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Morgan Wallen - Somebody’s Problem (The Dangerous Sessions)


Published on 2 weeks ago

Listen to ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ now: https://MorganWallen.lnk.to/DangerousYD

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Music video by Morgan Wallen performing Somebody’s Problem (Dangerous Sessions). © 2021 Big Loud Records, under exclusive license to Republic Records, A division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments :

Quez Garrett

Quez Garrett . 9 hours ago

Somebody’s problem, about to be miiiiine .... 🎶

melissa clark

melissa clark . 2 days ago

My favorite song on the album!!

Ghost King

Ghost King . 2 days ago

Quittin time next!


Johnny77 . 2 days ago

I quit listening to country music the last 15 years bc I’m not a fan of the new country but Morgan Wallen is different than the rest and he’s a true singer/songwriter. I haven’t heard a bad song by him yet

She Add

She Add . 2 days ago

I finally found the one that loves me

Richard Harris

Richard Harris . 2 days ago

I can’t stop listening to this song 🎧 🎶.. I don’t know why this song isn’t #1

Heather Palumbo

Heather Palumbo . 2 days ago

🔥 fire!

Heather Palumbo

Heather Palumbo . 2 days ago

Love this song!!!!!!! Nailed it! Prefect timing hope hits number 1 on the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️💕❤️💕❤️


Isosceles . 2 days ago

Love the real life story teller he is with his songs. Shows what he’s gone through.

YT_wavy Snipes

YT_wavy Snipes . 2 days ago

is it just me but at the first part of the song with the guitar doesn't it sound like i wish grandpas never die

Justin berrospi

Justin berrospi . 3 days ago

I need to see Morgan in concert soon


987k views . 3 days ago

One Random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.

Mikele Wissel

Mikele Wissel . 3 days ago

I am determined to meet this man!!! Absolutely amazing!! ❤

Rachel Gill

Rachel Gill . 4 days ago



Nur . 4 days ago

you don't have to be this perfectಥ_ಥ 🇹🇷

Amy Fitzwater

Amy Fitzwater . 4 days ago

We love you here in Kentucky!!

Jimmy Lawrence

Jimmy Lawrence . 5 days ago

I just agree with every comment because it’s all positive and Morgan is a bad ass !!!!

Bailey Wolfe

Bailey Wolfe . 5 days ago

This is litterly his best song he has ever written in my opinion.


dfauble24 . 5 days ago

needs a haircut

holdyn heath

holdyn heath . 6 days ago

Whoever thumbs downed this video had they’re phone upside down

simon githanga

simon githanga . 6 days ago

'bout to be mine...love the song..feel like playing it another million time

Ashley Wozniak

Ashley Wozniak . 6 days ago

Ive listened to this on repeat for the last 2 days all day at work. OBSESSED!!!

Charity Arnold

Charity Arnold . 6 days ago

Omg.. This is gonna be an amazing album!!!

Leah Hatcher

Leah Hatcher . 1 week ago

He is amazing!!❤️

Melanie Shifflett

Melanie Shifflett . 1 week ago

Listening to this double album on REPEAT!!! Flawless!!!

kolim jone

kolim jone . 1 week ago

This album is Somebody’s Problem, About to Be Mine 💪🏻 💯

Crystal Swafford

Crystal Swafford . 1 week ago

This song needed to be written for someone and I believe that someone was me ❤

Shane Woods

Shane Woods . 1 week ago

I have to say that’s gotta be my wife of 20 years and I thank god everyday that she’s my problem and lord knows I’ve been hers


86gillamonster . 1 week ago

This is the one!

Carrie Hamm

Carrie Hamm . 1 week ago

Yes sir!!!! I been waiting on this video since the lyric video. Whoot whoot. Morgan Wallen "The King Of Country" has a nice ring to it and hits the nail on the head too!

asioe kiou

asioe kiou . 1 week ago

You're so great ??


Rick . 1 week ago

Damn... Im in love with his voice

Kasen Mach

Kasen Mach . 1 week ago

this song explained my relationship and i fucked it up like my friends told me not to

Mark Peatrowsky

Mark Peatrowsky . 1 week ago

Loving it


BIGFOSS 1977 . 1 week ago



BIGFOSS 1977 . 1 week ago



BIGFOSS 1977 . 1 week ago


joan Jett

joan Jett . 1 week ago

Now I absolutely love this one..

Diana Biffle

Diana Biffle . 1 week ago

I’d love to have a dance with him😍❤️🔥

black mamba

black mamba . 1 week ago

Crying ,💜💜💜🌹

JC's Outdoors

JC's Outdoors . 1 week ago

Good God This Song Is Absolute Fire!!!!!!!!!!

Bianca Felix

Bianca Felix . 1 week ago

My song:) love this!

Wyoming Wyoming

Wyoming Wyoming . 1 week ago


Stephanie Kibble

Stephanie Kibble . 1 week ago

Amazing! 😍 Prefer this to the recorded album version ❤️🙌

Chris Hill

Chris Hill . 1 week ago

Best album out in years! Aldean is my favorite but this guy is at the same table! Make room at the top, Morgan Wallen has arrived!!

Justin Bernal

Justin Bernal . 2 weeks ago

1:53 you know he’s feeling that harmony right there. Props to the backup singer, those harmonizing skills aren’t very easy

Button Brigade

Button Brigade . 2 weeks ago

The melodies in this album are so different but such a frickin vibe!!!!!!! I’m living for it.......constant replay 🥰

Shirley Reyes

Shirley Reyes . 2 weeks ago

Ima hearin another big hit!♥️


arnaudfabs . 2 weeks ago

To me the strenth of this song was the 2 lower notes at the guitar being the back bone, giving a special kick, which was really dimmed and softenned here and not the original rythme (maybe not even on purpose?!) and in all covers ive heard, too bad. Great job anyway :)

Chris A

Chris A . 2 weeks ago

This album is Somebody’s Problem, About to Be Mine 💪🏻 💯

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