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20 Super Awesome Small Bedroom Office Ideas
Jansen's DIY

Jansen's DIY

Published on 1 year ago

#13. Sometimes simple is better. That’s evident in this corner desk.

#14. Another super simple small bedroom office set up, this one is ideal for minimalists.

Comments :

Seema Nausheen

Seema Nausheen . 2 weeks ago

It is so stupid video 🤬🤬😤😡🤬 lam sobia

slick chickens

slick chickens . 2 months ago

every room they show is bigger than mine lol

Groovy Plushy

Groovy Plushy . 3 months ago

But like, what if you’re broke-

Happie Endless

Happie Endless . 3 months ago

Ur ideas are awsome

Leus- Andrei

Leus- Andrei . 3 months ago

4:35 that's how bigger my room is just instate of that desk I have a dresser and instate if that bed i have a double one cause I have to share it with my brother ... and the door is right to the dresser...

Leus- Andrei

Leus- Andrei . 3 months ago

I have to fit a bed for 2 person a desk and a space for my clothes and for my brothers cloths ... and the space that I have now is like a large walk step...

Tech Point Lk

Tech Point Lk . 3 months ago

Super ☺️☺️👍👍

Abela man socer

Abela man socer . 3 months ago


Belinda Hughes

Belinda Hughes . 4 months ago

Great ideas, I needed these to jog my brain. Thanks. <3 :-)

Simple Living Home Goods

Simple Living Home Goods . 4 months ago

Great ideas!

Gameing Feist

Gameing Feist . 5 months ago

Great ideas.beautiful voice.may god bless you

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha . 5 months ago



MAI . 6 months ago

More femenine and more masculine, really...

Laura Brown

Laura Brown . 6 months ago

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Cathy Gardner

Cathy Gardner . 7 months ago

Good ideas but does anyone use printers anymore?

Victor Nunag

Victor Nunag . 7 months ago

Nice one ty

Zach Tinawi

Zach Tinawi . 7 months ago

#17 gives me nightmares

Zach Tinawi

Zach Tinawi . 7 months ago

Who else is here cause they have to fit a a bed, a big desk, a dresser, and book shelves into a walk-in closet?

Ahlam Najem

Ahlam Najem . 8 months ago

Thank you so much for those inspiring ideas,i am going to use onr of them,really i need to make over my bed room and creat a cute office for studing😉

That Musical Soul

That Musical Soul . 9 months ago

thank you soo much 😭😭😭😭❤


Rankfirst♥ . 9 months ago

Nice I dunno why ppl are hating it so much

Rajeena Rajeena

Rajeena Rajeena . 10 months ago


sara aljunied

sara aljunied . 11 months ago



maevian . 11 months ago

If I had to work all day without an external monitor, my back would be in so much pain

Sruli Landerer

Sruli Landerer . 11 months ago

Im claustrophobic

Paula Harrington-Hill

Paula Harrington-Hill . 1 year ago

Whatever happened to taking two identical filing cabinets of the same height and a piece of plywood or and old closet door laying on top of it.


bug . 1 year ago

this woman sounds in pain

Nicole Woszczyna

Nicole Woszczyna . 1 year ago

can you please add the rest of the links in your description? only #13 and #14 are shown

Nuri Kim

Nuri Kim . 1 year ago


Sean Cleary

Sean Cleary . 1 year ago

This lady got a cold?


FIRE-N-ICE_1111 . 1 year ago

Where can I find the items for #4? For some reason your description section only displays information on number 13 and 14 only. YouTube glitched. Thank you.

P.J. Brewer

P.J. Brewer . 1 year ago

All of these make my back hurt just looking at them.

Kees Goedegebuur

Kees Goedegebuur . 1 year ago

Ergonomics, anyone? 🤨

Ariana Gaider

Ariana Gaider . 1 year ago

If you really need to study nearly all these Tables are all too small (even with 100ts of shelves) 🙈


A66y . 1 year ago

WOW!! I need these organizational tips right now!😳

Linda Travis

Linda Travis . 1 year ago


Donna Doiron

Donna Doiron . 1 year ago

Great office ideas❣️❣️

Sheri Davis

Sheri Davis . 1 year ago



denisecrowe55 . 1 year ago

Good ideas 🌞

izana downes

izana downes . 1 year ago


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