You diggin up bones we're running cirlces
I'm not ashamed to say you got me wound up
Lassoed my heart and gave me rope burn

Cause we've turned our love into a rodeo
But i'll be damned if I ain't gonna grab the bull by the horns
You may put me in a early [?]
I don't have another way

God damn, I miss my friends
Chasing empty dreams and left me helpless
No one loves me like you anymore
As long forgotten as a dead-eyed bull

Cause we've turned our love into a rodeo
But i'll be damned if I ain't gonna grab the bull by the horns
So let me down baby to an early gray
Would have been no other way
Cus I would have been no other way
I would have been no other way
Cus I would have been no other way

Audio Engineer: Dylan Alldredge
Mastering Engineer: Corey Hadden
Director: Michael Reuther
Camera 1: Tom Beal
Camera 2: Michael Moen
Camera 3: Sean Brna
Camera 4: Nick Byrd

Comments :


campanhadocarimbo . 4 weeks ago

Música incrível! Thanks from Brazil, guys...
Mike O'Phee

Mike O'Phee . 6 months ago

This song will never get old. Every rendition and version of it is perfect, this one included.
Nuclear Hippo

Nuclear Hippo . 10 months ago

I love this sound.
Søren Conradsen

Søren Conradsen . 1 year ago

Sound like utter shit!

WTM ENTERPRISES . 2 years ago

Go Dawgs
James Southworth

James Southworth . 2 years ago

And this is why Rap sucks ass!

A . 3 years ago

Great song!!
Jam In The Van

Jam In The Van . 3 years ago

Sick video!
Daniel de Siqueira

Daniel de Siqueira . 4 years ago

Amazing song and setting! Well done!

RVS . 4 years ago

damn this sounds great

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